New Look for Audiogon hard to work with

Is there a way to undo the "tile" look? It was a lot easier to work with the text list. 
Your new search engine and format is awful, awful, awful.
The tiny keyhole photos are worthless. The search does not even find the brand that is specified. The specified highest to lowest, etc. Doesn't work at all. Outside of these mnor annoyances your webmaster did an unbelievable job.
Echo the above ... it is an appalling update.  Not just visually either.  The search is messed up .. the date listed feature doesn't work .. where's the text listing feature ?  

What a monstrosity to wake up to on a Monday morning .. 
Total stupidity more useless graphics to slow down the search just close it down all move to US Audiomart time to put this site out of its misery. 
Yup, pretty bad. I don’t understand why they feel the need for these “updates”. The changes are never for the better. And the forum has become an infomercial for a bunch of ridiculous crap.
 I’m out.
I agree with the negative comments so far, this latest update is the worst "improvement" I have ever seen on the site. The circular previews are horrendous  graphic design and make it harder, not easier to scan listings of interest. The old text listing format was vastly easier to use. 
The new site design is absolutely horrible.  Keyhole images.  Really?  What the hell were they thinking?   It's not like Audiogon members are professional photographers and you can tell much about the first image posted... other than it is a black box!   Give them one week to go back to the old format or lets start using USA Audio Mart instead.  Time to protest this MESS. 

Search results I wanted are missing and 137 pages of completely unrelated results when searching for a brand. It’s bad enough that the interface is horrible, but the search results are now useless also. I know someone thought this was a good idea, but you should ask users before making a change like this and test it. How hard would it be to have an option for a list search?
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The site is hard to browse now. When you search category before, you got the
list and was able to look through in seconds. Now the picture(especially inside the Vignette circle) requires to focus on each single image just to understand what is it.
The entire concept look like spam. The spam's main goal is to get attention to things you normally would not waste your time on. Now you force me to deal with every single item I have no interest in. I could do it once-twice, but ultimately it become No fun to look at this on a daily basis.

Also I can not see what item is mine anymore. When got the list my items were different font color. Also the items you looked once also were different color. That saves your time to browse through items you'we already seen.

US Audio Mart is heads and heels above this dinosaur..Simple,effective,fast and user friendly.Get in touch with them to see how a buying/selling experience should actually work in 2018...

The new display sucks. Can we have a option to suppress the thumbnails and display old style listing. Also noticed that within a category you cannot do any refine search. The site has become slow.

I would suggest every member to send an email to customer support urging them to revert back to the classic display

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As a seller you can buy a listing boost to remove the keyhole. They’ve created a problem you can solve only by sending them cash. Greed, greed, greed. I’m surprised there’s no option for the shopper to pay those keyholes away.
I’ve bought and sold here for years but it’s Audios/Gone now.

Never post on the forums, but I will for this.  Bad UI update.  More flashy, less functional.  Not to mention bugs bugs bugs.  In the marketplace you hit "equipment" to get rid of all the music and there is no change.  Lists are about usability and search.  Thumbnails are nice but not at the cost of the overall function.  They should have tested it before just pulling the trigger.
Better late than never with the tiles which makes browsing easier  but whats with the fuzzy borders? Are those the budget listings. Jut use all the tile real estate to show the item, don't obscure it. What is up with that?
Agree with all the comments above.... they really need to have beta testers to test out changes and to solicit feedback.  These guys are moving backwards and making it a terrible experience to all users, especially long timers like me.  Another reason to go elsewhere for sure.... oh, and have never gotten as many errors on this site as now, ugh!
I agree that the new listing format is awful. It is more difficult to scan the list of search results for ones that might be of interest. The keyhole photos are useless. Overall, it is now much harder to shop for equipment on Audiogon.

However, the ability to Follow a particular product is a long overdue improvement.

