New way of dealing with Low Ballers?

Just saw a new tactic for dealing with offers including unwelcome terms in an ad: "Please make an offer only if you agree to my terms, otherwise I will give you negative feedback."

Does the feedback system allow for this? Should it?
I find sellers' righteous indignation of low-ballers silly. "Oh my, I'm so offended by this offer." Really? Sheesh! If you don't want to be bothered with offers lower than X, then say so clearly in your ad, or just state your price is "firm". Then simply ignore any offers which are less. Punishing someone for making an offer lower than expected is about as elitist as one can get.
Give me the add and I'll lowball it, and we can find out. I've got nothing to lose. I hate lowballers, but they should not be given negative feedback unless they rip someone off on a sale.
Why would it allow you to leave a feedback, unless a transaction took place on which to comment? Accept the offer, then you can leave as scathing a feedback as you please.
How about, "I'm a crusty old ahole. I only sell to crusty old aholes.Any offer below my asking price is an insult that will result in me starting a thread bashing you as a no good for nothing lowballing scumbag"? That outta make 'em think twice.
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"03-12-12: Bjesien
I would like to create a new term called stalkballer"

I'd like to create a new term, too.
Noballer: The guy who gets all teary-eyed when he gets a low offer.

"Here's a kleenex, you big noballer."
One who constantly lowballs you at all times of day and night with hopes that you will just give in and say yes.

Now, if someone is harassing or spamming you, that is another story. That kind of behavior, whether from a low-baller or other, should not be tolerated. If someone is doing that I'd take it up with A'gon folks to get that person's account revoked.
I recently had a buyer lowball me for two weeks straight . I finally told him i would not sell to him at any price . And asked him to politely stop contacting me. Of course he had to one last time to let me know there was no way in hell i would sell the item at my asking price . Which i did a week later . Also i started my listing with no offers and still was contacted with offers . Come on people !! respect a sellers rights !!!
No reason to get upset at lowballers. Just state in your add that lowballers will not be accepted. Personally, I just ignore people that submit stupidly low offers. But, in defence of people that give offers less than asking price, this is true of any negotiations. Do you offer the asking price that is listed on cars? I hope not. When shopping, I always ask for discounts on items. Most stores can give at least ten percent discount. Do you consider them lowballers? So take it with a smile and if you aren't interested, then ignore the offers. Others that know the value of your equipment will present decent offers. This is a non-issue really. Of course, I really have no problem declaring war on mosquitoes. But, Elizabeth, what does ROFLMAO mean?

I'm not a huge fan of eBay, but they've added a functionality to their "make an offer" sales that seems like the best solution. It's just an email filter that immediatly bounces back a decline offer if it's below a predetermined amount. If the offer is above the floor, the email goes on to the seller and he/she has the standard 48 hours to accept/decline. It seems to be the best way to weed out offers you absolutely won't accept.
Here's a radical concept - ignore them.

I can't understand why people get so worked up about insignificant things that are beyond their control. Obviously the lowballer doesn't take you seriously, so why should you take them seriously?

I don't buy and sell much. Haven't bought nor sold here for a few years now. Every item I listed was at a price I felt was fair, and always stated "Price is firm." Still had several absurd offers. I didn't lose any sleep over it, complain about, etc. I simply laughed and didn't give them the time of day with a response.

"I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect." - Edward Gibbon

Now if only I could remember that quote EVERY time an idiot gives me a hard time. The first time I saw it, I was at a bar having a few drinks with a coworker. We both looked at it and laughed while thinking about the idiot we were arguing with a few hours before.
We have lowballers and we have the geographically challenged ones but worst are those who possess both attributes.

Once, i posted an add for a VD power cable with asking price of $1000.00 with sale to USA and Canada ONLY. NO overseas.

A Bozo sends me this email "i'm offering you $500.00 including shipping to Russia". I will get right on it buddy. AH
As regards geographical limits, I live in the UK and if I see a restriction to North America, politely say that I note their sale restriction, but would they consider selling to the UK. I have always had a reply and usually an agreement to sell.

The restriction sellers want, often is to Eastern Europe or West Africa, but the Gon does'nt allow for specifically restricting certain countries.
"Here's a radical concept - ignore them."

OR deal with it however you chose. Just keep it to yourself and the low baller please.
Tell them you have a better offer locally, or tell them you'll let them know by tuesday..... 2035
Sometimes lowballers are resellers. Just ignore them and be patient until you find a more serious person.
It looks like the new system does allow sellers to leave feedback for anyone that makes an offer. I can't imagine a time when I would feel the need to do that. I have at times, depending on my mood, responded to offers so low they were beyond crazy. I usually say something like "good one, for a second I thought you were serious"
Elizabeth, what does ROFLMAO mean?

"Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off."

I believe that Elizabeth was signaling that she -- unlike Jaxwired and perhaps others in group -- found her own comment very amusing.

I didn't mean to start another "lowball" thread (tho I often find them entertaining); I was mostly curious about whether once could get negative feedback for making an offer that a sensitive seller (henceforth "noballer," per Sebrof) finds inappropriate.


