Should Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved

Unable to respond to, "Mach2Music and Amarra: Huge Disappointment"- Thread. Other Members take free pop-shots!
Apparently some have more Freedom Of Speech than others! I
don't know how many times I have said it, I want Computer
Audio to succeed! It will only succeed if Computers are designed from the ground up to reproduce Music (Same minimum standard applied for Equipment of ALL Audio Formats)! This is common sense Audio Engineering Design. Bandaid Modifications cannot be substituted for absence in design to produce Music! Design it right to EARN the right to become a New Audio Format- same as all other Audio Formats! No Freebee's, No Cutting Corners! Lack of design is what's causing such varied results in S.Q. between
listeners of Computer Audio. I see about 50% negative
responses here on these Threads. It will continue to happen unless you fix it! Blaming me won't help! I am an
Engineer, and I can read results! 50/50 success/ failure
rate- you have an inherit Engineering Design Flaw for the
reproduction of Music via Computers! Shock! Suprise- since
they were never designed for Music! So when is someone finally going to properly design the Equipment/Computer
(From the ground up) for Computer Audio? Do we continue
to treat any real criticism as "HERESY" in the lack of
design in Computer Audio for Music? You tell me what I am
allowed to talk about, and we will both know!
PettyOfficer, it was your well being I was concerned about. You're much too worked up over this. The map in your head isn't corresponding to the actual territory you live in, hence, this thread.

