New Product......Intelligent Box

Has anyone tried these yet?
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Take a leap of faith or if you're fairly intellegent & you still think works by magic…
I know the reviewers were on bad acid at the time. I had the same thoughts but then I awoke and realised I'm an idiot too!
I'll be offering an "Intelligent Perch" coming up real soon. The "Intelligent Perch" takes advantage of the same quantum material that Kait uses for his Intelligent Box to enhance your listening experience from the inside out. Look for it at your local high-end retailer alongside the Original Perch™, or as a DIY kit in the housewares section of Wal-Mart.

Dr. Marja and Dr. Henk? Christ, they'll give a degree to *anyone* in Holland! I know when I see their names at the top of a review, it's time to strap on the hip waders, the bullshit will flow deep and freely.

And did you read the part at the end:
"This theory (that the 10 silver dots are only cosmetic) can be easily proven by cutting the Intelligent card in half and using the half without silver dots. The half without the silver dots will work equally as well as the half with the silver dots, eliminating the theory that the silver dots on the card have any function."

So, cut your card in half and double your fun! However, methinks a plain old, expired credit card would produce the same benefit - none.

Oh look, another minute passed, another sucker born...

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Well, I can say for sure the reviewer isn't very intelligent. The card clearly marked "Cut here before use" but he didn't. So how could the device even work?

I agree, there is one born every minute...
Again I feel for the continually encroached domain of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny.

Happy Listening (I think)?!
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You all are just closed minded!!

I've got a Perch™ with your name on it engraved with a brushed billet plaque with a blue LED indicator light that illuminates when the quantum material has reached critical mass. I saw you coming and knew you had to have one to go with that Bose Acoustic Wave Music System. Only $1599.99 for you today including free shipping. PayPal is OK. Act now and receive an additional bonus of a free subscription to my Telemarketerportation Tweak. You will receive numerous daily phone call solicitations from various annoying telemarketers. Each call exposes you to neuro-resonant quantum accelerator vibrations (developed for use by NASA on the Space Shuttle astronauts) that not only will take your experience of your audio system to a whole different level, it will also cause you to loose weight from your mid-section, grow a lusterous head of hair, and add inches to your veiny bangstick. The exposures must be repeated on a daily basis and for a duration of no less than ten minutes each day. The more you listen, the greater the benefits. You will certainly not be able to distinguish our Telemarketerportation phone calls from ordinary Telemarketing phone calls as the proprietary vibration patterns we use are completely inaudible. So we suggest you listen to all telemarketing calls while your subscription is in effect for at least ten minutes. The subscription is renewable at a modest fee after the year's free trial I am offering to you absolutely free of charge with your purchase. Operators are standing by.
Damn, Albert, I think you've come up with my new slogan!

Just funnin' you HiFiGuy. Indeed my open mind does not extend to embrace some products and services, including the one you've pointed out here. I've got another opening where those kinds of products have a place, or rather perhaps an origin. Now "The Perch™" also takes up residence in the very same place so I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite in that respect. Needless to say, the sun don't shine in that special place, but there's plenty of quantum material to be had from there.

Never make fun of a product you have never tried...if your looking for something very very funny go look at this show on CMT! MY BIG REDNECK WEDDING!
Sidssp um read this from the 6 moons review:

Before using the Intelligent Box with the credit card, the card needs to be 'activated'. This sounds funny and is quite silly. Remember how we found two rails of different lengths on the credit card slot? Well, in order to slide the card in fully, we needed to cut off one corner of the plastic card. Only then will it slide in completely and sit in the middle of the box right above the laser LED. The shorter rail will otherwise stop the card short. After cutting off the corner, the card slid in as intended.

I'm not saying the product is good....I haven't tried it. How could anyone who hasn't tried it know for sure? Such as you. If its no good it won't last, the market will take care of things.

>>How could anyone who hasn't tried it know for sure?<<


I know for sure that driving a motorcycle 100MPH into a brick wall without a helmet ends it all.

But I haven't tried it.

So much for that argument.
I'm not saying the product is good....I haven't tried it. How could anyone who hasn't tried it know for sure? Such as you. If its no good it won't last, the market will take care of things.

I'm not saying it's good either. I'm speculating based upon my own common sense and awareness of this particular company's other products and marketing that it is as good as a call from a telemarketer. I don't know for sure. Lets just say I'm stepping out on a limb here. There are plenty of bad products on the market that stick around and make money. Plenty of bad movies that make a profit. Plenty of lemon cars, bad real estate deals, telemarketing schemes that defraud...etc. Hey, Quantum Matter Happens!


Never make fun of a product you have never tried.

You guys gonna' give this product a try then? How about male enhancement pills/patches/ointment? Or hair-growth tonic? Or cure-alls for what ails you? Are you guys open to possibility that those products actually work? Common sense comes into play at some point. I suppose it kicks in later for some or those products would not exist at all.
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I have tried this unit and was surprised at the sonic upgrade. Not sure how it works and it does sound a bit crazy.

Its funny that we are told by scientist in white lab coats and pocket protectors that nothing in existence started to form into a big rock and one day decided to blow up and make man. And we believe it!! And the crazier thing is the scientist don't know how nothing started to decide to make something...just theories but no absolute truths.

But to believe that a chip can upgrade the sound of a cd? How dare you insult my intelligence with that nonsense we says to ourselves.

We all believe in things that have no proof or don't know for sure.
and I forgot to mention-all his products* have a 30 day money back guarantee. Not much to lose is there?