I recently sold some amps and had plenty of low ballers. When the offers came in, I just replied "No, but thanks for looking" and moved on.
>Polk< "tell them you'll let them know by tuesday...2035". How about letting them know by the twelfth..."The Twelfth of Never"! (an old Johnny Mathis song).
I'd sold antiques when many attempted bad lowballing, even when OBO was not an offered option.
Occasionally someone would notice a vintage watch I was wearing and make an attempt at purchasing it. Upon informing them that it is not currently on the market, they would try pushing me, something like " cmon what will you take for it" or "everything has a price", etc. I would then answer.. "ok, I'll sell it, just pick your favorite number and keep adding zeros untill I tell you to stop". That always ends the discussion! HA
I was hassled so much for a component on ebay (that I really would have given away) by a person so many times that I let them pay for it, had my friend cut it into 4 pieces on a band saw at a machine shop, then shipped it to them in 4 small boxes. At first (while the buyer was relishing in victory) he thought he was great for making me cave in. I was even kind enough to combine shipping! I made him file a claim to get a refund and he had to ship the unit back to me to boot. I still have 100% positive feedback, but I refuse to allow people to think that they have self entitlement for things they can't afford. At least when I'm selling something. The only thing I felt guilty about was not donating what I could have gotten for the unit to the poor or an animal shelter. Hopefully this will never happen again until at least 2035. Good luck to all.
It looks like the new system does allow sellers to leave feedback for anyone that makes an offer.

This doesn't sound like a great idea. Someone could in principle have lots of feedback while *never* having completed a transaction. Not very informative, to say nothing of the endless potential for disputes; in adjudicating disputes, will the moderators make determinations about what counts as "lowball"?


I don't think the "new" feedback system is intended for "lowball" offers. I guess it could be a way for someone to get some feedback even if they have not purchased, or sold anything. I just had some dealing with a very pleasant gentleman that was interested in an item I had. I ended up selling it hours before he decided to purchase. Based on my emails, I have no doubt he would be a great trading partner. I could leave feedback that said that. Also, if someone is really nasty during the process, I could say that too. I personally won't do either, and, I tend to agree with you, it doesn't sound like a good idea.
Giving someone negative feedback for offering to pay a price below what you think is reasonable is not illegal, nor dishonest or anything other than irritating to some. The comments will be deleted by the offended party because they have done nothing wrong and will dispute the feedback.

Get serious folks, many suggestions have been given to just ignore it and move on if you disagree with an offer. Either way it only takes a few seconds to decline the offer. Some of you sound like real hard-asses and I would not be surprised if you suffer from frequent heartburn!

Try taking a chill pill:-)

on a certain level i agree that, this being america and all, sellers should be free to overprice and buyers free to lowball. however, this site is, or purports to be, a community of gentlemen/women, not a flea market, and silly offers are more irksome in the audiogon context that are, say, off craigslist. i feel better having thus vented.
"Please make an offer only if you agree to my terms, otherwise I will give you negative feedback."

Well, I see the word "terms" not just price. He makes a contract in his ad, he words it exactly the way he chooses, says NO exceptions, implies he hates wasting time with anything other than HIS terms, so make an offer exactly as his terms spell out or don't and move on.

He may lose some potential buyers but it's his ad, he paid for it, he spelled it out. He warns you what will happen if your offer doesn't comply with his terms. Do it or move on. At least he said "Please". :D

I'm not a lawyer but I did play one on TV.
What would you do if the item was delivered DOA? Have some friends but inexpensive items from him and leave him enough negatives to ruin his reputation? Better keep your day job on TV.
You hear so many people crying about the low ballers, and never here about all the people that post there equipment for way more then it will ever sell for. Always expecting top dollar.

I don't blame someone looking for a deal, any more then I blame someone trying to get top dollar.

A lot of people are called low ballers, when actually they are making a fair offer for what the items can really be had for elsewhere. The seller just doesn't want to admitt his item simpy isn't worth the asking.

Just my opinions.
Sthomas made a very good point. I personally agree to reasonable asking prices, no haggle. Overinflated asking prices do not get my offer.
If the price is too high why put in an offer if you've found it for a lower price elseware?
Last year while I was attempting to bench press 250 lb bar bells, gosh darn it - I'VE BEEN A LOW BALLER EVER SINCE!
I'm with Sthomas, too. Can we give negative feedback for people who offer "as new" or "I can't find a flaw" or "rare" pieces for 15% off (a wildly inflated) MSRP? And we can start heaping abuse on them as "highballers" or maybe "dreamballers." ;)

No one has mentioned why so called "lowballers" offend some of you so much. So...tell me. BTW Is typing "No thank you" that much of a chore? Remember something is worth ONLY what someone is willing to pay for it.
No one is offended by someone trying to get the best deal. It's the riff raff that want things for (next to) nothing, then keep hassling the seller when they don't get their way. Self entitlement additude for those too cheap or that don't have the money, still not wanting to sacrifice like the ones that have the money. At that point, No thank you is that much of a chore. Some of us just don't have time for worms.
I think it's more than appropriate to tell a buyer what an offer is worth if they first have told a seller what an item is worth.
04-05-12: Polk432
No one is offended by someone trying to get the best deal. It's the riff raff that want things for (next to) nothing, then keep hassling the seller when they don't get their way. Self entitlement additude for those too cheap or that don't have the money, still not wanting to sacrifice like the ones that have the money. At that point, No thank you is that much of a chore. Some of us just don't have time for worms.


Seams like you don't like poor people very much. maybe I just didn't understand what you were trying to say here...
I have nothing against rich or poor. Just people that want things for nothing. What is there to not understand? There are lots of things I'd like to have, but if I can't afford it, I don't feel I'm entitled to have it anyway. I've been hassled by worms who do in the past, and refuse to give them the time of day.
"Riff raff"?!

How quaint! I'm not sure I've ever seen a real person put that in a real sentence, with a straight face. ;)
Riff Raff.. Oh yeah, I'm a real persom with a straight face. Not trying to be "quaint". I was just being polite in my description. Do you fit the mold?
Depends on your definition, I guess. I propose we reserve "riff-raff" for any "persom" who uses "additude" for "attitude." That way, I'm in the clear.;)
With the kind of money I have, I can spell any way I want. The ones who have understand, the have nots don't. Maybe that's why they don't. Riff Raff is still Riff Raff or lowballers as they like to seem to be addressed.