RIP Tom Jones

Looks like a long successful run has come to an end for Tom.

Tom Jones Dies: Wrote Book And Lyrics For Long-Running ‘The Fantasticks’, Was 95 (

My mother loved Tom in the early 70's and had  many of his LP's playing in the house. 

He sure had all the soul/presence of any of the big names that were around during the hey day.

What a voice!

(498) Tom Jones and Little Richard - Rock 'n' Roll Medley - (1969) (Live) - YouTube

Tom Jones & Janis Joplin - Raise Your Hand - This is Tom Jones TV Show - Bing video

Tom Jones & Tina Turner-Medley-Warner Theatre 1978 - YouTube


Believe it or don't, but Tom and John Lennon were pals. He had a hell of a voice, but my mom considered his tight pants vulgar.😊

Tom Jones the singer and Tom Jones the lyricist are two different people. Tom Jones the singer is still alive.


I thought it was the other Tom Jones at first too. Glad that it wasn't. My mom liked the tight pants.

Oops, I wasn’t paying close enough attention!

@roxy54: My mom liked Johnny Cash and Elvis. Guess my taste in music started forming at an early age! I heard that Ring Of Fire album hundreds of times before I entered High School.

Wish I would have read Cleeds post before I permed my hair (as a tribute).




My upbringing was very different. My parents listened to all of the usual (but good) of that time; Andy Williams, Tont Bennett and Sinatra etc. When I started high school, my first influences were more Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix and Cream as well as Joni Mitchell CSNY etc. I never had that country/Americana early influence. 

As a sidebar though, my dentist while I was growing up was Dr Berger, and he and his wife and family (called The Bergerfolk) used to perform regularly with Pete Seeger.

That video w/ Janis Joplin was pretty amazing.

There was something more recent with TJ, Van Morrison and Jeff Beck--

Guy had enduring talent.  RIP

Good grief!

I clearly mixed up reading/comprehending what I read!


I'll crawl back into my hole now

"Wish I would have read Cleeds post before I permed my hair (as a tribute)."

I went out and bought extra tight pants then spent last night throwing panties at my mirror reflection.

Wait, Tom Jones died??

RIP Tom , I met him several times when I had my Audio store in the U.K

i would see him at the Heathrow show back in the 200s He owned some Manley gear and he and Eva were friends ,he was friends with Elvis ,Frank Sinatra, and many others a great talent , at his shows it was tradition women through panties on the stage starting to one time his was sweating , the rest is history .

It appears many others are as mistaken as I was 😊.

@roxy54. My dad's taste was more like your parents. Smooth vocals, especially Andy Williams. The great thing about Andy Williams is that he had Henry Mancini songs offered to him first. I adore "Moon River", "Days Of Wine And Roses", and "Can't Get Used To Losing You".

The irony is that my mom was born and grew up in the city (Sacramento), my dad on a farm in South Dakota (his father was a sharecrop farmer). Go figure!

Yet again, wrong Tom Jones.

Unsolicited advice; it helps to actually read some of the responses before you post.

Its not unusual to get Tom Joneses mixed up , it happens every day, no matter what you say.

Tom Jones was also a great movie from 1963 starring Albert Finney...sort of blew my young mind...famous eating scene. 

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It’s not unusual, Delilah, What’s new pussycat?

What a strong unique voice.  He will (someday) be missed :)

@kennyc - if you look farther up the thread, you'll see that this is a different Tom Jones.