Origin Live company support

Looking for other’s experience to work with Origin Live Company in UK. I have their turntable motor kit. Control board is broken. Motor and power transformer work fine.

Feedback to my email to them (They replied to one email. No responses after my follow-up email)- I was told the motor kit is too old, and they do not service it; I was asked to buy a new one. Can’t buy the part I need, as the new control board is not compatible with old motor and transformer. Need to buy transformer, board and motor. No discounts for replacement, pay full price on web site.

I called them by phone. Feedback from call: I cannot afford the time to talk on the phone to customers. I give the best deal. Buy it and if you don't like it - send it back for full refund.

Yeah not surprised. After about a dozen years a weak solder joint on my Conqueror arm started being a problem. Trouble-shot and fixed it myself. But in the process also tried to ask Origin Live about it. In the 12 years they have developed a newer much better arm wire and RCA. Forget exactly but at least a week getting an answer via email. Even then it was a simple yeah the new ones a lot better. Not one comment let alone answer to my basic questions such as IS IT USER REPLACEABLE?!?

You'd think they'd at least say buy with confidence it comes with detailed instructions enabling you or any competent tech to install with confidence.

Instead, I figured it out and fixed it all by myself. Which is what you should do. 

Sounds like if you can fix the control board you can get it working. Or, since the motor works, then find another control board. A hassle to be sure. But in the end you wind up knowing how the darn thing works, able to fix just about anything, and probably along the way learn enough to replace whatever is broken with better parts in other words it winds up being an upgrade.

Then live and learn, next time buy American. After enough similar experience with lousy customer service from foreign manufacturers (China by far the worst!) its what I'm doing. 
Because my Conqueror arm is superb. The arm itself ought to last essentially forever. But really it comes down to the only American made arm I know of that might be better is the one designed by Schroeder that Lederman is going to make for Soundsmith. At least I think it is "going to make" since its not on the website yet but its been talked about. 

Graham is highly regarded but having had one I just can't recommend either a uni-pivot or any arm with a lot of connections. Or any. The signal wire should be continuous from the cartridge pins to the RCA plug. Or if not that then the fewer the better. VPI aren't really up there either. Origin Live at least is good enough to recommend even knowing the customer service will probably leave a lot to be desired. 

I'm also recommending Buy American, and more and more emphatically as time goes by.
I have owned two Origin Live turntables and three Origin Live tonearms over the past 15 years. I have had a few upgrades and any issues were always addressed Mark Baker appropriately.  I currently own and enjoy an upgraded Resolution Mk3 with a LSC and a Illustrious mk3c. The service/return shipping timeframes have been excellent. Email communication has been timely usually within 24-48 hours.
I would love to buy an American tonearm but Americans have been stuck on unipivot designs. Now VPI has a gimbal fat boy. I have not had the chance to play with one yet but it is certainly on the right track. As for OL that surprises me as the Brits are usually very accommodating.  
I ordered a replacement belt from Origin Live for my Well Tempered Classic.  I made the mistake of not doubling the measurement from my previous belt and received a half sized belt.  My bad.  I reordered with the correct specs and the belt I received had a noticeable bulge where they skived the splice together, which resulted in a very noticeable wow as it passed over the spindle each revolution.  The splice was also crooked. I carefully sanded the splice with 1200 grit paper and solved the problem.  Poor quality control in my opinion, but at this point I had too much time and money invested to pursue further.  The belt did make a worthwhile improvement to the sound.
Origin L delivered  the worst experience of my audio life when I needed help with a brand new tonearm. The dealer (who was really a manufacturer who packaged new OL arms with his tables)  might have done more but OL were impossible to deal with and left me hanging for an age. I'll never deal with them again. 
That is a shame to hear that.
  My next table/arm was going to be Origin, now I'm having second thoughts.
A few years ago, I bought a Originlive turntable belt for my Well-Tempered Classic TT. The shipping was taking longer than I thought it should, so I contacted OL and was told to wait another week. One week later, still no belt. I contacted OL again, and they said "Well, it must be lost in the mail, because we sent it out immediately." In the next breath, they said ... "We'll send out another one." That, they did ... with no questions asked. Because they made good on the lost belt, I'd have no qualms about buying from them again.

@oregonpapa Um, sounds like they didn't make good on any lost belt -they just sent yours out after you called them twice.
Yes thank you dcaudio, we need to know about these a-holes that will gladly take our dollars, however when you have an issue with their product, they are no where to be found, I say lets all band together and expose these pricks, funny the way I found this thread, I am in the market for a tonearm and see that their US distributor was audio revelation in carlsbad ca, so I googled for a new US distributor, and now I read this, so glad I did, makes my decision easier, and Origin Live just lost another customer, good riddance!
Good information here.  I was talking to OL about a new turntable motor but all I got was vague information and "Buy it, if it doesn't work out, return it."   Seems like I would be the guy who is doing the R&D to see how it works out rather than them.   I really like the design concept of the better OL tonearms, and they seem reasonably priced, but I am squeamish about their service.   Well, I am not in the buying market for a while yet, so I have to time to sort this out in my head......
I live in France and I have an OL conqueror mk II. I contacted them a few time for a heavy counterweight,...and each time get an answer and the product I need.
Fantastic products - never had an issue with communication, all going to OL owner Mark Baker. 
Brits tend to be a bit caustic. People of few words mostly, except when dealing with the French.
I think if he said 'can't help you, no parts available, buy a new one'...he probably meant just that. It might not be what we wanted to hear, but....

Damn those brits.
To add to my story.  Hyendaudio fixed it.  
Feedback:  The control board needed soldering and minor repair and the motor with less than 200 hours needed replacement.  
Yes, that's too bad, but I just ordered the TA-2000, I was seriously going for the Origin Live conqueror, it's a beautiful tonearm, however I'm quiet confident the german engineering at Acoustic Signature will not disappoint!