PS Audio FR-30 Speaker...

I like it, although price have crept up significantly.. when the effort first started, $10k was the target and that was with active servo control woofer.  Still a pretty unique design with passive radiators and front/back ribbon tweeter.  I wonder how this compares to Legacy Audio Aeris.. looks to me like that one is a direct competitor, price and design wise.
Interesting, but not sure how I feel about its design.  Found this, not sure of its accuracy:
The first, the FR-30, will debut in late 2020 with a retail price of $15,000 a pair. It’s the third highest-priced of a planned line of eight planned speaker models; entry level will be about $3,000 when the line is complete
Jetter... that was the old design concept number. Paul already mentioned $25,000.00 ballpark figure!
Aha aolmrd, thanks for the clarification and the links.  They do definitely look like they belong in a home with contemporary furniture, or a dedicated audio room.
I like the older model they revealed better.  The ones Paul' children didn't like.
What’s the % of it made with 🇨🇳 Chinese parts ?stick to making electronics.
What is that monsterous Ribbon? tweeter ?

I understand they make a lovely Phonostage.

Butt ugly, and priced as unobtainium.  I probably won't live long enough for the lower-tier trickle-down versions, considering how long it took PS to get this one to market.
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What gets me is Infinities as a reference. I've actually heard them. I'll take IRS Betas just for the real estate SQ, at 1/5th the cost, sorry.

Passive radiators in the newbies???? Really? I would have thought they would be all servo (ed) up..

If money makes a system, it must be a gym doozy. When money has NO meaning. LOL, LOL, LOL... I wonder how many have been ordered or sold..

Not impressed

Where is Master M with his 700.00 system.. 

VERY impressed..

I’ll be interested to hear the reviews.  Paul is quite the salesman,  but for $25k they better really sing!

I personally heard the first two iterations of these, they were not of this design at all. Forget about the first it was experimental. The second one dubbed the AN-30 for Arnie Nudell sounded very good. Got to hear them for about 30 minutes at the factory in their music room.

This was two years ago and my lasting impression was how well they imaged. That same pair went to RMAF the next day and stood up very well against some real heavy weights. The price l was told by Paul was about $17k.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I would bet that these are going to toast some well known brands in the same price range. And how many manufacturers put together an entire system with all in house designed and built components?

Having spoke with Paul quite a bit I can’t imagine that he would at this point in his life put out a product that didn’t sound as good as HE thought it should. We shall see. Although I don’t like the look. Somewhat robotic.

BTW I have no connection to PS Audio of any type and own just one of their products the "Powerplant 3" which I use for my source components only, all the rest is ARC.

@oldhvymec I own late model IRS Beta’s with ample exotic amplification, I to will be interested in what todays 
20+ will sound like comparably. 
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The PS Audio speaker was always going to be as state of the art as Paul could make it. If you know his history, and AN IRS speakers, you'll get it.
I understand from his videos that he intends to have several demos in shop that will be loaned out to potential customers in the USA only for in-home demonstrations. The devil is in the details but really Can’t beat that !

The design is also has some similarities to Sandy Gross’ Def tech towers with their passive radiators and rear firing tweeters, although different drivers of course. 
I feel positive they will sound incredibly good any which way.  But I just do NOT like how they look.  I know it is just me and maybe in person they are better (like cars) but holy moly Batman. 
I don’t like the white color either. Would be interested to see it in piano black, etc 
I am guessing they will sound great but the cabinet design to me leaves a lot to be desired but that's just my opinion.  For 15k there are a lot of speakers that sound AND look incredible.  All I can say is that I hope these punch way above their price point in sonics.
A couple of years late and at a price significantly higher than in the neighborhood of $15,000 originally suggested, but I'm glad it's finally done. It is a work of art, one that is already well camouflaged if it were sent to the moon. Unfortunately, as a PSA customer one I cannot longer afford. 

I hope that it lives up to the marketing hyperbole for the relatively few who can afford it. A breakthrough in speaker design would be nice to hear. I hope YouTube reviewers get a crack at it. I expect only glowing reviews from print reviewers, vendors and customers who've made the investment.

I'm not sure if PSA has the image of affordable high performance audio. With their recent increase in prices, partly no doubt to cover speaker cost overruns, the image for someone who has always been proud of the brand has been tarnished.

