Newly discovered

Any bands out there new or old that you guys have never heard of and have just recently discovered?

I'll start with two:

7 Horse

All Them Witches.

Good stuff!


All Them Witches is great.  I listen to 7 Horse - new to me.    Thanks.  

Check out Fink  - Warm Shadow for example.  And Ghost Town by Darrin Nauendorf.  



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Some 90s Britpop bands I hadn’t heard of that I discovered a bit ago and really like:

Echobelly and Salad

Brown Bird (a duo of guitarist/vocalist David Lamb and his multi-instrumentalist parter MorganEve Swain). Sadly, David succumbed to leukemia at an early age, so there are only a few albums. I recommend “Salt for Salt” as a good intro. Americana fused with European folk influences. 

I discovered them by Shazamming the background music on an episode of Resident Alien…

Looks like a good topic for the 'Music' forum; might get even more response....

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Thanks to everyone so far.

You are opening up my eyes to some really good bands I would never have otherwise come across.

Cloud Cult.

I'm 70, my daughter's 28. We both share a love of this uplifting band.