This new format is slow and really STUPID its all about them making more money.GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY.HELLO!!!!!
New UI has so much wasted real estate with superfluous keyhole photos. I simply cannot use the site effectively anymore on my mobile device. Who the hell is in charge of this?
yes it's getting worst and worst each time.. 
it's not useful at all, and more bugs.. i can't look into the "more items from this seller" 
what a ridicules update.
Is this really going to be the new website? I hope that A'Gon is still in the process of updating and they haven't finished yet. I went to do a search on a manufacturer and all I got back was little pictures. Please bring back all the features of the old site.
This is not an an improvement!
Awful to navigate. A total waste of time.
Go back to the original.
I agree.  This is not an improvement.  Not sure how to search by brand. In addition it looks like too many people listing music as equipment.
In its current state, the update is terrible.  Other sites like Amazon and Craigslist also display items in an “image view” format, but they also let the user switch to a “list view” if they want.  I wish we could have a similar option. I always use list view when I have a choice.

The new format makes it less likely that I will see something and make an impulse purchase. I admit buying items that I normally would not purchase just because it popped up in a listing, like a cable that I always wanted to try that shows up at a good price. Looking at the bright side, the new format means I will be spending less on audio going forward, at least here on Audiogon.

For a listing format that I like, I like Audio Asylum because they use a list view that includes thumbnail  photos of almost every item that is listed. They do not get much traffic so I stopped using them for selling. But going forward, that site, as well as Audio Mart, must be pleased that Audiogon will be driving buyers and sellers to their sites. I for one will be spending more time at those places when looking to buy or sell if this “update” does not improve.

You need to go back to the old way as this is going to hurt Audiogon business buyers/sellers!!!! 
The tiles are dreadful.  The keyholes even worse.  You can't rapidly see what's being advertised; product name fades into gray, along with all the fuzzy around the circular photo.  PLEASE GO BACK TO PREVIOUS VERSION.
You have broken this site. Please hit the undo button and return things to a functional state. I can not find anything I search for and I will certainly refrain from listing anything until this site is fixed. Very bad move on the part of management at Audiogon.  It is impossible to do a search for Audio Research. This was possible for decades but no longer!!!!   
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The new look is terrible and very difficult to use. Please give us back the option to see a LIST of components without pictures, sortable by price, date listed, etc.  In the meantime, I will not be listing anything for sale on Audiogon, and I do not anticipate searching the new-look listings for possible purchases, either. 
Very difficult to find an item for sale. Unless this is changed expect to have less traffic and less transactions on this website.

Portholes? Is the site underwater, like a mortgage loan underwater. Maybe they're sending a subliminal message?

Oh my. Please I beg you go back to the old way.  I can see what I am looking for much easier.  Please I beg you Agon! 
I can’t stand the new layout. My old search method was...
Search > Sort Price Hight to Low > Show 200 items per page... and then quickly scroll through the list of items. I’m now being presented with tons of thumbnails of "similar items" that I’m not wanting to look at and sorting by price doesn’t have any effect on sorting. It’s so much easier to have a list with everything on one page versus having a ton of cluttered "similar results" thumbnails that are spread across multiple pages, not to mention that are items that I have no interest in.

I really really hope they create an option for "List View" or "Classic Mode" because Audiogon is broken to me now.

It was perfect how it was before. I want efficiency, not a flashy jumble of difficult to navigate thumbnails that are a total eye sore. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
Between this thread and the "Like the new look to audiogon ?" thread in "misc-audio" there has yet to be a single piece of positive feedback. I got an email saying management is aware of both threads. Hopefully the outcry will result in getting the good old Audiogon that we loved back into play.
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kaleidoscope really isn't an affective way to sort adds to find what I am looking for.  Very distracting.  
+1 to all the comments above.

So much harder to find anything. Very poor choice in design and layout
Agree with above comments! This is a VERY poor interface (trying to be kind) and truly not an improvement from previous version. PLEASE Audiogon, get it together and fix this problem! Truly need something waaaaay more user friendly ... you know, like it was!!!
Searching is a waste of time.....I'll be using this site less and US Audio Mart more.  They need to go back to the old search (list) view and tools.  Can't buy if you can't find what your looking for!!! Go back to the old version!!!
Also can’t sell if folks can find what they want with the ease of the past.  I am holding off listing my new line of cables until this is fixed. 
Wow, this is very user unfriendly. A text list is so much easier to see. Please go back.