All the best,
Nonoise- Yet I can count, and CD Manufacturers can confirm-
and verify the same numbers. It is not about mapping, but simple addition- and subtraction. Math remains the same in any territory. It is that simple. Why do you try to make it so difficult??? "soon All New Music will only be available as Music Downloads" means subtracting Audio Formats. It means subtracting Music Selection, and subtracting Music Archive. Downloading Format is adding way less than what is being subtracted, which leaves a negative left over. Historically other Format switchovers have left an overlap
during switchover, which leaves a positive left over. This
positive leftover comes at a cost to the Manufacturer. A negative left over is only there to boost the profits of
Manufacturers at your expense ( Music Selection ). Nonoise-
I know that you are smarter than this. Do you really need someone to draw you a Map to understand the simple mathematical concept of addition, and subtraction? I began this Thread, stopped using it many times, and got dragged back in again. "Should the Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved" is my premise. It is also my premise that the increase in Music Selection in any Audio Format CAN ( Not Always ) improve the Selection in High Fidelity Audio Releases. First would be to improve the Selection available, then improve the Sound Quality. This was done with LP, and CD only after a large selection of either was available. Now you want to change all of the Audio Market rules for convenience, and up Manufacturer Profit at everyone's expense. It is not unreasonable for me to access what that expense might be in having limited availability to my Music. I am not worked up about it, I am very concerned about it. I become extremely concerned due to the complete lack of concern about this problem. Due to this, it can only become a self-defeating Prophecy based on attitude ( YES- attitude DOES count! ). I care when someone has to go without their Music. I care when someone is being forced to jump through hoops to gain access to their Music. I care especially when, and because, no one else will! I don't care about the 5 year old that can Download blindfolded, I care about the 50 year old that doesn't have the time to learn a new complicated multi-tasking Audio Format. He only has so much longer to live- cut him some slack before you cut his old Format, and maybe his only access to Music. Of course go ahead and throw Grandpa off of the bridge if you want, just don't make excuses for it-
or call it convenience.
This is the ONLY Audio Format switchover where we have less Music available NOW than we had before the switchover began.
That which is available now ( Non-MP3 Downloading ) apparently has to be searched for through the ever expanding four corners of the Internet. In other words "LOTTSA LUCK", in finding it! This is "Russian Roulet", or "Flipping a Coin" at finding access to your Musical Archive. Everyone admits as much that one has to " Do a Lot More Digging " to find their Music T-O-D-A-Y ( Than Yesterday Perhaps? ). This situation becomes compounded daily due to this becoming the acceptable trend,
thereby exponentially expanding a huge gap in missing Music Archive. You cannot say "Soon All New Music will ONLY be available as Music Downloads" without also subtracting a lot of Music in the process. This will limit Selection, and with it, limited access to many potential High Fidelity Releases. Not talking High Sound Quality in general, but in numbers of High Sound Quality Releases. The Numbers will always hit a ceiling, the limited Selection of Downloads available. The impression is that we have more High Fidelity Releases available today as Downloads, but one cannot argue against the severe limited availability of Music Download Selection. To say one does not affect the other denies reason. This situation will continue so long as: 1.Music Manufacturers Profit from the situation. 2.Computer Audio Users deny the situation. 3.Computer Manufacturers don't care about the situation. 4.Computer Manufacturers refuse (See no profit) in continuing research in development in Computer Audio 5.So long as Computer Manufacturers (No one) will take the lead in corporate development of Computer Audio.
Any one of these would be enough to unravel Computer Audio from becoming the Primary Audio Format. Without direction/ research/development/investment in increased selection/standardizing of format sound quality/accountability to customers- this cannot avoid failure lacking any plan for success. This is what the lack of these things add up to. An ad hock audio Format cannot succeed without SOME input, and no one willing to put forth any input into it. Absurd to expect maximum results out of it. Failure is NOT what I wish! I need (unfortunately) the success of Computer Audio to provide one of many sources
for necessary access to my Music Archive. One Format simply will not cut it- and this is unfortunately the situation that Computer Audio has created with limited selection in other Audio Formats. Computer Audio has to succeed if Music Audio listening will succeed. This will not happen unless something drastically changes with the situation of Computer Audio N-O-W!!! "Soon All New Music will NOT be available on anything" is the risk of making Music Listening Redundant. Don't take it for granted! Only way it doesn't become redundant is if steps are taken N-O-W to make sure it doesn't become redundant. Lack of steps by Computer Manufacturers listed above (And Attitude), and attitude of everyone involved must change to prevent failure. Best way to constructively create failure is to apathetically do nothing. One cannot possibly expect success such as "Soon All New Music Will Only Available As Music Downloads" without No Ones Input! That has to be Input from User as well as Manufacturer. Everyone's Input, or No Ones success. Success IS that dependent! This is the last response that I am Inputting onto this Thread. I wish everyone luck (Sincerely) in finding your Music in the near future without having to build "bomb shelters" of Music Archives. Such impending doom is not necessary, ridiculous, not beneficial to anyone, and should be avoided. As usual it is entirely up to you if we go down that road. I have spoke my peace- Thanks for listening, and I am out of here!
I expect insults, and negative responses to this response. Any chance that someone might come up with something constructive to add? Well, I tried!!! Fire away because I will no longer be Responding. Last Free Shots for The Entire House are On Me!

Why not just buy CDs and transfer them to an HD?

If you are finding downloads so difficult to find, as has been mentioned
a few hundred times to you now, your computer will play anything you like. unlike any other source in history.
@ mentioned in an earlier post that you were looking for a DAC. I recently bought a new Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 on ebay for $315. It has 3 different types of digital inputs and sounds pretty good. It's not the last word in digital to analog conversion, but it isn't bad for the money.
Petty we have been answering your "questions" - you just are not listening. These are not "pot shots" as you put it. As Chad stated - you came here for an argument, and an argument you found.

Thanks in advance for no longer responding. We win. You lose.

