Miles Dewey Davis

I was listening to "Jazz Track" by Miles and just thinking about the love, and not like so much relationship I had with his music. I also began to think about Miles "the person".

I was born in the exact same neighborhood Miles was raised in. I didn't know this until I read his autobiography and discovered I knew the people he mentioned as well as recalled details he spoke of about the neighborhood.

I never met Miles because I was three years old when he left the neighborhood. The interesting thing about Miles "The person", is the fact that he is so much different from "Miles the celebrity".

I talked to his friends, people he played basketball with, went swimming with, and even tried to play football with. His best friend, Millard Curtis, was a star football player in high school, and he had every record Miles had recorded when I talked to him.

Miles the "foul mouth celebrity" was a very mannerable young man around his elders in the neighborhood, the same as any other young man of that day. "Better not let one of your fathers friends hear that you were cussing".

The funniest story about "Miles the person" occurred in a funereal Limo. It was "dead silent" for a long while on that seemingly long ride to the cemetery, when someone broke the silence with a comment about Miles and his music, and the most bereaved person in the Limo piped in;

"I remember Miles, he was that little dark skinned kid who was always trying to play the trumpet".

Again the funereal Limo was "dead silent".

Everybody loved Miles "the person", not a single bad word did I discover about him. When he gave parties for his old friends, non of his musician friends were allowed, or anyone else for that matter, because at those gatherings he was no longer "Miles the celebrity", but Miles the kid from the old neighborhood.

Francis Taylor Davis might not have agreed that Miles the person 
was so "lovable". . . but then Miles claimed his mistreatment of her was solely due to his use of drugs and alcohol at the time.

I guess the validity of that rationale will fly with some and not so much with others. 

I strongly recommend this video to anyone who has an interest in Miles behind the scenes. Marcus Miller does a superb job recalling and deconstructing his interactions with Miles.

Everybody loved Miles "the person", not a single bad word did I discover about him.

You definitely didn’t search very hard. A spectacular musician but a pretty rotten excuse for a human being.
Marcus Miller @ 12:25 is so true. Music explains itself (my words) too few musicians understand this. or maybe I just encountered the wrong ones too often.
Orpheus thanks for that recollection it's nice to hear that sort of thing about one of my favorite musicians. Currently streaming the complete Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions my all time favorite Miles sessions.