Quick Question About Power Cables

Hi All,

I recently bought a Bryston BDP 3 streamer/renderer and love how refined and relaxed it sounds. I would like it more if the bass was a bit more controlled and had a little more impact. A friend and Audiogon member suggested I try an Audio Sensability Statement Power Cable. He bought one for his tube DAC and said the bass got tighter an offered better slam. Anyway, for those who are PC savy, what are your thoughts on the matter? Thanks!

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Op, Audio Sensibility has a 30 day  money back guarantee why not just try it or another brand that does likewise for yourself . Firsthand experience in your system and with your ears will give you the only answer that you need.



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Give it a shot. Your system is different than your friend’s, so you’ll probably need to experiment a bit. Personally, I’d swap the fuse out before the cord.


@goofyfoot without waiting for your answer, changing the power cord on the streamer is unlikely to give you the results you’re looking for. If you list the rest of your components and cables, you will probably get a better advice. 


The advice above makes sense.  If you desire improvement, then knowing your system is a must.  No need to put a lot of effort in, but you can list component, including cables in your profile as a virtual system. 

Sorry, here are my components; Ayre QB9 Twenty DAC, ASR Magic Cord, Wireworld Starlight Platinum USB cable, Hi Diamond interconnects, Bryston BDP 3, ASR Emitter II Exclusive amp, Hi Diamond Speaker Cables, Quad 2905 Speakers, PS Audio passive line conditioner. Yes I know there's a 30 day return period on the cable but I was just hoping that someone might be able to give me a clue as to whether it'll be worth the time and money to order the AS Statement.

@gkelly When I bought the Bryston, it came with a $3.00 power cord. I assume the $500.00 Statement cable should result in a difference of some sort.

@coralkong Thanks for bringing up the fuse option, I didn't think of that. I installed a Synergistic Blue fuse on my DAC and it did make a noticeable improvement in clarity.

Biggest difference power cables make is on the amplifier. Go up the component chain from there. 
If you’re running your amp into the power conditioner, try running it directly from the wall outlet. Keep the source components in the power conditioner. In my experience, power conditioner will reduce dynamics when you have the amp plugged into it. 

Secondly, Wireworld USB cables, at least in my system, thinned the sound a bit. That includes bass. Replacing the WW USB with Audience USB cable improved everything and the bass became full and textured once again. 
I’m not familiar with your interconnects and speaker cables, but that’s what I’d be looking into if you ruled components out.


@audphile1 My amp runs off of a battery with two power supplies. Only smaller components are plugged into the line conditioner. Prior to this Bryston piece, my bass sounded a little tighter. And, I haven’t had any issue with the Wireworld cable however that could be due to the fact that it’s connected to an Uptone Audio ISO Regen re-clocker with liner power supply. I’m confident that the component I need to address is the Bryston and I’m only trying to control the lower frequencies, adding a little more definition and punch. The idea of replacing the fuse, is to me a really good one but I don’t know how to access the fuse to swap it out with a Synergistic Research Purple.

I see. Is the Bryston streamer fully broken in? I would wait for it to hit 200hrs mark unless it’s used.

As to the power cords, try Audience AU24se medium power, Audioquest Tornado Source, Shunyata Delta or Alpha - go used. Do your research on prices and try. Easy to sell if you don’t like it  


I think your best bet would be Cardas… maybe interconnects and power cord. Cardas tend to emphasize bass. The lower level are softer on the treble as well… so it will be a mater of which level.

Buying $5,000 pieces of equipment, and asking if a $200 cable will help.

$700 cable. OCC copper with gold Furutech connectors. Just setting the record straight.

@audphile1 We have an Audioquet dealer here in town and they were recommending the Monsoon, giving it's modest price point. They did say however that the Audioquest cables are slightly forward but the Bryston is so relaxed, that a little forward might be perfect. I am a little hesitant however to pay for the Audioquest name, thinking that a lesser known name brand could offer a better value.

I was just listening to Beethoven Cello Sonatas with Andre Schiff and Miklos Perenyi on ECM and it sounded very good. There was a section where both piano and cello crescendo to triple forte and it seemed to inundate the microphones, making separation difficult to capture but the recording is the recording.

Anyway, a better fuse and a better cable are on my radar.

@lowrider57 yeah, just so many options. The fuse swap I've tried before on my DAC, so I know what to expect there.

@ghdprentice not totally confident about Cardas cables though I often see the Clear Beyond PC's on the used market.

