"simian" rock/pop songs?-a survey

ok, and now for something completely different. i'm interested in any/all rock/pop songs about our simian friends. i can think of three at the moment: "monkey man" by the stones, "everybody has something to hide except me and my monkey" by the beatles, and "monkey in your soul" by steely dan. are there more? how bored am i to think this up?
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"Monkey and the Engineer," by Jesse Fuller on the album "The Lone Cat," covered by The Grateful Dead on the album, "Reckoning."
I'll spoil this by saying go to ALLMUSIC.COM and type in monkey in songs search......
the album "unfinished monkey business" by ian brown of the stone roses. (lousy album for the most part, with a few really good songs)

then, on his next and far superior album, "golden greats," there is "dolphins were monkeys."

great, strange song.
"Gorila, You're a desperado"? by Warren Zevon
I think that's the title, but I'm not sure.
"Funky Gibbon", by the Goodies (UK novelty hit by 70's British tv comedians)

"Monkey Time" by the Tubes/Martha Davis (same as the Major Lance song?)

"Me and My Monkey" by Robbie Williams (off latest, Escapology)

"Leave My Monkey Alone" - Warren Zevon

Best lyrical use of great apes "Pretty woman out walking with gorillas down my street" - Joe Jackson, "Is She Really Going Out With Him"
"Run Red Run" by the Coasters. Unbelievable song! "Well, Red went and bought himself a monkey... bought it from a pawn shop broker. Taught that monkey how to guzzle beer, and he taught him how to play stud poker. Well last night they was gamblin in the kitchen, and the monkey he was taking a beatin'; the monkey said "Red, I'm gonna shoot you dead, cause I know dang well you been a cheatin'!""

Or "Harry the Hairy Ape" by Ray Stevens. Another golden oldie.

"Super Ape" by the Upsetters (Lee Perry). Legendary song/LP - probably the best Dub Reggae LP of all time.

"Gorilla Girl" by the Dead Milkmen... lame goofy punk/indy rock, but you did say any/all.

"Planet of the Apes" by the Dehumanizers. Punk/metal.

And can't forget "Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution", a bubble-gum pop LP that went along with the famous live-acting chimp spy comic from the 60s.

ok, I'll stop. "Run Red Run" is worth looking into, it's a hoot, and great classic soul/r&b by a real feel-good band.
"Tweeter and the Monkey Man," Traveling Wilburys

And a bunch of Dylan songs:

I ain't no monkey but I know what I like.

Well, I set my monkey on the log
He's a weird monkey, very funky.

Well, I go to pet your monkey

Where the current is strong and the monkey dances
Coincidentally - just playing on BBC6 Radio -

Billie Jones & The All Stars - Funky Monkey (never heard of him)

The Smartest Monkeys - XTC (from Nonsuch)
suzanne vega's 'fat man and dancing girl' on the album 99.9 talks about "monkey in the middle..."
Lloyd Jones' song "Trouble Monkey" off the album with the same name. BTW, this is a pretty good recording of some great blues /funk from Audioquest Music label. Not to be confused with the trunk monkey (Portland residents will get that, not sure about the rest of you).

how about Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey"...
dooes this include darwin's theory? if so 'troglydite' by the jimmy castor bunch
"Too Much Monkey Business"

Versions by The Yardbirds and The Beatles (Live at the BBC).

Original by Chuck Berry.
I have an obscure 60's frat-rock 45 entitled "The Orangutan Roll" by the very optimistically named Danny & The Hitmakers that I'm sure wouldn't appear in Ben's search... :-)

Twl, don't forget that Kinks song's primate bookend "King Kong"... :-)
This is a stretch, but in Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" there's a line "bangin' on the bongos like a chim-pan-zee", that ought to fit in your definition.
Can't forget the immortal - the man and the song - Dave Bartholomew's "The Monkey" ("...the monkey speaks his mind..."). New Orleans rhythm & blues legend and Fats Domino's bandleader and co-songwriter, some of you may remember this song from The Fabulous Thunderbirds' 80's cover version.
High As Monkeys by Boo Radleys!

I was listening to Kingsize by them just now, heard monkeys and headed straight over here.
OK, not a title or lyric, just a great quote from the inimitable Tom Waits:

"Here's something i stumbled upon at my daughter's birthday party: I rubbed the outside of a large tight balloon and obtained the familiar screaming warble you hear when clowns are making balloon animals. I found that if you put cornstarch on your hands and "play" it, it sounds very much like an Eric Dolphy solo, or a monkey with its hair on fire."