* except the TT which cannot be "returned"
Freemand...Yes. I believe in some things that I cannot prove. But I disbelieve things that can be proven false. There is a difference.
I do not believe the clever little clocks did anything too until I tried them!! I even made them better by putting memory foil(A Peter Belt product) on the battery inside the clock
Electroid, not sure if the card can be returned, cause technically, you could use all 100 cd upgrades on the card and then say you don't want it. When you get them back no one knows whats left on it.

I have the chips with 30 cd upgrades on it and I actually mark it down on a post it each time I use one. That way I have an idea when it runs out or is getting close.

Usually, I just mark the post it and cd that I did it with out the a/b check. The other night I zapped the Doors new remastered 40th anniversary cd and did the a/b comparison. It was a nice improvement. Jims voice was a little more pin point with better detail and clarity. I am hearing morrisons voice on the new anniversary cd with several cd tweaks like I have never heard before.
I'd be willing to believe this gadget does in fact improve sound if someone can explain to me in detail how it works both in principle and practice.

Then the next question would be if it was worth it or not. I doubt zapped CDs will bring more on the open market necessarily.

The only explanation I could come up with for how a CDs sound can be improved via zapping is if this gadget or any other for that matter makes the digital encoding stand out optically with more contrast to the optical laser on the pickup so that perhaps fewer bits get lost during reading.

Also I would ask whether the improvement is constant across different CD laser pickup devices and/or across different digital CD encoding systems and-or media (for example, media used in manufacturing commercial CDs versus say recordable media available for home use, which uses a different system to encode the disk.

An acid test would be to record the number of bits read/lost for both treated and untreated CDs on average, with some kind of digital device designed to measure such things.

Which raises an interesting question. IS there a CD player out there that actually measures and displays such things as the actual # of bits read versus the max possible for the medium? I would like to see a feature like this. It would enable me to audibly correlate what I was hearing with the actual digital bitstream being picked up and processed. I would expect scratched or worn CDs or CDs with manufacturing defects to read lower in general than the optimal possible.
Mapman, interesting questions but I don't think my brain is capable of inputing all that or wanting to understand it.

I think I heard something about realigning of the x's and o's in the digital spectrum. I may be way off.
>> don't think my brain is capable of inputing all that or wanting to understand it.<<

Precisely the type of customer for this product.

[Audiofeil] "Precisely the type of customer for this product."

Great, now I've gotta wipe milk-splatter off my monitor!
That, and I might have peed a little, too.

Good stuff!
Mapman, you're treating this whole subject with an open mind and willingness to think there's something real taking place. Faith-based audio doesn't work like that. It requires believers. You just have to decide if you're one of them :-)
Seems some people are confusing an 'open mind' with an 'ignorant mind'. Not really the same thing ...
I suppose it's also possible that this gadget does alter the disc in some way that simply changes or alters the bit stream being encoded sound in a manner that some might perceive as an improvement if there is something they didn't like with what they were listening to originally.

Even if true, I can't see the technical argument that would justify calling modifying the intended encoding of the music on the disc categorically as an "improvement". It could work both ways, I would think.

Someone please explain it to me! I want to be a believer (even if not a buyer)!
Oh, one other question.

Do they have a gadget that I can use to zap my vinyl and improve it as well?
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maybe a good marketing slogan for this gadget would be "PhotoShop for CDs".

Is there an "undo" button?
If you guys really care about how this works contact the guru at Golden Sound and find out the technicals about this. Ask the guy who made it and not some users.

I think you have more fun mocking the stuff then an open mind to see how it could possibly work. Thats fine, its fun to see your ignorance in action!


I actually own a cassette tape rewinder that I bought for a pittance years ago at Radio Shack in order to offload some wear and tear from my expensive cassette deck. I had faith in it....and it worked!

I suppose this is no different than any other piece of audio gear or modern technology, for that matter.

If the user likes something for whatever reason and thinks it makes a difference for the better in their life, that's probably all that really matters.

But, if someone wants to explain the facts here about how this thing really works, I personally really want to hear it. But I am not interested enough really nor would I trust the vendor enough going in to spend my time seeking out the truth at all costs.

The original question was "has anyone tried this?". So far the answer is "yes" but I think nobody has been able to explain how it works to achieve the claimed benefit. I've speculated how it might.

Yes, the answer is surely very technical, if it exists, but that's just the nature of the beast.

I'd challenge the vendor to come into this thread if they're looking and explain it. They might be able to change some minds and even make a sale or two to potential buyers if they can.

Or not.
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Actually it is explained in gory soft sold techno babble on the vendor's web site if you do a Google search.

But I didn't see an answer to my question: Bits are bits. They are either there or not there. For this gizmo to work, one has to assume some may not be there (fine) and this gadget gets them back somehow. How? This is a big "how" that I still do not understand.

Somebody explain it to me please?
>>Somebody explain it to me please?<<

Fat chance.

Most of us are still waiting for the pebbles and clock explanation.

The guy ducks, bobs, and weaves like a championship prizefighter.

Sugar Ray Snakeoil.
Whoops, sorry...actually the vendor site has info about their intelligent chip but nothing about the intelligent box, which is different though maybe each is attempting to solve the same problem ( I should read more carefully I suppose)????

I'm so confused.... I think I give up on this topic and will resign my self to living with my CDs the way they are.

And I consider myself a fairly technically savvy person, especially when it comes to bits and bytes. I can even do numeric base conversions when needed! Impressive, huh?
CALL GOLDEN SOUND...THEY WILL EXPLAIN TO YOU. Thats if you care how it really works.

I think you need to ponder much more bigger and important things. I still don't have an answer for how nothing in the universe decided to turn into a super massive rock and one day blow up in thought of making man.

Public schools are peddling this stuff and theres nothing of any sort to prove or make sense of it. But yet many believe it with out any challenge.

I want to know how man became and not how a chip upgrades a cd????
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