Very sorry that you can't seem to find music. We can!!!
Last couple of my Responses have been rejected for being too
"inflammatory". I was hoping to end this Thread once, and for all. I will only say that for most Music you can still pretty much get it via CD, or Music Downloads. You guys are the ones who claim that "it takes a little bit more digging" to find it. I came here for an argument to reverse that trend. No reason to jump through smaller, and smaller hoops to find your Music. Your answer was to build "Bomb Shelters" of Musical Archive in preparation. How is this NOT inconsistent with what you claim now? As diplomatic as I can possibly respond "Please kindly get your stories straight". My missing Music is inconsequential, I got it!
I do listen, but you have to start listening to how you sound from this end. Most of your answers agree that Music Selection is a little harder to come by due to Computer Audio. It is not an "Answer" agreeing with me, that I want. I already have an acknowledgement of the problem, but see no solution (or desire) to correct it. I don't see an alternative Audio Music Format without the Music Selection.
If you do, THAT leaves a vacuum. You can't fill that vacuum by tossing mud at me. If that is your answer, why would anyone listen? Finding Downloads is NOT the problem, finding
my Music available as a Download IS the problem. It is just not a problem to you. Maybe YOU should do a little bit more listening? "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads" means cutting my Music Selection off at the knees. If you cut me don't I bleed? Get the Download Selection up, then we will consider it. What is this crap of desperately trying to avoid it at all costs? Are you afraid of Computer Audio going under? Are you terrified of having too much Download Music Selection available? How is that....B-A-D??? Please explain, and don't try to distract from an Explanation by claiming that "I Don't Listen". This is wearing thin as a tool to avoid really answering the question. I see our Music Selection going out on a limb. I see us going out on a limb over Computer Audio with no research support from Computer Manufacturers over Sound Quality. Customer Support being unaccountably supplied by other there anything this Audio Format does right AS an Audio Format in context of what other Audio Formats have provided? Apparently WE do all of the production work, and we pay through the nose for the priviledge of the added tasking. Is it asking too much for Computer Audio Downloads to supply us the Music Selection that we are accustomed to? Cut us some slack somewhere! Show
some Mercy, instead of being "Mr. Freeze" with our Music Archives. Freezing us out? THAT is your Answer? Sorry if I have a tendency to say "Right Back At You"! That is being responsive, NOT being inflammatory (A Little Cold for That
don't you think?). You tell me when we will "Thaw" out the Music Selection Availability in Computer Audio Downloads. I am not buying "Ice Cubes" to use for Audio in the meantime.
They don't fit in my ears very well, and they are just a little uncomfortable. I diplomatically must return them to you, with all due respect. Give me Music instead, if you please!
"I already have an acknowledgement of the problem, but see no solution (or desire) to correct it."

Um - OK - then let me ask this. You are the only one complaining but you have "no desire to correct it". So WTF are you complaining about then? Do you really think WE will try to correct it if we're not even complaining in the first place? Heck, goodness knows I have had my fair share of problems and challenges with computer audio - and everything in life for that matter - but you had better believe that I have addressed these problems and tried to correct them. Much more productive than complaining and being contrarian for a year.

Honestly, you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. When asked to list all this wonderful music you can't get, you can't even come up with one example. NOT EVEN ONE!

You started this tread complaining about SOUND QUALITY - and have cycled through a litany of other complaints - some related, many unrelated. More than a year has gone by, 8 pages of complaints...yet you have done nothing productive to try and correct it yourself.

I'm glad you finally came clean on this. Anyone who complains for years about something but doesn't even lift a finger to correct it is a loser, plain and simple.

Look here's the simple truth:

In this day and age, a simple google search can get you whatever music you seek, so shut your trap about that already!

you belong to an era that has passed. For better or for worse its all changed. I would say in most ways for the better. Just image listening to a cassette again.

