Norah Jones

I'm watching a live show on PBS right now and I have to ask myself, how does this girl write so much amazing music? I watched one of her live shows last year and was absolutely floored by her performance but most of all the sheer beauty of her music. Any fans out there? She truly flies under the radar considering her high level of talent as a songwriter and musician.
Big fan. Great band for her concert appearances as well. Also she is very good at live collaborations such as her work w Bonnie Raitt and Dolly Parton and others. I really like the fact that she can move back and forth between genres effortlessly.
Her country cd "Little Willies" is a go-to in my house. Great songs and musicianship and I am not a big country fan. She really knows how to pick a song. Second Little Willies cd is not nearly as good. Agree on her versatility - anyone see her sing "Funny, how time slips away" on the Willie Nelson 80th b-day bash? Fabulous.
I've seen her several times live, in concert. She is indeed an amazing artist and singer-songwriter.

Her first concert at Red Rocks was awesome. I'll never forget that night...
Flies under the radar?...I don't think so. I find her vastly overrated and boring. I have friends who agree and also friends who like her, but not in a passionate way. But no matter what you feel about her, she has received plenty of press, not the least of which was from professional audio reviewers using her music as a reference in reviews.
Have to agree that she is not really under the radar. Pretty much the entire world knows who she is. Still, I'm a fan. Not boring. Her first album is still her best. It's a classic fo sho.
She hardly wrote any of the music she sang to get famous. Mostly all covers. When she started insisting on performing the stuff she wrote, her career sank fast. I happen to like her first two records, but I can't stand her writing.
Roxy54, I agree with you; boring. Her breakthrough album puts me to sleep (literally) before the fourth song starts. I have yet to listen to it all the way through awake.
I like the last album ''Little Broken Hearts" the best. Mr Burton makes her music more interesting to me. Both the lyrics and songs are good. Looking forward to her next recording.
Agree with most comments used already--she's well known, sometimes the music gets a little sleepy or repetitive, the music backing her singing is usual very nice. Just got Herbie Hancock's cd River, The Joni Letters. Songs Joni Mitchell wrote or sang. The first cut is sung by Norah. Man, if that cut doesn't send some goose bumps up your sorry flesh as if did mine--check your pulse--THE BEST JAZZY CUT I'VE HEARD THIS YEAR AND THE BEST NORAH JONES SONG AND VOICE I'VE HEARD BY HER (so much breathiness and body--her singing now). The rest of the album has many very nice cuts, including Joni, a jazzy cut from Tina Turner, and another singer that sounds exactly like a young Joni Mitchell. That first cut though--Ummm-m-m-m!!! The musicians being the singing are pretty awesome too. Order that cd and tell me I'm wrong about the first cut.
She comes from good stock. Geetali Norah Jones Shankar daughter of the incredibly talented sitar player and composer Ravi Shankar. In addition to piano and guitar she plays saxophone as well. I like that she can sing most genres from country to jazz to pop. She is a talented and diversified performer.
I'm a fan too! Great music and collaborations - how about the one with Keith!
"She hardly wrote any of the music she sang to get famous. Mostly all covers. When she started insisting on performing the stuff she wrote, her career sank fast. I happen to like her first two records, but I can't stand her writing. "

Well there's a first. Could you imagine if anyone ever became famous off a Bob Dylan song? I'm calling Carole King tonight. She might be able to revive her career if she would play someone else's music. Then I'm calling Herbie Hancock. He should do some standards.

Yes, I think she's flown under the radar since 2002. Actually, I haven't heard one peep from anyone about her and she gets zero radio play with the exception of that 2002 release. She's won plenty of awards. The releases since then have been much beer IMO.
I would love to hear her play saxophone! She wouldn't be able to sing with her mouth full.
Seriously, listen to her. It's a lot of feeble cooing and whispering. It may be sexy, but a great singing or writing talent she isn't.
She hardly wrote any of the music she sang to get famous. Mostly all covers.
Taking a close look at her first 2 albums, this statement seems to be more incorrect than correct.

Debut album,
She wrote 2; both released as singles, 1 being the title cut, and co-wrote a 3rd. 3 were covers with 1 released as a single. The remaining 8 were written by band members with 2 released as singles.

2nd album,
She wrote 1, released as a single, and co-wrote 5 with 1 released as a single. 3 were covers. The remaining 4 were written by band members with 1 released as a single.
Love the passion guys! I'm in that camp that doesn't get her vocal appeal, or I should say she doesn't engage me. I also find her boring and too found it very difficult to listen through her first album. I wouldn't say she has a bad voice, actually it is quite distinctive but doesn't ring a chord with me. Maybe if I saw her live a light would go on, nah, I doubt that.
Norah is simply a beautiful young lady with a voice & style to match.

Many who know of her DO NOT know about her "NewYork City" masterpiece. As far as I know, it's her only voyage into the "Blusey, Jazzy and CLASSY rap" genra's.

I bring the CD to speaker auditions or parties and people generally love it.