I'm sad and disappointed but hardly without options. Now more than ever we have truly affordable high performance choices everywhere we look. I still hope that when PSA's entry level version of the FR-30 eventually comes out it becomes an option to consider.

Meantime, I will enjoy looking at the FR-30's picture with longing and lust. 
Must have been part of a government program. Past due, over budget and not accessible to the masses.
Interesting viewpoint. It never occurred to me. The one difference between government and private industry is that the financial burden in government goes to all taxpayers, while in private industry it goes to the buyers of that company’s products. Our recourse with government is the ballot box. Our influence is more direct with the latter simply by making different buying choices. The marketplace ultimately determines if what a company does is right or wrong.

Bets are now being accepted for how long it takes for the first case of that plinth breaking.

30 day home trial and free shipping back if you don’t keep them. Can’t go wrong with that. What speaker companies do that anymore?  

May have to try a returned pair at 50% off. I can see many wanting to try and finding out that they are not tangibly better or more musical than many well reviewed brands in the $10-15k range that have a wide following. After all, they are not known to be a speaker company and I fear resale will be abysmal. Seen it happen many times, always with the same results. Could this time be different, of course. Curious to see how they fair moving forward after a few of the "Golden Ears" get their hands on them in their systems.

It doesn’t look like free shipping back to PS audio is included. Not unless I missed something. It reads to me that shipping on the purchase is free. The return shipping is at your expense and you have to get a return authorization number, which means you have to call PS audio and get a sales pitch for why you aren’t keeping the product from them before you get to return them. It’s less than as easy as it sounds. Although fair. It’s not easy to send something back. Also, you better make sure that you don’t put one scratch on them when you send them back. The condition that they are returning is based solely on white PS audio decides they are when they unpack them. I guess you better photograph the speakers and clean them exceptionally well before you send them back or else you might get a surprise  that they have seen some thing that you missed. Although like I said the manufacturer Hass to have all of these rules or else they would get all kinds of beat up stuff back and would never be able to resell them to recoup some of their money. I think it’s fair, that’s the only way you’re going to be able to offer a 30 day in-home listening experience is with strict rules. People generally think free is free and that the big bad manufacture that made some thing should eat whatever damage that they do to the manufactures product. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes. I wonder what’s going to happen to the return speakers? How long they’ll be resting at PS audio until they get sold off as “b stock”.


it also looks like the way that they’re selling the speakers is in production runs. I wonder if that means container loads? I wonder if they can’t fill the container if they’ll still go through with the orders or if they’ll return the money? I guess that depends on if it won’t cost them money to do the order or not. I haven’t seen any photos or news on their YouTube channel about them setting up manufacturing add there Colorado factory. I would think if they were setting that up it would be something to boast about. They would be hiring lots of cabinet makers and finishing people if that was the case . if I had to guess and I might be wrong it’s probably container loads.

they also have maxed out trade-in at approximately $8500. It is awful nice of them to even consider doing this. I guess what will happen is that they will get shipped to their neighbor “the music room “ and get sold out from there….mixed in with some creative accounting the idea probably works pretty well and you might see other manufacturers considering this way of selling speakers.

i’m looking forward to seeing how they do through this whole adventure. They’re breaking more new ground than just selling speakers. They’re really giving the in-home trial A go… along with creative financing and selling a very unique looking speaker it’s going to be really interesting to see how they do it could change things in the speaker world forever


Re-read their website…:slowly.

Returns are at their expense not the customer.  


Aj523 oh sorry but I still cannot see where it says that return shipping is free if you don’t like the speaker. I found the section about the warranty. Can you please pointed out to me better. Not trying to be a jerk just can’t find it. Thank you in advance

I just found it it’s on the front page of the website. I was reading the page they sent me in the email. When you go to the return instructions it doesn’t say anything about it being at their expense it says everything about it being at your expense. If it’s in writing I didn’t see it. I wonder if they override what’s in writing after you call them up and tell them that you want to return them.

Does the consumer have to assemble the two sections together or do they come ship that way? I tried to look up the owners manual but it’s not online yet

I just watch the video it looks like the top section slides into the bottom section and then locks like a snap lock type apparatus. Pretty cool, I wonder if they split it into sections because it Arcángel was a design need for if it was because to ship it it’s larger than UPS will let you take without it being crazy expensive to ship it?