DSD & DXD files now starting to be released as downloads on a few specialist sites. All you have to do is search. Now the word "search" may fill you with dread, but luckily that playback machine called a computer probably has something called google. So you type & it searches.
Guys, been there, done that for the last year (8 pages). You simply cannot claim "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads" when NOT everything is available as Music Download, AND 10,000 CD Selections are currently NOT AVAILABLE. You want me to list all 10,000-nuts! I don't know ALL 10,000, I just know that I can no longer check them out because they are "NO LONGER IN PRINT",
and "NOT AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD". There are way more CD Selection missing than is currently being provided as Selection in Download. I don't want to name/ have you find
one, or two selections (Download or CD). I want access to those 10,000 EITHER as a CD or a MUSIC DOWNLOAD Period!!!
I don't care about one particular selection, I want to select from the 10,000. The particular Title is irrelevant
when I want 10,000 in Music Title Archive back on the Market. I complain, because you are perfectly satisfied in permanently leaving those 10,000 OFF of the market. There are no plans on making those missing 10,000 available as a Music Download. The current number of available Downloads tell you all that you need to know. You are worried about one single Title while I am saying good-by to a whole Archive of Music. If you intend on going "Soon All New Music
Will Only Be Available As Music Download" then do it right by making ALL Music Currently missing as CD available as a Music Download. The numbers scream Gap! Void!- And YOU KNOW IT!!! FILL THE VOID as required when implementing a New Audio Format, or your New Audio Format is simply NO GOOD! It is the apathy cemented in concrete that is dead set in growing that void way larger than it currently is. Nobody here even demands better performance in Music Selection for Music Downloads. You will be waiting 20 years from now still waiting for it to happen, and I won't have anything left available on CD. We just do WITHOUT any Audio Format then??? There is NO PLAN for rapid increase in Music Selection in Music Downloads. It is just like HDTV, still waiting after 10 years for larger increase in HD Selection.
Rocks grow older faster. Oh, but everyone promised us a Holy
Grail in Selection. This time we hold these promises to the fire, and say "Show Us First"! You say "Shut your trap", and we still say "Show Us First"- because we both know you still don't have anything to show for it. You won't have anything to show for it in the near future. I desperately need you to have something to show for it- my Music depends on it! You are the one fighting this tooth, and nail! I am into listening to Music. If I was into pulling Teeth I would have been a Dentist. We are not Dentists, we are supposed to be Music Listeners. Sorry, I don't find the sight of blood very Musical. You must be frustrated that more Music Download Selection can't be produced any faster
( And Anyone Who Complains About It Is The Enemy That Needs To Be Silenced ). Silence will end up being the ONLY Music left to listen to, unless you "CHANGE" the direction of the trend NOW!!! I cannot change the Trend by myself when EVERYONE is perfectly satisfied with the current Trend, and I cannot convince anyone otherwise. I guess we ALL build
"BOMB SHELTERS" of Musical Archive to survive the DROUGHT
( NUTS!- THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED ). What the hell- who needs Music anyways, right?
PO, are you are record collector? If so then revel in the joy
of looking for rare music. If not shut up. You and uour 10,000 records that have been deleated. Like its something new! Records have their time.

