Oh man, I broke my class D amp. Make fun of me. Then help.

So... I made a new pair of super fancy interconnects this evening. Of course I was on auto pilot on the second one, especially the last connector. And, of course I always test my DIY cable projects before install..

Except tonight. Installed the ICs and all I hear is clicking. Not loud, and independent of the volume on the pre. Independent of source. Weird. I shut everything down and figure maybe, for the first time ever, I miswired a cable, so I pulled the new ICs and tested. Sure enough, I crossed my signal and ground. I repaired my mistake, reinstalled and now the amp the crossed IC went to is jacked.

The volume is much lower than the other channel, there is distortion during strong high frequency signals and the sound drops out during strong low frequencies signals. The other amp is fine. I swapped channels coming from the pre and the problem stayed with the amp. I doubt it is the speaker, as there were no sudden loud noises. Just the innocuous clicking...

So, what did I fry? Some kind of capacitor? Or everything? The amp is a Ghent audio monoblock, which is class D and uses ICEpower a/s modules. It is a GA-M500. Here’s its webpage: https://www.ghentaudio.com/amp/ga-m500p.html

I’m fine sending it in for repair, but if anyone has either knowledge of amp design or the unfortunate luck to have done this, I’d love to just fix it myself and save a lot of sending it around the world. Also, feel free to make fun of me. I deserve it. Such are the consequences of hubris.

If you’re wondering, I used KLEI pure harmony connectors, which have two identical looking tabs, one on each side, to solder the signal and ground to. If you look even remotely closely you can easily tell which is the ground.. but it’s not at bad as if I had done this with a more traditional RCA connector. That would have been really pathetic. 

Also. Recommendations for repair shops please.



Very nice muck up.

Class d amps don't have protection circuits like other amps,usually only have 1 fuse in the pwr supply.You might look at that other wise you probably will have to replace the module or send it in.

If I remember Ghent audio is in China,you might be able to get a replacement module sent to you.

Good luck to you,

Todd,   I believe those Ghent amps are fairly expensive these days.  If you find that it is truly shot,  I might recommend these... Very nice sounding modules,  I believe that they'll fit in the Ghent cases... 150 to 8 and 300 to 4.  Good luck,  Tim 


Thanks guys! I'm going to see if I can get a replacement board first. If not I'll just order a new pair.  They're going for $1100 for a pair. I could buy one for $600, but they changed the design, so they wouldn't be exactly the same. I'm far too OCD for that.
 Tim, those boards look nice.. how plug and play are they?

You might look into the Ncore nc400 modules and pwr supply.

I have a pair in nice black Ghent audio cases that I would probably sale,don't really use them other than comparison to other class d amps.

Hi Todd,  I bought these from an Abletec distributor in the UK.  I paid more than this. I believe someone bought up the last of the inventory.  I have built with these and oddly enough, just reinserted them back into my system a couple of days ago.  I immediately smiled,  there is a rightness about these.  Patrick Bostrom did these after the original Ice Modules.  I do find these better.  I built them side by side and put them in a stereo case.  I have them wired for single ended or balanced and have run them in both configurations without issue. As long as the boards fit into your case,  you should knock these out in an hour or so. 
Good luck, either way. Tim
I blew a PS Audio HCA 2...... And PS Audio said that they charge $500 to replace the module [Tripath, I think]. A pretty good amp..... but certainly not worth the repair. I went back to class AB [Anthem] amps 
Are you sure your interconnect is OK? Have you swapped in a different interconnect to make sure you don't still have a problem?
Just open the case and with a magnifying glass and flashlight see if anything is obvious such as a burned resistor. 
Todd - Is the clicking coming from the amp or through the connected speaker?  Also, is the clicking present even with no input to the amp?

Depending on the above answers, you should probably also check your speakers by swapping them from one amp to the other. If it is your amp, the ICE modules are totally plug and play and broadly available, so that might be the cheapest and easiest solution if it turns out to be the amp and you're comfortable working on it yourself.

Good luck


Todd, don't feel badly. Everyone has done something like that - at least, I have, and my genius friend has.

I second what gs said. Look around inside and see if you can find anything that has a part of it looking dark brown or black. If not, make sure it is the amp and not the speakers, by doing as Greg suggested.

Good luck!

Hey, Todd, cheer up.  Everyone has had the experience of screwing up but it takes an admirable part of one's personality to admit it in public.  So, I'll just *S* and say "Welcome to the club.  Try not to come here often, right?" *L*
Related recent event...my spouse 'does fish'.  Added 3 angels to her 55g. tank to join 2 angels and 2 algae eaters.  Had planned and ordered additional plants and enhanced lighting to support all...but hadn't covered that part of the 'equation' yet...
She got to watch as all 7 fish literally suffocated, slowly...heartbreaking for the both of us.