Why would a high-end company sell you a product with a cord that compromises the product's capabilities?  "To save money"...?  No, if the company thought that putting a $200 power cable on would "increase the bass slam" or any such thing, they'd do it, and market it to make that proclamation.  

@curtdr what audio companies ad boutique after market power cables with there products? I'm not being snarky, I just don't know of any. Aside from that, the chance that a manufacturer would have the same DAC, amp, streamer, speakers, etc... as the consumer is extremely unlikely. The same applies to isolation platforms, feet/cones.

Why don't you ask your friend if you might borrow his ASS power cable for an evening of listening?

I don't now what JB71 is.  

The companies don't add "boutique" cables because the engineers know that they will not improve the stated capabilities of the products as designed.  

Power cables do not change the sound of a system except in one's suggestible mind.

I replaced the stock fuse in my Lumen T2 with a Synergistic Master fuse and the result was impressive and unmistakable. Much better soundstage and dynamics. Better bass too!

Anyone who denies that tweaks work, hasn't tried them. All they do is spout opinions. And That is My opinion! 

@captaindidactic yes, I installed a Synergistic Blue fuse in my DAC and the sound really opened up. It became much clearer. I’d like to do the same with my Bryston however, I need to get inside the chassis to do so and I don’t posses that type of confidence. I should probably contact Bryston.

Apparently your Quads are highly sensitive to toe-in so maybe play with placement first, because it’s free. Next, your speaks only go down to 32Hz (-3dB), so the obvious answer is to add a couple good subs. If I was you I’d add 2 Rhythmic F12 subs along with a good bass management component like the DSPeaker anti-mode 2.0. I could be wrong — frequently am unfortunately— but adding a couple good subs will likely change your life forever. Not only will you get the added slam but your whole soundstage and imaging will improve in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Just from my experience.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in your quest.

@soix I believe your looking at the 2805's, a different model. The 2905 specs are; 32Hz - 21KHz (-6dB)  28Hz - 21KHz (useable)

@soix @riie Anyway, the lower frequencies are there. I'm wanting to bring more clarity and control to the lower frequencies.

They are towed in perfectly for now but I'll be moving soon, so the room dimensions will change and I'll address that when it comes.

Audiophile 101:


Try several possibilities in your system.

 Keep what you like.  Return what you didn’t..

+1 Waytoomuch.

I auditioned cables from 3 dealers who offered a return policy.

@jeffreyw I see preowned Hurricane PC's in abundance so maybe. It does mean that I'm going to have to put in extra work days, which at my age, is somewhat strenuous but  not out of the question. Thanks for the input.

"Definitely." Right. Ever tried a nice power cable on a nice amplifier? The difference can be startling.

If you can't hear a difference,  something's wrong somewhere.

Here we go again.

For what it is worth, imo power chords don't do much, if anything.



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Here we go again.

For what it is worth, imo power chords don't do much, if anything.

I disagree. Have you tried playing your stereo after pulling every single power cord out?





While it depends on the quality of your components, for highly resolving / high end audio components / systems power cords make a marked difference in system performace. As in you can hear a very important improvement with the right cords. An appropriate amp power cord will generally make the biggest difference, but they also make an important contribution to other components.



I have tried them. I trust my ears, which hear negligible improvement, if any, it might just be the placebo effect of justifying spending so much money and the cost/benefit ratio just does not justify it: I’ll sooner donate the $s to climate refugees.

I will also never be inclined to waste my money on overpriced cables when I have a home audio engineer telling me that my system already sounds better than any he has heard save one, and that system cost $160,000. I spent $30,000.


Maybe you can try 2 returnable PCs to try on each of your electronically components to hear/understand the impact in “your” audio chain.

OP, I wouldn't go with Hurricane (too steep a loss in treble but I assume you know that) or Cardas Clear (too fuzzy, from choke I presume). I've heard Clear Beyond XL is better and it shoudl be. I agree amp has most effect, but my Aries is affected by PCs about as much as my DDC which is < DAC < amp. Since you say it was the Bryston that caused this change in sound, then I think fuse and PC are good to try. You can swap out one of your better cords elsewhere and then swap that onto the Bryston just to see for yourself what changes they would make with the streamer. Any decent repair place could replace the fuse for you, but would void any warranty. The newer v2 Shunyayta's might be good, and I was looking at Kubala, Audience, RSX and GR Research's 2 PC options which are also money back. I have an older The Statement PC too, and use it on my sub. It's better than stock or cheap PCs and has a nice tonal balance but it's downside is resolution. A little fuzzy but not as fuzzy as Cardas Clear. Hope this helps. Ignore the the Objectivists unless you want to encourage another debate on cables here. :)

@nagel Glad you’ve used the Statement. I was hoping that it would be a better value given Audio Sensability isn’t exactly a household name. Also, my understanding is that front end components are less dependent on a good power cable than an amp and that I could keep the price point around or under $500.00.

