Own Magnepans? Got Cats?

Just got two 14-week-old Pixie-Bob (bobcat cousin) brother & sister kits, and they're now loose in the house... So, to protect my prize 1.6's, I made anti-climb covers for them; simple, cheap & easy to place & remove. One 4x8' sheet of 1/8" thick black foam-core board from the local art supply store made a pair of protectors for the 1.6 (and with zero scraps).

Cut the 4x8' sheet in half to make two 4x4's, score vertically at given points with a sharp mat knife to about 3/4 of the foam-core's depth, bend to a box shape, wrap around the speaker fronts, and use stick-on hooks in the back to connect where the edges meet. I also cut small square holes where the cables enter. The "boxes" are 20" wide and 4" deep. (If these cats decide they want to jump higher than four feet, I guess I'm in trouble.)

Email me for photos of the finished product if interested (I'll send a pic of the kitties, too).
I bought the plastic mats you put over carpet. On the underside they have plastic spikes that stick into carpet. Turn them over, cut out area for speaker legs to go through. cat's won't walk on the spike area. 1.6's protected!
With respect: No Such Thing as 'Cat-Proof'
Cat resistant, yes.
proof NO.

A motivated cat will get into just about anything.

I had some original MG-1s for 25yrs+ with NO cat problems. Sheer Luck.
Previous owner had sprayed them with something cats didn't like. My cats over the years never looked twice. No yelling, violence, spray bottles or other 'incentives' needed. ever.
I may have gone to the trouble for naught - These totally non-destructive cats have turned out to be neither climbers or scratchers - They're kinda like puppy dogs that follow us from one room to the next so they can sit and watch. They do seem to like music, though.


Stand by..... that will change.

I'd leave the front door open, myself.

Big cat pheramone spray. The spikey 'carpeting idea seems a good one, if enough area is dedicated to the project, and you can live with the look. 'Course, cats have small and nimble feet.... eg., feline proof, above.

... and they can jump up very very well...

Leave 'cat nip' off the shopping list!
I've come up with a new idea. I bought a large sheet of clear plastic that is sticky on one entire side. I placed the sheet under the maggies. sheet is 24x36. My cats have touched the sticky sheet once! Once is enough. They avoid it like the plague!! Stay tuned as I'm still not 100% sold on any cat proofing (as mentioned by magfan).
I heard balloons.. they'll pop one... maybe two, but that's it. Stick 'em too double sided tape in a ring around the speakers.... get the long sausage type balloons.

they should be sonically neutral enough too... the balloons, not the cats.

The pheremone spray still tops my list.. as only they can smell it... and it would apear invisible.... it'd be like Claude Ranes was standing there protecting them... well, either him or Chevy Chase. Kevin Bacon would scare me off.
See my system for photo of my MG .7 with vinyl coated hardware cloth (1/2 wire mesh) for cat scratch deterrent.  I also have them on a pair of Magnepan LRS speakers.
I wrapped the wire mesh around the shipping box, making a loosely fitting enclosure 2' high.  Fold back the ends so they don't snag the grill cloth.

No pets for me!!! I won't feed my amp and speaker and have to feed a cat that sprays all over to mark there area, NO THANKS
10 years with my cat and stereo.  She shows no interest in my stereo and has never touched it.  I guess Im lucky.  Worst she does is wants is for me to constantly let her in and out of the listening room.  She has 4 chairs in the listening room, I have 1. I guess we know who’s the boss.

French doors. Our cats were never allowed in the room with the stereo. Just so much that can go wrong. They have the run of the hall, bedrooms and bathrooms, along with the sun room when we are there. The television is in the sun room. The cats are not allowed in the kitchen or stereo room.
I never had cat trouble with Magnepans back when I owned them in the early 1980s, but our cat once gorged on dog food then reguritated into the top of a nearly new Lexicon DC-1 pre/pro.  Repairs cost $450.00.
I put high voltage mats in front of the system. When they walk on the they get an unpleasant Zap. Not dangerous at all. That trained the cat in short order. That part of the room is just not fun:-)
I was once at a party of a host who was fostering  kittens.  I vividly remember a kitten leaping from the floor, digging her claws into one of those folding room dividers about 4’ off the floor, and the divider fall over (kitten of course was fine).

I wish you luck.