At least you didn't kill anything.

If there's an applicable moral here, double check yourself and everything.  Then do it again if it's expensive or a PIA to fix or replace...

...because sometimes it's irreplaceable....;)
Todd, it can't be anyway worse than me when I adjusted the bias on a Class AB amp and shorted the heatsink to ground because I was using a non insulated, very long screwdriver - the heatsink was at 50Vdc, not ground like I thought.   That was an expensive mistake.    Back to your problem, I don't exactly see why reversing signal input and ground on your interconnect would fry your amp.   Essentially, what you have done is shorted the input of your amp to ground, there is nothing wrong with that, and shorted the output of your source to ground.   Now, that last one could be a big deal, depending on your output stage design.   A direct coupled output stage, without an isolating resistor, could blow the stage.   Before I sink money into your Class D amp, I would verify the source is still operational and in good shape.  Try plugging the output of the questionable channel into the input of the amp that works fine and see what you have.   The idea of looking in your amp for something obvious like a fried resistor or blown copper trace is a very good idea, btw.
Wow, thanks everyone. Good to know I’m not alone! Yesterday I did the best thing one can do after screwing up royally: I took my kids and their friends to a beautiful Ozark swimming hole and we spent 9 hours basking in beauty and playing in a waterfall.. ahhh.

@atmasphere I did try different Interconnects ​and had the same problem. I’m sure the one I built is good now. I fixed the switched connection and TESTED THE DAMNED THING FOR CONTINUITY!

@spatialking I don’t see why a weak voltage like a signal would screw anything up, but it has. Like I said above, I tried other sources and different cables, moved the amp.. it’s the amp for sure. And man, yeah, shorting an amp in that fashion seems much more exciting and dramatic!

@asvjerry those poor fish...

Greg - the clicking was only there when I had the faulty IC connected. Then it just sounded like garbage and eventually stopped working most of the time. The problem I have is that the B&O module used in my amps isn’t made anymore. The only one I’ve seen is on eBay for $900!

On a positive note, my wife, the breadwinner, just said "buy some new ones". Also, a friend who works with class D amps in an industrial setting told me that he and his electronics guy could fix it. I was dubious, but he’s insistent, so we’ll see.

And, to and a big fat twist, I came home from the climbing gym last night to find my wife still awake, looking through my eldest son’s phone. She found all kinds of interactions with racist, white supremacist scum on social media and some porn. It’s going to be a long summer.. and it definitely put a broken amp into perspective, in terms of the crap I’m going to have to fix.. teenagers. Jeez.

@toddverrone, OK- the next thing is to swap the interconnects left for right at the input of the amps.

You want to make sure that its not the source that got blown up, and FWIW its output got shorted to ground with that initial mis-wire.

So if you do that swap and nothing happens then the amp somehow failed (could be a blown fuse BTW).

But if the problem moves then the amp is off the hook and the source needs to be examined.

Good Luck! - on all fronts!
Yeah, a 'downer', fitting the Monday mold....BUT....

Spouse announced she's going to carry on with her hobby.  Made my day.  Feces occurs, so scrape it up and fling it @ fates' face....*growl*L*

You do so too.  Let your buddy's buddy take a crack at it.  Let someone who has some experience with the D's give it a go.  He'll either find the problem or pronounce it truly screwed.

Suggestion #2:  Get spouse favorite flowers, apply huge hug and kiss, and another thank you.  They don't make a lot like her, and she's Yours. *S*

Elder son & porn....well, it's the most popular thing on the 'net, and curiosity overcomes 'no' because it did with us.

The racist white super sh*t is harder.  Take him on a drive through any local ghetto (most cities have something like that) and ask him if he'd like to go for a walk....home, from there.  There but for (your favorite deity) and the luck of being your son goes him, and their reality still isn't pretty despite the broken promises and hopes of intelligent people.  That latter group is aware that the bulk of the people on welfare and food stamps are white, and generally single women with children who are in that state because of guys who take advantage of them and split.
If there's anything he should learn to hate, it's the rampant stupidity on those websites.  

Jerry - that's good to hear. Your wife sounds like a good one too. Patience and understanding in a marriage are rare, one thing I love about the people on here is they recognize that. I've been on far too many forums where there's plenty of denigration of spouses who get in the way of the hobby. That's the wrong perspective.

As for the porn, I'm not worried about that, but we did talk about the difference between 'healthy' porn, where it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves, are not drugged and have real bodies, vs the rest. The racist stuff comes from us living in a bubble here in NW Arkansas, where he doesn't see its consequences. So he thinks it's absurd and funny. Now I've got him reading Roots. That should help bring some perspective..

