Music Lovers! Unite in helping Ukraine!

We are fortunate to live in countries that allow us to pursue financial success. I believe most of us on here has attained that to a degree that we are living relatively comfortably.

The Russian military is beginning to utilize all the massive firepower at its disposal. Since their offensive has bogged down, they are changing tactics. Their new tactic is to surround a city and shell it indiscriminately, inflicting as much human misery as possible. A rocket, missile and artillery shell doesn’t care if you are a soldier, old woman, or an infant. Neither does Putin.

When they unleash it like they did in Syria, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe not seen since the Second World War. Death and destruction on a massive scale.

Please, consider giving to a charitable organization to help.

We have so much. Give some of it to whom it will literally make a difference between living and dying. You will be saving a life. A life of someone loved. Just as you love.

This is the charity I used, but there are several more of your choice. International Red Cross, Save the Children, CARE, to name a few.

Please, let’s all do what we can to help.


Good initiative.

I would also suggest any media outlets which have been sympathetic to Putin and his dictatorial regime, and to foreswear ever support any politicians that either support or deflect from condemning Putin. 

These cities are under siege. Millions will need the bare necessities of water, food, shelter. And in winter. Surrounding countries are bracing and preparing for a massive influx of refugees. These countries also need our help. Your donations will go to alleviating these massive burdens. Such a wonderful outpouring of support for them from around the world.

Let's be part of it.

What Ukraine needs most are weapons and those that can use them.  I am not talking about small arms either. I am not demeaning those if favor of humanitarian support, but best if we can keep Russia from total occupation. I hope we dont let them down on any front.

Thanks for posting  I just donated.  Happy to do so, seems like the least I can do.  

I checked out many sites for the legit charities to give to and a few kept coming up. The one I gave to is CARE-Ukrainian Crisis Fund.

All the best,

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This thread, in which Tammy was gracious enough to allow happen, is 100% about helping our fellow human beings and nothing else. It is not a political debate. There  are plenty of other forums for that. If you do not care enough to stay on topic and make a donation to help those in dire need, refrain from posting.



Yes, thank you for the link. Donation done. Interesting how some so-called patriotic American politicians and journalists who have supported Putin and Russia are now backing off. They have been and continue to be both stupid and cowards. 

Someone here suggested Ukraine surrender. I believe most of those people in a free society would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. Please support the Ukrainians. 

I donated to   Please do the same.  The Ukrainians deserve our admiration, and our financial support.

This entirely humanitarian post from @thecarpathian deservers to be reiterated 

“ This thread, in which Tammy was gracious enough to allow happen, is 100% about helping our fellow human beings and nothing else. It is not a political debate. There  are plenty of other forums for that. If you do not care enough to stay on topic and make a donation to help those in dire need, refrain from posting.“


I purchased a alignment template from a Ukraine citizen on ebay last week for a new turntable. This morning i got this response below. Needless to say I'm not canceling my order. He can consider that a small donation to the cause even if i never receive it. That’s how fast life can change. One day you are providing a service to the audio community and the next your life is upended and your fighting for your life and homeland.. 

As you may know, in early morning of February 24 russians assaulted Ukraine and started a war. 
Next day I joined a local territorial defense corps in my native city in western Ukraine (Lutsk), as thousands of civil citizens, and now we're very busy kicking ass one of the biggest armies in the world.
Your order was shipped, but it seems it's still in Ukraine, so it won't be delivered on time.
If you'd like to cancel your order - feel free to ask, but I'd be very grateful if you'll keep it and be patient until this madness will end, in the worst case - I'll ship a free replacement.
Regards, Andrew.”  


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Noble effort to bad a few have to run amuck.

I have made donations through my wife’s temple to help Ukrainian Jews like her family.

It is about helping the children.


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Totalitarian dictatorship and people seeking freedom to determine their own future. Shouldn't be difficult to choose sides here, unbelievable any freedom loving individual couldn't or wouldn't condemn this usurper.


