Songs of debauchery and excess

Ive seen some humorous confessions on these boards lately I wont name names Im sure none of the members are currently using drugs or abusing alcohol anyway, but these admissions of events that took place in our wild youth got me thinking that Ive always loved a good song about this subject and I wondering if there were any other fans? Im gonna go with a classic but there are just so many good ones . Commander Codys “ Lost in the Ozone again”. Seems like a decent Sunday afternoon topic?


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Gang Bang. Album - Next, appropriately enough.

Im sorry I want a do over. The greatest song in this category has gotta be “ Sunny afternoon “ by the Kinks . “Telling tales of drunkeness and cruelty “ one of the best lines of all time and only a Englishman could pull it off.

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Life’s Been Good - Joe Walsh

Heard it this evening on Sirius while I was making a pizza run. 

Jefferson.Airplane - White Rabbit. The Moody Blues - Timothy Leary. The Grateful Dead - Casey Jones.

Bowie -- practically the entire first side of Aladdin Sane. From "Watch that Man" to "Cracked Actor."


Drugs with Friends - Car Seat Headrest.  Not sure if I've found a better live rock n roll song in the past few years.  

Mothers of Invention "Mudshark"

The Small Faces "Itchycoo Park"

The Rolling Stones "Sister Morphine"

The Rolling Stones "Mothers Little Helper"

Brewer & Shipley "One Toke Over The Line"

The Byrds "Eight Miles High"

JJ Cale "Cocaine"

Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"



....had to make sure this was still 'out here/there/anywhere'....🤪

No, I don't know the wattage involved, nor the adhesive that fails.....

A bigger driver?  You nasty... ;)

(  A note to our 'supervision/:  One has to clik on the link, and the audience is 'adult' for the most part, Right? ;) .....)

Besides, it IS funny....

What about Lou Reed?

Heroin  The Velvets.   'I wanna nullify my life'   Doesn't that beat em all?

Or  I'm waiting for my man.

Or  Berlin