@atmasphere I think I tried different sources, but now I can't remember. I'll try again after I put the amp back together. Thanks for the insights!
Todd - I'm sorry about the family stuff and I couldn't possible help there but if:

"my wife, the breadwinner, just said "buy some new ones"" - I can guarantee you that I'd have a UPS tracking number within 5 minutes (and I love my setup)!

At least on that front, you're in good hands!

Todd...yeah, after 30+ years, she isn't perfect but she deals with my flaws and foibles too.  There are those that didn't understand us, but we've outlasted them all.  And the long haul is the one that counts....;)

And you took the young bull by the horns....Bravo.  There is 'fair porn', but it's rare.  The material aimed at the female audience has a better 'tilt' to it, but most men don't even know it exists...and most could care less.  It'd surprise them if they paid some attention to it.  The soft touch generally goes over better, but that's an 'advanced concept' when you're young. *S*

NWAR...by the Ozarks...pretty country...and some reactionary minds, freaked by 'change'.  He's right, absurd is correct.....funny, not so much.
Watch '10 Years a Slave' with him.  That'll drain the humor out of it....;)

Pardon to all in this forum, BTW.  The above is a long way from a class D disaster, but...unlike the fish (we mourn the small entities that lived with us for awhile, all of them...) here's a chance to 'save a life' in a meaningful way.  I can't resist trying to help, even if only with MHO in a hopeful comment.

Back to saving an amp...;)
"I'm not black, but sometimes I wish I wasn't white."
-Frank Zappa's observation on the Watts Riot.

I could see the smoke from my home.

*Looking at my hands, my arms....*
We call This 'white'. No.  Albinos are white.  What we have here is a rather miserable mottled beige, streaked with blue-green veins and reddish-pink blotches nearly everywhere....
Maybe a better description would be 'very bad camo'.  Way too light to be successful at 'blending into' anything but ourselves. *G*
Also profound, on second reading..

A miraculous thing has happened. After unplugging and reseating all the connectors to the board then taking out the fuse, checking it for continuity and reinstalling it, I hooked up the amp to double check I didn’t have a brain fart when I was trouble shooting the first time. Lo and behold! It works!

Sounds as good as the day I got it. No more sound cutting out, no more distortion. What the dickens?

@atmasphere thanks for questioning my trouble shooting! I went back and re-read what I wrote. I did swap RCAs, it stayed with the amp, not the signal. But, just to be sure after reading your post, I thought I’d double check. Vielen dank!

Final result is a resurrection! Hallelujah!
The new, repaired and double tested ICs sound great as well. A pretty solid Wednesday night!

Thank you for all the input and stories of fellow stupidity. Shared suffering...
YAY! *clap.clap.clap*  Mere mortals triumph yet again over recalcitrant
boxes of the obscure....;)  Now you can get back to what you trying to do in the first place...*G*

The missus will like this turn of events, too....

As for triggering a laugh followed by the thought....*S*  Every now and then.

"We" could and should be so much Better than "we" are....but "we" seem to have this penchant for getting in our own way...*shrug*

Anyway....congrats!  Enjoy! Don't do That again. ;)

And it's been fun....see you on the 'avenues'...Ciao. 
Hey Todd, I just gotta tell you: I came to this thread simply for your humor. Love the OP title. And the rest didn't disappoint. Ha! Congrats on the miracle.
Happy to have provided some comic relief. Especially with the outcome!

Happy Friday everyone.
*L*  Everyone loves a happy ending to a sad story.....

"...and they all rode off into the sunset..."  A fork can be stuck into this tale of woe and redemption. *S*  Happy listening to all, and to all, a good..night, weekend, life, etc.

Tissues available at the exit for a small donation....*L*
Yes, insane....reference:

I intended to 'be a freak for the rest of my life."  Mission accomplished. *G*

Thanks asvjerry for turning me on to Bonzo Dog. I know there must have been a crazy amount of silly, insane people pal-ing around with the Beatles (Harry Nilsson, etc.) and these guys are way out there. Can you imagine what the parties must have been like?
Bonzo Dog Dooda Band. What a name. The music, despite a silly edge, is actually quite amazing!
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band are who is playing in the subterranean room in The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour movie. They made a bunch of incredible albums, containing songs such as "Jazz (Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold)" and "Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?". Great, great group. Member Neil Innes was later responsible for the great Beatles parody band The Rutles (with Monty Pythons Eric Idle), who made one album and a very funny movie. I saw The Rutles live at The Troubadour, and they were fantastic! I didn't get to see The Bonzos live, but have a couple of old friends who did, at The Fillmore in SF.
Marty, it's one of the things that keeps me 'sane' in a society that seems to be less so daily...the 'safe from You' function.  I suspect you have your own functional version in place...

I once had a co-worker who stated 'treat life seriously as a joke'.  Upon a lifetime of reflection on that statement, IMHO I've opted to not let it be upon me.  The 'flip' of that, if taken to extremes, would make buying a pack of razor blades seem one's best option.  Moving to another star system is not...

