New here and saying HI!

I am new to this site and just wanted to say hi.

Good day. 


Thank you, some very colorful characters here having spirited discussion but not all on music or audio equipment.

Glad to have you here. Consider contributing to (What's on your turntable tonight) thread 

Welcome!  You will quickly learn whose posts are worth reading, and who is a troll.


A lot of good people on this forum.

A lot of toolboxes, too. :)

You do you, and good luck to you.

Ah....fresh blood. 😄
Maybe you can restore some sanity by keeping things on topic.
If not, join the fray.

All the best,

Welcome to you. I for one will be interested to hear your input on gear but my main interest is in other's musical journeys. This forum can really churn out some interesting musical choices. What people listen to is far more interesting to me than what they listen to it on. How they get to the gear they use can be very interesting also. Soak it all in and learn what works for your situation but most importantly, always enjoy the music.

I noticed you chose as your moniker one of the best drivers ever.  I really like what he said later in his life about the difference between when he drove and more modern racing:  "I remember when the drivers were fat and the tires were skinny."

OP with moniker based on juan manuel fangio, nice guy, eclectic tastes in music, and Moto GP fan, what's not to like! Welcome!

1. What gauge is the wire from your panel to the outlets?

2. What type outlets?

3. What type plug on the power cord?

4. What gauge/type wire is the power cord?

5. What type of interconnects?

6. What brand of directional fuses?

7. What type of speaker cables?

8. How have you broken in all the wires, cables, etc?

9. What brand contact enhancer?

10. What is better source: vinyl, CD, SACD, streamer?

11. What is your opinion of Bose?

@ibmjunkman LOL.

1. Have dedicated lines and trusted my electrician.

2. The kind you plug stuff into

3. the kind that plugs into the outlet.

4. 12 AWG

5. Cardas

6. Not a fuse guy. Whatever came in my equipment.

7. Cardas

8. LOL how silly are you but they are a few years new so they are broken in.

9. Stablant 

10 They all work great I listen to music

11. No opinion I use their head phones when flying and they made the stereo in my 370Z

Welcome. Trust your own ears, don’t ignore science, however magic happens here too. Always be skeptical to statements of opinionated gurus and good luck to you. 

You seem like a very nice person, straightforward and no BS.  As slaw mentioned, come on over to the thread "what's on your turntable tonight".  Really nice group of people, no politics or demeaning words toward one another.  Just a good group of people sharing musical variety and experiences with one another.  I believe it is the longest running thread on Agon, and for good reason.  

Enjoy the music!

Welcome aboard. There are many knowledgeable people here. Just avoid the same ones that come here to talk politics instead of audio!😎

Sir Sterling Moss would have given Fangio a whooping if it were not for his wreck. 

Welcome aboard.  I’ve enjoyed the posts that I’ve seen from you in other threads