Need copper speaker cable recommendations $300 ish

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I know I just asked about copper cables and what it takes to make a good one, but I would also like to know what copper speaker cables around $300 (6-7 ft) are out there worthy of recommending. My setup is on desktop with a coaxial speaker using seas L12RE/XFC driver and a digital integrated amp which is fully digital and do not require a DAC but sounds analogue, have many eq filters that stuns people for its natural sounds just out in S Korea. I have not received the amp yet, but the speaker manufacturer told me that I probably want to avoid silver/hybrid cables as it can make sound harsh on high notes, so high grade copper speaker cables they recommended. What are some good copper speaker cables available in the US? I know OCC coppers are good, Audio Envy SP 9 are great, some Neotech 3004 mk2 variants also good, but that is about it. Thanks a bunch in advance!

This is a little more than what you want to spend but Chris at makes some well reviewed cables.

There’s also Zu Audio speaker cables that are a steal at the prices they’re asking for on eBay:

Both make their own cables from scratch. There’s more out there so take your time and then decide.

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There's a company called HCM Audio in the US, they are currently offering closeout deals on Audioquest GBC and GLC speaker cable sets, a 8ft pair of the GBC is listed at less than $150 terminated. They are also listing "Extreme Silver" IC cables at about 1/4 of the original prices, just to give  some idea of what you might save. I believe the cables are stocks of cable types made redundant by upgrades in the Audioquest line, and bought up by the retailer but are still regarded as genuine Audioquest.If the GBC is the same cable that was superseded by the Gibraltar when Audioquest went over to the DBS system for their higher end cables then it's an excellent cable. I have no connection with either company but have been using Audioquest cables for many years. Not sure where you are (if) in the US so I can't comment on taxes and delivery costs. 

Isn't there a cable company in the US that allows you to try cables at home and return them if you're not happy? I seem to recall one many years ago and wishing that we, in the UK, had access to a supplier like that.
Good luck with the search
Visit VH Audio for both quality bulk cable and made-up cables. Another very good supplier like PartsConnexion but with different merchandise.
last time I researched, long time ago, I decided to believe in avoiding the ’skin effect’

read here

so, no large diameter strands, each strand individually jacketed or coated to maintain individuality except at ends.

I made my own using Cat 5 cables, 8 wires per leg. My friend doubled his, 16 strands per leg. There is a reason to avoid long runs of Cat 5 I think, someone else here explained it.

you might make your own, buy some nice connectors, spend the rest of the $300. on content.
Watch you tube on making speakers cables ,really not hard.You will love them.
@falconquest @limomangus @elliotbcombnewjr @twoleftears @millercarbon @pcutter1 Thank you all for providing me great options. 

If I wanted to make a my own speaker cable  with this wire How do I separate the left and right? Since this thing looks like it comes with just one red wire unlike all the other diy speaker cable bunch that are thick and comes with at least 2 separate wires in one cables, one red and one black or so. A little confused. 
There’s a 6ft pair of Acoustic Zen Satoris available here for $425 (about $800 retail).  Great all-around cables — you won’t be disappointed, but if you are, just sell them.  Best of luck. 
How do I separate the left and right? Since this thing looks like it comes with just one red wire unlike all the other diy speaker cable bunch that are thick and comes with at least 2 separate wires in one cables, one red and one black or so. A little confused.
I use a little piece of heat-shrink to add a black marker to each end of one wire of the pair. Then use a larger piece of heat-shrink every six inches to hold the two wires together in a pair. Keep the wire in one direction and try both directions when testing if you want. For a 6' pair, you'll need 24' of wire.
Make your own and spend $600 on something else. For short runs it makes little difference until you're spending 4 figures on both amp and speakers. IMO. YMMV
Mogami 3103 o4 3104 at Redco.
You can get your connectors there as well if you need to solder.
I believe Redco does the 3103 in a "custom cable" if you are not handy with a soldering iron or can't do a bare-end connection on both sides.Mogami is a great value, excellent resolution and very musical.
@talkskiwon solid core UP-OCC wire is way better than the stranded copper in the budget cables suggested. In my system, it improves inner detail resolution, speed, background blackness, and tonal color.
Thanks @noromance

I think I am closing down to either Canare 4S11 or the neotech UPOCC copper ones you suggested for me. The question is if I can make one for myself right. The Canares are custom-made from sellers and they are very affordable. But, it has 11 AWG so that might be too thick for me? I do not know. My setup is desktop with 50wpc integrated amp on a small coaxial speaker using seas L12RE/XFC driver (very low sensitivity 82.5 db at 6 ohm).

Going back to how to separate, if I understand you right, I mark two neotech cables black (with hea tshrink), I add one them to one unmarked red one, braid it or twist it, then do the rest like crimp and banana plugging. Do you think I am getting it right?
No need to braid or twist. The heatshrink will hold the wires together. You can buy an outer sheath if you want. Bare wire is better than terminations if you can get away with it.
While not as good as the OCC wire, 14 gauge Romex performs surprisingly well. Don't laugh! Make sure not to score the wire when trimming off insulation. 
That's for one leg.  To make a pair of speaker cables, you'd need 4 runs of the required length.  As that cable doesn't come in different jacket colors, you'd need to mark the ends, to keep + and - differentiated.
Canare 4s11 is easy to terminate with bananas or spades. I've done both very flexible good wire to work with. 
twoleftears  I had a huge dumb misunderstanding for a sec, I somehow thought the cables decide + and - instead of the amp and speakers lol

djones51 The more I look into the cables I am more torn apart as to which one I should go for. My speaker has good transparency and definition and the amp make good analogue sound, so I'd better find something that mixes well, but that is out of luck or experience.

Off the shelf, just get some Audio Envy.

DIY, some good suggestions here:

First one top of page here is also recommended, but as noted tricky to make for a novice.

There's also a school of though re. braiding.  For instance, using Duelund hook-up wire, get a run of 12 awg and 16 awg for each leg, then braid all four together using a simple braiding pattern.

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I reflect on while reading this thread there is a wide variety of speaker cable DIY and many different speaker cable manufacturers.

Feels like if we keep going on then we will end up with all the manufacturer there is. When we all buy from them or make our own.

It has been educational to see all the types.
(For myself I have made double shielded with dead soft pure silver. They're very fast transients but is not cooper.)
Check neotech nemos 3080 or 5080, Nordost flatlines, Audioquest rocket series, Kimber 8tc. Good quality copper, different geometries.
I want to second aj523 - I have been using Anticable speaker wire and interconnects for several years and I have heard a difference in my two systems with every upgrade. They are made in Minnesota - great customer service to. Check out their website - they also sell overstocks after every show they support.
Over the years I’ve owned the basic Monster/Marshall Soundrunner type cables, Belden, Cardas, and Kimber. The Kimber Kable had sounded great on my system, but when I moved I needed much longer cables. I made my own from Monoprice OFC 12awg 4-conductor pvc wrapped twisted CL-2 cable and wrapped it in nylon techflex sheathing (also available in 2-conductor and various gauges, Mediabridge and others offer very similar bulk cable). These sound as good as any I’ve used, and are remarkably easy to do if you’re willing to terminate your own wire....should take about an hour or so.

A dealer that sells you $300 cables will pay roughly half of that, meaning the manufacturer needs to make them for somewhere near $75 to sell them for $150 to the dealer, which is a tad more than it cost me to make my for thought.