Would you say the same about cars? They stopped making the model T ford and every showroom I go into only has new cars. Why did they stop making the model T? I really want one.
Model T argument wearing thin, and completely irrelevant to purchasing Music by your favorite Artist. Actually I don't listen to Records ( Can't afford a half dozen high End Audio Formats- not in this economy ). Last that I checked Records are making a comeback as 180 gram Re-issues. If you want to talk about cars why is it that the American Public is VERY interested in the quality of their Cars, but no one is interested in Sound Quality. What if half of the available cars were no longer available on the Market; because, the American Public had decided that they were no longer interested in the quality of their cars. Think there wouldn't be a big stink about the depreciation of car quality/selection? Heaven forbid anyone should ever complain about the same thing happening to anything else we purchase. This is simply a highly profitable shell game of hiding our Musical Archive from us. Why are we falling head over heels over it??? When Manufacturers play a shell game with Music Selection in the middle of an Audio Format Turnover- you know something stinks even if no one will admit it! Playing the sucker to this shell game advantages us how??? Two words come to mind- "FLY PAPER". Sticking with it only shows weakness. Absence of the demand for better Sound Quality ( And/Or better Music Selection ) can only show weakness. Firewalling ourselves in cement from ever changing from a position of that weakness benefits us how? Give me the 10,000 in CD, or give it to me in Music Downloads ( Hell, you can even decide ). Why are we even letting someone else decide on neither without so much as a whimper? "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads"- this holds who accountable in making sure that Music Selection will be available EVEN in support of Computer Audio? It appears that no one is responsible for insuring that Selection will be available in Downloads as other options are rapidly evaporating. "Soon All New Music.....", only gives cover to those using lack of Selection to boost their Profits. We, end up getting the short end of the stick in this process. Those Profits are not born in a vacuum, but can only come at our expense. This will most assuredly continue unless we hold Computer Audio Downloads feet to the fire. It is the only way to insure of Computer Audio's success ( And finally shut me the hell up on the issue of Selection Availability ). It is time for Computer Audio to either Stand up, or Shut up and get the hell out of the way of another Audio Format that WILL make our Musical Archive available. It is do, or die for Computer Audio N-O-W as it should be for ANY competing Audio Format. If not, then what is the point in competing? Who wins Computer Audio, or LP Re-issues? Here we are a dozen Responses later, all of them obviously avoiding answering the question. Is it so hard to answer that question? WHY??? Someone had better answer it, because the future of our Music depends on it! A New Music Selection Audio Format that purposely tries to minimize Music Selection Availability! $$$ I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E $$$
the only thing wearing thin is you. Maybe like the 10,000 CDs you go on about you & this thread will disappear too.

You really are nuts. Your argument is stubbornly misguided. Just like your sunspot argument.

You are completely alone in your opinion. Don't you find that strange? I know you have not considered that you have got it wrong. You don't seem the type.

Good luck.
So Petty, what have you actually DONE to address your concerns? Other than complain, I mean. Please answer this simple question. If the answer is "nothing" (which I suspect it is) then you are nothing other than a crusty ol' fart...
Sorry Guys. "Soon ALL NEW MUSIC will only be available as Music Downloads". You change ALL NEW MUSIC to ALL MUSIC then your Format will have something to offer everyone. Selective is what selective does. If your Download Format is that selective in type of Music, why would anyone select it??? Yes, we will have the option to select it. Blue Ray Audio is looking better by the minute. At least no one is trying to monopolize Music Selection with it. Looks like we will have a choice after all. Downloading won't provide Selection, we will just have to go someplace else for it.
You can be led by the nose with Computer Audio Downloading.
I am following where the Music Selection leads me. Downloads just don't have it to sell, and life is too short to be buying Download Music Selection SNAKE OIL/ MP3.
06-28-13: Danoroo
"@ mentioned in an earlier post that you were looking for a DAC. I recently bought a new Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 on ebay for $315. It has 3 different types of digital inputs and sounds pretty good. It's not the last word in digital to analog conversion, but it isn't bad for the money."
Danoroo (Threads | Answers | This Thread)


After reading Pettyofficer's consistent reminders about the lack of downloadable music, I've decided to give up on this passing fad of computer audio and dacs. What good are all these old fashioned and ancient hardware devices going to be when there's never going to be much downloadable music software to use with them? I am so glad that Pettyofficer convinced me, and probably most others who have followed this thread for the past year, in the futility of buying into this new fangled computer audio balogne. I think I'm going to wait until music can be bought as large plastic cartridges that contains an album's worth of music stored on magnetic tape. I bet, with the current sophisticated level of technology and given a few major scientific breakthroughs, some genius could even invent a method that would switch tracks with the push of a button. I know I'm dreaming now, but could it be possible to have 8-tracks?

On the other hand, maybe this computer audio with downloadable music files really does have a bright future. I guess there are always dissenters and naysayers with the introduction of any new technology. Some people just don't adapt well to change. I'm sure we all remember from history classes how the other cavemen laughed at that egg-headed caveman, with the nerdy glasses, when he suggested replacing those square wheels with round ones.

