Need some slow electric guitar

need some new music
New guitar-based music for 2009:
Alternative music: like the new Pearl Jam, Rancid, Sonic Youth;
Alternativo: Rodrigo y Gabriela;
Americana: M.Ward, Neko Case, Wilco;
British: Richard Hawley;
Canadian: Anjulie;
French: Phoenix;
Indie: The Donkeys, Hope Sandoval
Jazz: Julian Lage
New York: The Walkman
Jason Molina is the man behind Songs Ohia, now Magnolia Electric company. He also has a solo album under Pyramid electric company. My favorite slow electric guitar music. Pyramid electric is great, as is Songs Ohia, album "Lioness". I have all his albums on cd and vinyl. Very intimate and sparse. M ward ( new album sucks imo) is also fantastic as is My morning Jacket.
One of my faves during my youth...Roy Buchanan.

Check him out.
Further on JJ Cale:

"Naturally" - probably his best known album, really wonderful stuff, lots of shuffling blues tempos

"Escondido" - recent collaboration with Eric Clapton, also features Derek Trucks and a ridiculously talented band playing (mostly) JJ Cale tunes that recall the above, even if the songwriting isn't quite as striking.

Good Luck

"Scenes" by Marty Freidman--Although a guitarist for Megadeath, his solo is an interesting change. Also check out some solo efforts by Neal Schon.