"NEWEST'" Favorite album

Stop the press!!! Tom Petty's new album "MOJO" is a MARVEL!! Congrats to him & the hearbreakers!
Peter Gabirel's Scratch My Back.

BTW Album titles are not written in quotes...
Difficult to pick just one.

"Scratch My Back" by Peter Gabriel
"Plastic Beach" by Gorillaz
"Heligoland" by Massive Attack
"Brothers" by The Black Keys
"Go" by Jonsi
"This Is Happening" by LCD Soundsystem
"Broken Bells" by Broken Bells

I always put titles in quotes. I get confused if I do it without quotes.
Definitely, Alejandro Escovedo's, Street Songs of Love.
If you haven't heard it, run, don't walk, to your favorite music emporium. You won't be disappointed.
Yep Mojo is awesome.

If you don't have Tom Petty & the HB's Live Anthology then you know what to buy next
I and Love and You: The Avett Brothers (get it in vinyl if you can). Also I agree that the new Peter Gabriel and Arcade Fire albums are really fine.
Thanks for that bit of information Kennyt....I put it there for "emphasis". Is that ok??

You are free to do as you wish!

It's grammatically incorrect, but you CAN do it.
"Midnight Souveniers" by Peter Wolf. His duet on 'Tragedy' with Shelby Lynne is mesmerizing.
OK Miner you've taken it to a whole new level of error! When citing albums, the title of the album isn't quoted, the song is!
Brian Wilson's Gershwin album. Gershwin never sounded so fresh and contemporary.

Ray LaMontagne - "" God Willin and the Creek Don't Rise "
Widesprad Panic - " Dirty Side Down "
Joe Whiting - " This Life "
"Tin Can Trust", from Los Lobos - IMHO, their best in many years.

Gasm, thanks for the heads up on Mitch Easter. I had no idea he was still at it. It's also good to see enthusiasm for Gabriel's latest. I'll have to check that one out, too.

I thought album titles go in single quotes, while song titles go in doubles, as so:

"Money" from 'Dark Side of the Moon'

BTW, I'm digging last year's 'The Whirlwind' by Transatlantic.
If "Love It To Death" is your fave "new" album, might I recommend Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World"!
Love the recommendations, not so crazy about the punctuation police. And it's a good thing I have spell check!

I will be checking out lots of these. I love Los Lobos, my favorite to date is "Kiko". They put out a dvd, "Live at the Filmore" that really cooks. Anything with a Shelby duet is on my list. Peter Gabriel is a perennial also.

I finally picked up a copy of "Soldier of Love" by Sade. More relaxed, less "club/sophisticate" arrangements. Beautiful songs. And typically, from her first album to this latest, high-end production.
OK, correct I made a typo, but grammatically my references are correct!

Davetherave, Songs "double" quoted, album titles not framed in any way. Check any audio magazine and you'll see I am write..... (that one was intentional!)

OK class, back to work........
Blkadr, "Kiko"

That is one of my all time Fav's. It is in my Top 10 list of "Best Albums".
kenny don't you get it...we are messin w/ you!! Easy does it, this is not a English/ grammar correctness forum! Sheeesh!!
Quick heads up to "Kiko" fans: Tin Can Trust is a much more traditional Lobos record than Kiko. "Trust" mixes 1 part electric blues + 1 part Mexican folk + a heavy dash of David Hidalgo's guitar. I love "Kiko", but it's kind of a Lobos outlier. In a way, "Tin Can Trust" feels more like a companion piece to Petty's "Mojo". Both are steeped in the sounds and of the late '60's and both seem (IMHO) to capture the "mojo" of that time.

Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Road released yesterday. Outstanding documentation of most recent tour. Great sonics.

Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett

Peter Wolf - Midnight Souvenirs. Great tunes and outstanding sonics

Budos Band - Budos Band III

The National - High Violet

The Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - I Learned The Hard Way
Consider this: JJ Grey & Mofro´s Georgia Warhorse.