Anyway, thanks Donoroo for the heads up on the Cambridge dac. I'll check it out if I can. I'm also looking at a few more expensive dacs: the Centrance models and the new Wadia dac (that had a good review in the latest Stereophile).


To be fair, you have a good point about the viability of computer audio if the supply of music downloads is limited. Hopefully, this will be rectified in the near future. I would think that the supply of downloadable music titles would increase going forward due to economics. Creating a digital master, and distributing it on demand to customers via the internet, has to be more economical and profitable than replicating thousands or even millions of cds, storing them, distributing them in the much less economical and less profitable traditional method and then hoping their sales at least roughly match their production numbers.

Hope you don't give up on the future just yet,

"Blue Ray Audio is looking better by the minute". Oh yes Petty, you're right. GREAT selection on Blu Ray, clearly it is the format that is going to save this music vacuum you keep harping on. You win. Good luck with YOUR format.

Here's a little hint for you. Blu Ray, DVDa, SACD, CD...these aren't really any different from computer audio. Computers basically make them all the same format, they are all in the process of converging. But I'm sure you don't care because that doesn't fit with your ridiculous agenda.

After almost 1-1/2 years and 8 pages of posts, you still have not answered my question, so here it is yet again:

OTHER THAN COMPLAINING, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ADDRESS YOUR CONCERNS? (even though I'm shouting this time, I'm still expecting no response, because the response is "nothing" are a farce).

They are YOUR concerns, not ours. Not sure why you keep on complaining to us.
If this thread goes into syndication, do we get royalties? If so, it'd be a nice supplement to my retirement.

All the best,
Hfisher3380- refer to my previous response. Do you see how I did that? I am not satisfied with the severe limited selection of Music Downloads to make it the ONLY Format left available- "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads". If it doesn't provide what I need, I go somewhere else. If enough people do the same then maybe there will be a response to actually INCREASE the Music Selection in Music Downloads. Increased Selection might actually be the very thing that puts Computer Audio over the top....oh, say "Blue-Ray Audio"? The LACK of Music Selection might very well do the opposite, and put Blue-Ray
Audio over the top. The best way to insure that this happens is to further continue setting the bar low for Music Download Music Selection. You are severely hurting Computer Audio's chances by handicapping it with a severely
limited selection in Downloading. It becomes painfully obvious when comparing other options to Music Downloads.
Oh, look there! My favorite Artists are available on Blue-Ray Audio. Damn shame about Music Downloads dragging their feet in selection, still can't find my favorite Artists. Remind me again how long Music Downloads have been available? How many years? Someone had better get motivated,
or end up being left in the dust. Do nothing, and seal Computer Audio Downloading's fate. You will be waiting a long...long...long...long...Evolutionary Long time for "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads". I am old already, I can't wait that long. Choose to be Computer Audio Downloading's B-I-_-_-H, and you can only drag it down with you. Of course I don't want to see it dragged down by your apathy, Microsoft's, or anyone else's. Maybe the only thing that Downloading Music Selection really needs to succeed is " Just A Little Push ".
You are only pulling like your life depended on it- NOT THE SAME THING! Remain stagnate, and the next stop can only be down. Problem is you end up dragging the rest of us down with you. You want to steer this thing, we would appreciate it if you wouldn't steer us into a ditch! Apathy never accomplished anything, more or less a successful Audio Format Turnover. You expect a 100% success by doing what?
What is your point in this ridiculous expectation?

Having recntly retired myself, I like your idea of syndication and royalties.

Unfortunately, I think we may need to be the ones paying readers to slog through this exceedingly long and redundant thread.

I'm going to switch my efforts to how to best connect my pc, with JRiver media center now added, via a usb dac to my preamp. It'd be nice if a wireless solution would give me the fidelity I strive for.

