Quicksilver (Non-Remote) Linestage & Croft Micro 25 Basic Preamps

Can anyone comment on the sound quality and any issues (excessive gain, noise, etc.) with either of these preamps? I'd be using it line level only of course (2V output DAC source) and SS amps


QS owner. It is very quiet and I just had the pot changed from Alps to TDK. It’s even quieter, now -- confirmed by listening and by the tech with his gear.

@gochurchgo  It does. When I remove the Line Stage and put in solid state stuff, the imaging goes flat. That said, another tube preamp might pull the same thing off. But the Line Stage does it. Honestly, I've seen that thing used for $800 sometimes and that is about the biggest steal of the decade I can imagine.

(non-remtote) Quicksilver linestage owner here. I think the quality is very good. I noticed that there is a bit of crosstalk between channels. For instance, I can faintly hear my streamer and turntable playing on other inputs when I switch the selector dial. But since you only ever listen to one source at a time, it has not presented an issue for me.

As for the sound, it adds a bit of tube warmth and richness without ever sounding syrupy.

@hilde45  OK thanks. I went from a Schiit SYS (as a temp) to the QS and it wasn't the insane jump I thought it would be. Ironically, I just upgraded my phono preamp (solid state) and my vinyl is more 3d than it ever was before. Which is a head scratcher. Overall I like it but its the one piece I am somewhat ambivalent about.


Anyway, thanks

Good tubes made a difference for me, too. I like the Psvane art series and some others I got from Brent Jessee

@hilde45  Thanks, I have been using NOS Mullard 4024 & 6021(?) from Upscale. I will look into the PSVANE.


Sorry to the OP for mashing the thread

I've been using Croft preamps (with built-in phono stage) since the 80s. Very quiet but like any amp, depends on the tubes being low noise. As far as I know, the line  stage has unity gain.

That input source  "crosstalk " happens on a lot of equipment.    Best bet is to mute or turn off other sources.