Get this CD....JUST DO IT!!:-)
Agree with Djones; The Norah Jones-Peter Malick "New York" City is my favorite.

I'm also a fan but understand why some people might not like her. I find her music beautiful and soothing. Love her when she plays the Hammond... that is just butter. And she is very easy to look at... could have the best lips in the biz.

Now, for her acting, hmmm...
The album that Djones is talking about is the Peter Malick Group, featuring Norah Jones and is titled "New York City". I agree, it is very good. One of my favorites.

Another newish album is "...featuring Norah Jones". It has most of the songs she has done with other people. Very diverse range and style of music on this.

Dorkwad...thanks for the recommendation of the Herbie Hancock album. I just ordered it.
Thanks Dorkwad for the "The Joni Letter" recommendation. Being a big fan of Joni maybe this can connect me to Norah in a small way. Coincidentally I just had a few buddies over to listen this morning/afternoon and one brought the first Norah cd. We listened to the first three cuts and funny thing is of the four of us listening, two get her and two don't.
On "Come Away With Me" Nora is listed as writer on 2 tracks and co-writer on 1 track out of the 14 tracks on the album. If this qualifies her as writing most of her material, I must live in a different world as the rest of you. So be it. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Careers come and go.
I think they are as different as chocolate and vanilla, but maybe the vanilla has some hot fudge? i don't get Ms. Krall in the same way as Norah Jones.

Jazzdoc, I really like the Rome recording you mentioned. Also, for those who don't know, Brian Burton is Danger Mouse. He produced and cowrote Little Broken Hearts.
The above mentioned Herbie Hancock release (River: the Joni Letters) won a Grammy for Album of the Year, and Best Contemporary Jazz Album in '08. One I play often.
Okay, so first off her father didn't have a lot of pull with Norah. It was Annoushka he catered to.

Chayro, isn't "Come Away With Me" over a decade old? Give her a chance for crying out loud. She's not an amplifier. Why bother replying on artists you DON'T like?
Norah is not a great vocalist in the same way that Emmylou Harris is not a great vocalist. But they both have their own unique style and always sing in service of the song. Always tasteful, always a pro. Loved her first 2 albums, the first Little Willies and New York. Have not disliked any of her albums except perhaps the last. Liked Rome----but think I've had enough of the Danger Mouse collaboration. Then again, I fall asleep to Diana Krall. Different strokes for different folks.
Donjr, again you missed the point of my post. I actually did like Nora's first two records very much. The ones she had less input on. I was very dissapointed with her output after that. And - her fame was built off those first two records. As to "giving her a chance", what chance should I give her when I think her recent stuff pales in comparison to the old? If you want to keep listening, knock yourself out. Your comment about replying on threads about artists I don't like has some shred of validity to it though. However, I feel compelled to participate when what I thought was a good artist goes into the toilet.
Correct. She's I believe an average performer with nice supportive band due to her herritage and situation. Other than that she's a good music college alumni and yet faces a lot to learn in real life of musician.
I like both Nora, and Krall. I've seen them both live and enjoyed them. I was in the 3rd row for Dianna at the Chicago theater this year, and thought she was amazing. Nora is not as good live imo, but still was a pleasure to see. Personally, I would go to see either one again.
Toddnkaya, yes I've heard Little Broken Hearts and I think it's great. I heard her play the tunes Say Goodbye and Happy Pills on this live show on PBS and thought it was fantastic.

I believe that all the songs on the album Not Too Late were written by Norah but I'm not positive.
The worst? That's a rather broad statement with all the garbage out there being played on the radio. I happen to like her but I also like a ton of music. I appreciate and respect your honest opinion however.

What don't you name some of your favorites? This doesn't have to be about Norah. Maybe you can turn me on to some new music.
Judyblueazz hasn't said anything nice about many things in these forums. Someone put something sour in your drink?
I had an in-law who was acknowledged. worldwide, as the Godfather of avant guard jazz piano.
He told me that he had never met a jazzman( and he had met them all) who didn't think
Sarah Vaughn was THE greatest jazz singer who ever lived.
He said musicians loved her because she was the only diva who could keep time as well or better than the bass player!
And unlike many famous singers you always knew she always never wanted to be doing anything else more than just singing with them.
You get a couple of Sassy recordings, sit down and really listen, and , unless you have really bad taste, your Cd's of Nora and Diane etc will end up where they belong, in the trash can.
I think your post crystallizes my feelings perfectly. We are so accustomed to mediocre talent that is well packaged, we forget what greatness and genius really sounds like. Neither of them are in the same universe as Sarah or Ella.
I agree about Sarah Vaughan, but Norah Jones does have talent and is worth listening to. Though I don't think of her as a jazz singer.
I agree with most of the posts. I don't own any Norah Jones recordings but her first two recordings are worthy of purchasing. Regarding the haters most of us know she is not the talent of Sarah, Peggy, Anita or Ella. I'm sure some of you have recordings that are not at a reference(talent) level that you still enjoy!
No I do not, the good is the enemy of the best, Music is powerful stuff, bad taste in it leads to bad taste in other areas of life.