Have fun,
Noble100- I don't think that you have read all of my Responses. If you had you would know that I haven't given up on Computer Audio Downloads. There really isn't a choice now on the Audio Market. The Format isn't the issue. If 10,000 Records were suddenly yanked off of the Market at the site of a hundred CDs ( At the beginning of CD ), this leaves a disparity of 9,900 Titles no longer available on the Market in either CD, or LP! I would be raising a big stink about my limited access to those 9,900 REGARDLESS of what Format they are in. If they aren't available in either,
THAT IS THE POINT! They used to be regardless of the Format.
Now it is 10,000 CDs suddenly yanked, Music Downloads in no way nearly replacing those 10,000, again a huge hunk of Musical Archive is no longer available on the Market in either Format. There will be another 10,000 gone soon, plus another 10,000 gone soon...etc. Music Download Selection increasing by a trickle, NOT by leaps and bounds of 10,000
to replace our Music. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Replacing Audio Formats WITHOUT replacing our Music accomplishes what??? Type of Format ( CD/8-Track/Cassette/SACD/LP...etc. ) doesn't matter! The elimination of available Music Archive on the market is being used to HERD everyone towards Music
Downloads by cutting off options for selection in other Audio Formats. We are being manipulated by the old "Shell
Game" of trying find your favorite Music Artists under the shell of whatever Audio Format. It is rigged, the fix is in. This is hardly an honest attempt to replace one Audio Format with another. "Soon All New Music Will Only Be Available As Music Downloads"- by Rook or by Crook by holding your Wife ( And Access To Your Music ) HOSTAGE!
Yeah, I resent it! My Spider Sense is sending shock waves of Red Flags over this. Why such dishonesty from an Audio Format that is supposed to be beneficial??? All that you have to do to see the dishonesty is be able to add. I think people with Computers should be able to handle that- which leads me to believe that there is another ulterior motive
other than a simple mistake in math. Ostrich Math perhaps?
Ostrich Math does what for my access to Music Archive, besides make it disappear, no matter what the Format. The Ostrich promises that the difference will be made up in the future, an I am supposed to be gullible enough to believe it? How about a size 10 up the Ostrich's Butt so he will cough up some more of my missing Music whatever the Format.
I can't believe for a second that I am the only one in the Universe with a size 10! Give me my Music back IN ANY FORMAT so that I have the same access that I used to enjoy.
Not accepting any excuses. We have had Music Downloads available for how many years now- five or more? Someone is dragging their feet on purpose, and my access to Music suffers because of it. Yet, Music Listeners can't understand why???

Hate to say it but your tirades sound, well, petty.

BE glad you do not live in a third world country where choices are more limited and count your blessings. Unless that is where you live? In that case, better times hopefully lie ahead.

In my last post, I conceded that you have a point : the availability of quality downloads needs to increase dramatically, and quickly, for the future of computer audio to be successfull. Enough said?

Now, can we all agree that we've all beaten the sh!# out of this poor dead horse?

Please, don't make me alert those sticklers at the Dead Horse Anti-Cruelty Society.

Tim computer audio and its enthusiasts are somehow to blame for 10000 out of print CDs. And you have not even been able to name EVEN ONE that you have been unable to find. Right. Makes perfect sense...

Here's a little hint for you, Sherlock. CDs, records, books...these things go out of print all the time, format changeover or not. I work in the health care field - a recent phenomenon has been various medications going out of production - the pharmaceutical industry stops producing them. Must be that dang computer audio crowd causing that as well!
Agree, we would all benefit from greater selection in high res downloads...about this there is no argument. Somehow blaming us for this situation IS a problem though!

After, someday all new music will only be available as downloads.

