Most sophisticated and intelligent musician

Let's stay with not classical musicians.
It's John McLaughlin for me.
Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, Mark Knophler, Chet Atkins come quickly to mind for me.
Yes, Chet Atkins ranks up there!

How could I forget The Duke?

Peter Gabriel...good pick also.

I'd toss Tony Banks in there also.

That's at least 3 former Genesis members. Not too shabby....

Add Phil Collins. That's 4 ex Genesis guys!
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But it took him decades to do it. I bet his "radial velocity" is off the scale.
"Kurt Cobain, he did redefine rock and roll."

Not Courtney Love?

She's been looking quite sophisticated of late.

Just kidding. I am a Kurt Cobain fan but am kind of mad at him for not sticking around.
Don't forget those who did something new, like Les Paul and even Chuck Berry.
Peter Gabriel
Frank Zappa
Van Morrison
Brian Wilson
Peter Asher
Booker T Jones
Jon Leventhal
Bob Dylan
Donald Fagen
Robert Fripp
Paul Simon
David Byrne
Thom Yorke
David Gilmour, Al Dimeola, Neil Pert, Tony Levin, Agree with Knopfler, Clapton,maybe you should have narrowed it by instrument. Names just keep popping in my head.
Lyrically, Beck's stuff on Odeley was sick smart. I'd also add Paul Simon and Tom Waits for lyrics. Theo, props on Gilmour for his beautiful phrasing on guitar...he hits licks and subtleties that one cannot imagine being played any other way.
I interpreted the post as asking about traits of the person, not of their music.

So I did not include intelligent musicians that do not come across as sophisticated in general as people, even if I might think their music is sophisticated as a result of their intelligence .
This is silly but ...
1. Leonard Cohen
2. Bob Dylan
3. Jon Anderson
4. Joni Mitchel
5. Laurie Anderson

My vote is a DEFINATE NO on Kurt Cobain on the intelligence
@Sit: Yes, this is a bit silly. It's difficult to have an opinion about someone's "intelligence" based on their artistic expression.

I agree that Leonard Cohen is a bright man. Very well spoken and thoughtful. I add him to my list. :)

I have issue with Curt Cobain, too. It's important to remember that he left family, fans, wife and child with his burden. A true intelligent and caring person would have been more thoughtful of himself and the people around him. Suicide is never a smart move, no matter who it is, and what they accomplish. :(
I think I'm a sophisticated and intelligent least in my my garage....
Agree with a lot of the responses here, particularly Zappa.

One to add that I didn't see on the list is John Coltrane. Maybe not in the minds of many, but even today I find him incredibly sophisticated.
Anyone recognize this multi-millionaire guitarist from the band that has more sales than the Beatles - over 300 million albums worldwide.

who is this?
Oh I should add that this pic shows him receiving a PHD - yep you read correctly - a guitar god with a doctorate in Astrophysics...
Yes, he was a simple (and a lonely) man, but all others pale in comparison to George Gobel.

George, by the way, did endorse David Byrne to be his living successor.
I have to agree with Gawdbless. It takes a genius to stay alive living the way Shane MacGowan does. Drugs and alcohol
Inna : I m sure you have heard of that guy King David. His notiarity, I am sure will outlast that of Garth Brooks as well as Pink. Integellant enough to become king. As well as good enough with a slingshot to render the NRA irrelevant. Many many copys of his lyrics exist today and he has played before Kings as a juvinile.

Do you know an intellegant musician that can top that.
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Religion, philosophy and audio may not be a bad or irrelevant subject. Why not? After all what we really hear and why is unknowable.
Tvad to answer your question, Is it necessary to bring religion into the discussion ? My answer and subsiquent question is ,...No... and Why did you?
Your first proposition was not stated by the OP unless I read it wrong.
Tvad please bring something to the table beside critique.
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I don't see why 'classical ' musician should be excluded. Seems unfair.
So from the still living, I'll nominate Pierre Boulez.