Smart buying buying a preamp with tubes anot avail except as made by preamp manuf?

Why would a preamp manuf design preamp where he is only person making the tubes?

stay away?


Op, if you are interested in some informed comments state particulars so everyone knows what manufacturer, what preamp , what tubes etc. 

It might be amazing. With spares, it could last a lifetime. Small signal tubes (can) last a long time.

My luck. I buy one with a spare tube. Then someone else buys all the rest, all 15 units.. all 30 tubes.. Sounds like a nightmare. to me.. Next thing we read about "what a nice guy he WAS". 


Tubes if found are $300 per.  No inventory anywhere.
what if manuf discontinues making special tubes in a few years.  Resale value of preamp is low. 

What are you talking about?  C'mon man, you can't just post stupified posts about nothing!  if you have a problem with a particular manufacturer then make it known. If you are just doing silly high games then make it known! Don't waste our and the moderators time.

No way I would ever buy into that. Companies come and go… tubes require replacement.

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Well it's certainly one way to make sure you have a corner on the market. I'm sure I'd make a great milk carton pic. Holding my single tube. "Have you seen this tube"? If you have la-te-da..... :-)



You do a fine job deleting threads that contain opinions you disagree with -- yet you allow bullshit topics and threads like this one shoveled by @emergingsoul.  SMFH.

Valid post. No need to mention co name that sells good products, so i didnt share co name.


tubes are a challenging area. 

No amp or preamp manufacture actually makes their own tubes. NONE! So what kind of question is this?

If they use very rare and expensive tubes than it's a good reason to stay away from it.