P75 seems more sophisticated than Black Cube

The Black Cube SE cost about $100 more than the P75 yet the P75 seems to be talked about as if it is more sophisticated product. That just seems to be the vibe I get from posts about these two when searching the archives. The price of these two is about my $ limit and I don't see much else to choose from. I plan to try a low output MC in the future. Perhaps looking to another Dynavector, Lyra (?), or Shelter in the future.

Also, does anyone know if the Black Cube SE will be cheaper if purchased while in Germany (vs in the US)? I can find this out on my own - just asking if anyone has quick knowledge and also where did they get there BC in good 'ol Deutschland?
If you have no phono section at all and are on a budget the Dynavector is very good. Another unit, rather rare used, is the Audio Note Zero phono stage; it is quite good once you upgrade the coupling capacitors. The Audio Note is a moving magnet phono stage so you would require a transformer step up device.
I have a project phono box now but looking for improvement. I like it though. I think I'm looking for a one box solution and MC ability in the future.

Anyone try both the Black Cube SE and the Dynavector?
I have tried both and prefer the dynavector hands down, lets you hear so much more
I am running the Black Cube SE now with a Dynavector Karat cartridge. I think its a good match, but I admit I've not heard every combo in this price range. I am curious to try the P75, and I eventually will, just to see if any synergies exist and to hear what the PE enhanced mode is all about.

As to the sophistication and price levels, I think the power supply of the SE is where the money goes.
Dynavector is good, I tried it against a Cambridge audio 100.00 MM unit, and it beats it slightly overall, better bass but really KICKS the woofers out like crazy as it has no Subsonic filter... Now that being said, Dynavector is Extremly overpriced in my opinion, the build quality is very basic, now this does not necessarily equate to sound but its Cheap, actually almost cheesy for a hi-end component, just my opinion... Now for the price the best out there is the musical surroundings, but it is about 100 more than the dynavector too I believe, But it wins in sound and FAR beyond the Dyn. in build quality, it is very nice with Solid Cardas type Rca's and connections right from the factory, not some cheap gold Boom box style which is on all the other units we are talking about here, and a very good Aluminum housing just like a good krell, audio research preamp type quality, and again Killer sound, more refined sounding with the cartridges I used at least vs. the Dynavector, also its near dead silent in my system the dynavector Hummed a bit more, but this could be system dependent... I am not bashing the Dyn. at all but at the price range I would look between the Musical surroundings, and from what I hear the new TRIAD I think it is called which is even a little cheaper than both from germany and supposedly an even more Analog sounding phono amp vs. any in its cost range and all these I talk about are Adjustable with basically the same settings. But the triad is not the build of the musical surroundings either, but the surroundings is double the size as well of the others. MUSICDIRECT.com In chicago carrys all of these models and you can see them online. But in the end after trying them all myself the Surrondings wins out. and thats not even with the battery pack which is not an option on any of the others, But again my opinion
I forgot to mention in the above post, the Musical surroundings is a Stereophile class "B" component, not that I take it at face value, but I have to do personal comparison and it deserves the rating if that means anything..

But if the Dynavector was 300.00 retail as it should be, I would have bought it Day 1... but in its price range I could not justify or even find it to sound better.. But both the Surroundings and dynavector have a type of cult following, but actually I think the musical surroundings is much more reviewed and highly praised than the dyn. as well...

So the Dyn. is build quality like a 99.00 Sony DVD player and thats fine,
The Musical surroundings is like a 4000.00 Wadia transport if you want to get technical or some visualization but both in the end are a simple box...
But even then the sound matters most, so I am not trying to push anything here, but its from my experiance.
you are way to hung up on the build of the p75, matrix. don't know what cart you're using, but if it's not a low output mc, then you're missing the full power of it. cause with a low power mc, it's as good as anything under $2k. many others have said this, and i'm just agreeing with them. with a mm or a high output mc, you probably can do better, but not necessarily at the $500 price point that the p75 will run you. so don' worry about the outside build. that means nothing. it's what's in the box that counts, and dynavector has build a very high quality product.
Not hung up at all, I simply said at the same price point why would you not buy the better built box? Beyond that I said the musical surroundings inched out the P75 in sound quality as well... So my opinion is get the most for your money, thats it, and in my case the musical surroundings seems a better offering and sound, but it is slightly, but not much more money than the Dyn. thats it... I was giveing someone an insight on the units and the difference I found, sorry I offend anybody, but facts are facts and I did not sugar coat them.. The P75 is a fine box and I would guess Sight unseen someone as I was would be a bit surprised at the cheap build quality vs. the other units that was my only point, but for the money the MS' is a bit heavier competition.
Just to be clear again, If you can get the p75 at a very good price vs. the others than it is a no brainer, but I would not pay retail with the "company" it is in at that price range. Dynavector has great products no doubt.
The whole concept behind the p-75, was that all the production cost was put in the circuitry, so dyna could put out a revolutionary product at near budget price, i have tried this unit as well, and find with a low output mc, running thru the phono enhancer mode, is pretty amazing, i am fascinated with this little unit, may not be much to look at, but it performs way about its price point.
Sounds good, I was giveing comparison direct thats all.. I would not have said anything If I did not try all these units, just worked out that way, But its true if it works better with the very low output MC and the MS does not if someone compares the two then p75 wins... I was simply just bringing it in the open if you are in the market and did not hear of these other units at the price point you may look into it is all... Funny thing is Musicdirect.com which is a pretty serious Vinyl place, and literally have turntables set up at the sales peoples desks to listen all day while they work, They actually prefer the Trigon(sorry above I called it the Triad) over both but its MM only so its not gonna help the original question, so I was just throwing out options for the fact people were makeing comparisons with the black cube and all that earlier, which they carry too.

See link, I think they carry more phono stages than anyone I have seen , and have every brand in this price range which is kinda nice. 2 pages worth

Hey thanks particapants for all the help. I'm probably going to go the Dynavector route. I hadn't even considered Musical Surroundings so that is still something to think about.
the musical surroundings is a decent unit that's very flexible. having said that, with a low output mc there is simply no comparison to the p-75. i've owned them both and i can't fathom how anyone with a lo mc that has done significant listening with a p75 in pe mode would find the ms to be better.

oh, and the ms is not what i would consider to be a better built unit. bigger, sure, but lightweight and flimsy, if you ask me.
The dynavector P75 is comparable to my Pass Xono on PE mode. this was running both dynvector XV-1s and Lyra helikon.

perhaps people would be happier if it was bulit in a nice big box and cost more :)