I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and hopeful about the nearly universal condemnation of Russia. Yes capitalism is in part responsible for the present situation, it may also prove to be very effective in causing Putin and Russian citizens to reassess cost/benefit calculations in reconstituting USSR. Important thing now is sustaining pressure, please help the brave people of Ukraine and boycott and resist everything benefiting Russian oligarchs.

@nonoise do not get snarky with me. I am not Putin nor am I the one that posted that rubbish or a moderator. .


Sadly we have a corpse 🧟‍♂️ of a  president who forgot what democracy is.

we were totally energy independent , Biden buying oil from the current USSR 

while shutting down the Keystone and most everything else ,

for no reason .Write to your congress. why are we paying for Stalin JR 

war against the good   innocent people of the Ukraine ? , enough is enough 

open our oil back up and we can export to Europe, Russia is a cancer ,

and yes Donate to The Ukraine .

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Say what you want about Biden, but the orange demagogue before him said Putin was  "genius."

That doesn't sound very patriotic to me.


Genius doesn't mean good or bad.

You guys are great. But please, chill on the political stuff.

Let’s keep this going. Every penny counts.

I fear it will get much worse for Ukraine for quite some time before it gets better.

Yes, they need the means to defend themselves, no question. It appears they are receiving it. We can help with the business of keeping innocents alive. Such a small and easy thing for us. But what an effect it will have!

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@nonoise how dense are you? What I wrote was in response to CD318, which was up for everyone to see, including you, before it was justly taken down. It was an affront to anyone with half a brain (well?)”

If there’s any way for you to find a political point to be made, you never miss the opportunity. Even better, you’ll exhaust every angle to insult and denigrate in the process. 

Congratulations on being consistent. You dealing with facts and properly weaving them into a coherent understanding of reality remains a goal. 

I must ask… why do the moderators put up with YOUR political blustering? It is a mystery. 

The only help Ukraine needs is troops on the ground to help repel the invaders. With a history of long and miserable failures there's absolutely no appetite to get involved.

@stoks , since you've seemed to make yourself a student of me, It puzzles me to no end that you fail to notice I'm responding to others. That informs me that you're of another persuasion and are content to hear the negative, the falsehoods, and the insane commentaries that now pass for regular discourse. 

Just because I sometimes fare well at it seems to upset you. That made my day. I don't find and exhaust every angle but just use facts that anyone can look up, if they cared to.

All the best,

@nonoise  I had not even read your gibberish and it was a comment about the general discourse on similar subject matter has been taken down.

You have just reaffirmed that you are a jack wagon.

So blow!



@nonoise Sorry, but you’re giving yourself way too much credit here. As I mentioned, if you are anything…you’re consistent. 

You have no idea of what persuasion I am. Because unlike you, I do not race to the keyboard to vomit all over threads anytime there’s a chance to launch an hysterical political tirade. 

The majority of us out here just tire of hearing the blowhards.

Again, why do the mods tolerate YOU?

@stoks + 50,000 barrels of oil we should have never bought from Russia.

Lets Go Brandon!

Like the brave Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island said (@nonoise) Russian war ship go f__k yourself"


I support CARE and Ukraine.  Land of the free, home of the brave.

Peace, love and rock&roll to all.

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This is pathetic. People fighting for their freedom and their lives over there, and here, we have ninth grade girls in a catfight.

Nonoise, do us all a favor, dispense with the "All the best", because it never is.

What ever @nonoise surprised your not spanking your ham to Biden and Pelosi on the TV that's like liberal porn no. Oh that right you like them older.


@thecarpathian thanks for sharing. Hope the brave people of Ukraine continue to find strength and resolve to push back on the oppressors! 

I guess on this thread, United We Are......,,Not.  I just hope Ukraine survives.  

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I made my financial contributions through Noel’s Synagogue long before this thread started. She is also in Poland brining her sisters aunts and their children home to Chicago. 

As fare as @nonoise is concerned I will close with this. He truly is the new Millercarbon. He has the three P’s. He is Polarizing, Political, and a Prick, and a bit of a narcissistic baboon.




Thanks for posted this, very cool of Audiogon to show support. 

All the best,



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pedroeb, as a two year Infantry  man in viet-nam     I can assure you

that grunts want to see  , . Air Control and Artillary .

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