And yes, you all are definetly right: Kiko is a "pedazo de disco".
I like everything I have ever heard from Los Lobos, so it dosnt have to sound like "Kiko" to interest me. Again, I recommend the "Live at the Filmore" dvd, really captures them live.
Another cd I have been spinning a lot lately is "Zombie Pimp Cowboy" by The Man From Ravcon. Music inspired by Blacksploitation, B horror movies and Spaghetti Westerns. Not demanding music to listen to, but great variety and imagination. One guy plays everything, it's a fun listen!
"Woven Hand - The Threshingfloor

All I can say is this is intense."

Intense in what way - sprititualism??? It sounds pretty laid back to me (I'll keep my other opinions to myself).
I recently purchased Cyndi Lauper's new Blues CD based on Audiogon members recommendations. My first Lauper(sp?) CD and I've been enjoying it very much.
On a totally different note I just got Jane's Addiction Live Voodoo Blu-ray and from "Been Caught Stealing" on the disc rocks!
Madfloyd...Intense in many ways. There is some spiritual influence in his writing for sure and there are some laid back pieces but to my ears, this is some of the most intense music being recorded. Many of the tracks are far from laid back. It has it all and is layered with nuances that I am still uncovering. I am totally bored with plain old guitar rock. Most of the stuff out there is empty, soulless blah but his music is full of passion and sounds like nothing else. I'm cool with you writing your opinion so no need to censor! It's a damn internet forum! Ninety percent of the records on this list do nothing for me. Just figured I'd throw that one out there for someone to discover. Apparently not you, which is fine dude!
Appreciate the response, Richard. It's good to know you truly do like the music and weren't, um, you know, preaching.

I've listened to it all the way through once (and just in my car) and will give it a couple more go-rounds before I truly judge. Lol, I didn't know what to expect - metal, fusion, trippy acid jazz...

I like taking chances. :-)
Madfloyd...The ironic thing is that I am Jewish and DEE is hardcore Christian. I hear much more in his works than preaching religion per say, more the pretty deep conflicts of the soul man struggles with every day. I could go on and on about that but won't bore you with my interpretations. Just wanted to clarify that preaching is the last thing I hear or do! Beyond the lyrical content is the musicianship which is as provocative and intense as the lyrically part of Woven Hand (or 16 Horsepower for that matter). Native American, Middle Eastern, Folk, Country, Goth, Traditional American, Blues, Punk...I hear it all in his stuff. Unique and truly art to me. Glad to know you are giving it a go. I love trying stuff that I do not know what to expect. Sometimes it takes a few listens to get it and sometimes I never do but it's enlightening to hear whats out there.
Eileen Ivers "Crossing the Bridge" is another cd that I keep finding myself loading into my player. Sweet acoustic to hot electric fusion. Very cool mix of Celtic fiddle and all sorts of styles and influences, some interesting guest players.
Yes. Tp, "favorite" threads do not take much thought so i can
crank those suckas out!! Plus i can change my answers as i please on a
whim, an extra special bonus!
Awww, shucks. Thanks for reviving this thread. Madfloyd and I have since become friends and this was our first little chat...the above posts where he basically tells me my musical interest sucks. Now we've moved on to the point where he tells me my musical interest's still suck, I tell him what gear he SHOULD buy and then he tells me that sucks too. Seriously though, he's a good dude and his life would be complete if he bought Spectral amps. Hehe:)

As for new music, very much enjoying AND IV(inertia)from Grischa Lichenberger on raster-noton. His other 2 releases, an earlier EP on raster-noton and another on Semantica, are also equally as amazing.
I love threads like this.

Oh wait, I'm repeating myself. :-)

Then again, I get several recommendations a week from Richard (which are all very appreciated).

Genesis Revisited II - some GREAT cuts on here.
Genesis Revisited II is the current art rock equivalent of say the modern post WWII revival of Mahler spearheaded by Leonard Bernstein and others, except Steve Hackett is better qualified for the task than any of those guys were for Mahler in that Hackett is probably equally as artistically gifted (and daring) and actually helped compose and perform these classics originally!

I would normally hesitate to draw analogies between rock/pop and classical music historical scenarios like this, but believe Genesis Revisited II warrants such comparisons and that this music, like that of the Beatles, will live on for a long time to come.

The cover art (A Tower Struck Down?) is perfect and the packaging as a whole is top notch as well.