I’ll take a look at the Cardas Clear Beyond XL. Finding something used is a great incentive to make a purchase. 


There are some folks that cannot hear audio improvements that are very apparent to many of us. I don’t have an explanation for this. I guess, consider yourself lucky. You can enjoy music to a greater extent with a lessor investment. 

A lot has to do with the enjoyment one gets from greater fidelity. I for one gain great enjoyment from small improvements in fidelity. I would much rather drive an older car and use lower quality TP in order to enjoy the lower noise floor and neutral balance of my AQ Hurricane than that of the very heavy copper power cord provided by the manufacturer. To me, the $2K is soooo obvious and worth the cost it is a no brainer.


This is why everyone should audition high end audio components in their system. Only invest in the ones that are worth it to you.

For a streamer, a preamp isn't worth spending a lot of money to boost the bass.  Buy, better assemble yourself, Saec 7000 cable.  Valikolepny control and supply of low frequencies.


”There are some folks that cannot hear audio improvements that are very apparent to many of us.”

I was reluctant to enter this conversation at all because of obnoxious attitudes such as yours. You suggest that I am hearing deficient because I don’t agree with you.

I was very clear:

A - I’ve tried 4 or 5 expensive to very expensive cables. Ages ago so I cannot remember the brands. I decided that to the extent that I heard anything, it was minimal, nowhere near worth the cost, or it was a placebo effect.

B - An audio engineer with decades worth of experience building amplifiers for home audio use, as well as building guitar amps (he is also an accomplished musician and member of the blues hall of fame), has listened to dozens of home audio systems, most costing well into six figures, said he had heard only one system that he felt sounds as good as mine, and that one cost $160,000. In some ways he preferred that one, in most ways he preferred mine. Mine cost me $30,000, spent over 40 years. The upshot of this observation? In other words, no - NO - amount of spending is likely to significantly improve my system, it will just make it sound different, and this engineer said so, and advised me not to spend any more money beyond maintenance and upkeep of what I have.


Add to this that my conscience opposes indulging in conspicuous consumption. $30K is already more than enough for this obsessive hobby. 

Jesus Mary and Joseph.

Moses Abraham and David.
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Mills, Hayek and Friedman.



There are some folks that cannot hear audio improvements that are very apparent to many of us.

I agree, but the last part seems a bit like finger pointing.

While we all a share the passion for music, we also have unique:

  • hearing ability
  • Audio chains
  • AC electrical noise
  • AC filtration
  • room conditions especially ambient noise floor

Thinking that one’s perception is truth for all is not logical under uncertain circumstances. Telling another that their perception is invalid based on one’s own perception seems wrongly arrogant.


I suggest you try different returnable PCs, and/or buy used then resell if not satisfied.  Maybe not an issue for you, but if you buy new, the resale value will be much lower.  


I definitely did not say your hearing was defective, nor in any way have an obnoxious attitude. Hearing is only one aspect. What we turn our attention to and focus on also plays an important role… what we value as well. For decades I have met with audiophiles and traded commenting on very subtle nuances in audio systems and used nearly the exact same words and were clearly were talking about exactly the same thing. Then, occasionally there is someone that just can’t hear it.


My best friend is one of them. We have been friends for 55 years. He is an amateur guitarist and has a bunch of guitars, which he can tune… I absolutely cannot. He has struggled with his system… he has $10K components and it sounds simply terrible… well, we agree on that. But I can swap a cable and he can’t hear it… a friend of mine who knows nothing about audio has his jaw dropped the difference is so big… my novice friend tries to describe the difference… stumbling… not having the words… but it is clear he completely got it.


So, why can’t my best friend hear it? For most of our lives his hearing was fine. I don’t know. I honestly do not.

When my partner and I watch our home theater we will notice completely different things. Sure both of us notice the big explosion…but I will notice the brand of fountain pen, while she didn’t even notice there was a pen involved. She will notice something completely different. Maybe there is some emphasis that is different for us audiophiles… beats me.