Not looking for benefit from greater selection in High Resolution Music Downloads, Hfisher3380. Looking for the
SAME selection available that we have become accustomed to
from other Formats. It is a simple common sense requirement
that Music Downloads do provide adequate Music Selection as
a prerequisite to "Soon All New Music Will Be Only Be Available As Music Downloads". You can't accomplish that
stated goal without adequate selection. Prematurely killing
CD selection (Without Music Download Replacement) will not get you there any faster, and in fact mind end up strangling Music Download Format. If you can't find your favorite Artists on ANY Format, you can't avoid the discouragement. Especially when multiple Titles of your
favorite Artist were easily available on previous Format.
Your presumption is that there is no consequence from
discouragement from lack of selection in Computer Audio Music Download Format switch over. Every action (Even lack
of action) has an opposite and equal reaction (Consequence). It is not crazy to point that out! Going out on a limb is dangerous and un-necessary, and can only hurt Music Download Format. My only suggestion is that someone here do the exact opposite to aid Music Download Format.
Time for Music Downloads to finally take their medicine prior to becoming Alpha Dog Audio Format. Audio Market, and necessity, demands it. A selection vacuum is simply a drawback for any New Audio Format.
The main reason CDs are still around and similar or better higher res downloads not common yet is that large files and data volumes are involved and most are not equipped with the technology yet to handle these data volumes on the scale of a large "music library". That's the biggest reason CDs will not go away for quite a while yet, though eventually they will be mostly replaced by downloads. The CD format has proven to be a winner over the years and holds up better than ever these days in regards to sound quality, so I doubt any new physical format will make a major impact in the interim. CDs/downloads are where its at for music and the trend will be towards more downloads. Of course some new records and other one off formats might persist to some extent as well as a niche product, and we will continue to have access to all those records and CDs already out there on teh used market. Lifespan of CDs in particular is quite long, so the ones around today will continue to work just as well for many years into the future until the day when most of our entertainment media sources become virtualized. Older guys like myself and even Petty I imagine will probably not be around to see that.

Well said and ditto.

I'm older,too, and I'll be using downloads and ripped cds until something better comes along. Another benefit of computer audio is the ability to record not only your own cds, but your friends' and acquantances' cds and files ,too, without cost.

EXACTLY. CDs and downloads are basically the SAME format. The only difference is downloads are not limited to 16/44.

The trend in everything digital is AWAY from physical media - and with good reason. No matter how much Petty kicks and screams.
My apologies to everyone. I am just unsure as to what everyone considers as "Musical Archive". Back in the day I
seem to remember a lot of Musical Archive stored on Master Analog Tape. CD happened, then New Music was recorded on DAT
Tape. The last that I heard Sony was transferring their entire Master Analog Tape Musical Archive onto SACD DSD Disks. At some point all New Music was being recorded ( Or
Transferred onto Music Files ). I have no idea of the Source
for Musical Archive ( Old and New Music ). Is everything currently stored as Music Files, or is it just recent New Music? How is some of our older Music being stored? If all of it is currently stored as Music Files then Downloading would make sense. If all of it is not stored as Music Files then how do we eventually Download it? I have many CDs, but
I don't have every CD made during the 80's or 90's from every Artist. I don't have everything available to rip, and now many CDs are no longer in print- therefore unavailable for Ripping. A lot of Music becomes unaccessable unless it is eventually available as Download. It is this lack of access that is my main issue. It doesn't seem to be anyone else's issue. It seems like a "Catch-22" with no way out- and it is very frustrating to deal with. My apologies for any aggravation.

No need for apologies as far as I'm concerned. You raised a valid point concerning the availability of all music genres and artists on high resolution downloads. I'm a new convert to computer audio and, after recently searching for my favorite artist's songs on high resolution downloads and often coming up empty, I have a better understanding of your frustrations. I've ripped all my CDs to my hard drive but I consider this 'standard resolution' and would like to compare these to atleast 24 bit/96khz , and ideally even higher, resolution. I hope I was right when I said free market forces, namely supply and demand, will likely solve this shortage. These forces sure are taking their time on this commodity, right?
No worries....maybe,