I can rant further on such, but we'd have to move to another forum, marked 'Philosophy'.  Most entering would want to chat about cables, or amp options and be horribly disappointed.  And I don't have the time for it...;)

The BDDB....I've been a fan for decades.  All of the participants were/are quite talented at making a 'joyous noise', albeit not to everyone's 'preference'.  Certainly not in subject matter...  Yes, they popped up in odd places.  I remember Johnny Carson had them on his show, where they performed a Chinese 'fire drill' while playing onstage....

Carson was nearly speechless, a rare 'WTF' moment for him.  The audience applauded, but one could tell a big 'Huh?!' hung in the studio...

"We've just watch some obviously talented musicians act Extremely Strange...."  Not a quote, but an observation....

Now...in retrospect....Magical Myst Tour, all that, and the 'extremely hi-powered chemicals' that infused that era...

F. Zappa & the MOI at a live show in LA, spending the first part of their set disassembling vegetables on stage before actually playing music..

...and other 'weird things' going on that, at the time, made 'too much sense'...the Beatles made some still highly regarded music during 'all that nonsense'.... and I was listening to the Fugs and the like, then...

...and folks like The Pentangle...Randy Newman...Nilsson...it didn't have to be loud, but it'd better be Good.  Those of 'us' who 'survived' are still a lot like that.  

...reading arguments about speaker cables...

...and people discussing their 'realities' about them....

I attempt to be 'diplomatic' in my daily contact with people.  Your 'Titanic' just bumped into my 'iceberg' without the historical damage...

Sail On.


With that in mind, and in that regard, I doubt I'm unusual...;)

I like hanging around 'here' with y'all...but if someone kicks my ankle, expect a response....of sorts...my pick as to What and How.

Have a happy Sunday...

If I 'go off' on a rant, I try to make them 'worthwhile' to tolerate on some level...better if it makes some semblance of sense...or maybe even entertaining...

"Lookit dat fool foam!" 

..but I've had my shots...and I bite Fair....;)

*J kicks the soapbox away...*
*L*  An employment option that never opened up in my path...but thanks.

If any of my ramblings made it to film or blu-ray, the ratings board would probably 'X' rate it..."We don't have a category for this, so we're going to 'punt'..."

I actually do tend to think 'visually'...too many head shots of a physical nature, perhaps. *G*  Works for me, probably makes everyone else about me crazy.  My world and welcome to it....watch your step. ;) *L*
Great thread! I saw the title "broke my class D".... and I had to chime in, both for some self-therapy, (since I had two class D's crater. UGH) as well as a warning (and, Todd - we don't live too far away from each other, so I'm going to guess our utility power is of similar quality, OH, and I have a teenage son too)
So I bought new-to-me Jeff Rowland 501 mono blocks in November '16; plugged them directly into the wall (as recommended) and left them on 24/7 (as recommended). Loved them, listened to them, played them. I went up to my music room in early Jan '17 and they little blue lights were on, then off, then on, then off. Randomly. No sound. Cycled power. NOTHING. @#$@.  Did this over the course of a few days.To make a long story, short (ugh, bad electrical pun there), after about an hour on the phone with Jeff Rowland himself, we determined that both ICEpower1000ASP modules were hosed. (Let me tell you, even the used price on these amps stretched me. I was NOT a happy camper). 
Jeff treated me super, super well. He had two of the latest (Rev J) boards in stock which he sold me at the best price I'd seen anywhere (and they are warranted from JRDG), I installed them, and I'm back enjoying. Not before I put a large isolation transformer in the circuit, AND a voltage safety circuit (1/2 cycle response time, will 'open' a 15A relay) and surge suppression. 
LESSON: even if we can leave Class D's on all the time, I turn mine off and disconnect during storms, and now run serious power protection.
TEENAGER: I'm watching mine like a hawk. Write your cell provider about "parental controls". I'm really mad they have no accommodation for parents. Cell phones are just about ubiquitous for 'child safety' and connectivity, especially now that they are driving. BUT....it's the wild west out there on them. I can control access home computers, but not those. Please write your carrier, and ask for the ability to specify DNS servers. That would allow us parents to use web-filtering services like OpenDNS.
@boneman73 it's funny you should mention openDNS. I just finished setting it up on our network today. As far as phones, I'm trying a nanny app that I still need to dial in..

As for power, I built a power box that I also installed TMOVs in for surge suppression. Next one will have cascade diodes. The storms we've had this spring had so much lightning. It was enough of an impetus to get me to install the whole house surge suppressor I'd been meaning to for at least a year. Next I need to install a service entrance suppressor and I should be as safe as possible. I also have filters plugged into the outlets my washing machine and fridge are on.

And I also unplug during storms. Unless I'm listening. It is fun to watch...