Speaker suggestions

After many years of hearing music through a 5.1 SS system, I am putting together my 2 CH listening room. I have started with a MC MA6500 Int Amp and now on the search for speakers. I've listened to the Magenpan 1.6 and 3.6, both very nice, Thiel 2.4's, nice but not sure worth 5K. I'm thinking of the SF Domus GP also but there are no dealers near me. The bargin hunter in me see's the Polk LSi'S and RTi series as very good for the money, but money is not my bottom line on this matter. My budget is up 6K for speakers and that would include a SW if needed My listening is a mix of Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, and some classical. Most of my listening time will be later in the evenings, so I want a system that performs well at low to mid level volumes.
I'm looking also for speakers within the same budget. I'm waiting for used Revel Studio 2.
Not to dis anyone but the Polk's are simply not even close in performance to what you can get for $6K. IMO there better options out there for $2K. Suspect I just annoyed someone there...sorry. $6K will get you a pretty nice set of full range speakers that wont need a sub. Some Aerial 9's, Some 80X B&W's, the list goes on. I listen to much the same music you list and find that my $2K fronts are accurate enough that I rarely even think to turn on my sub (fathom 112 - a good sub). Cant speak about the Revel's, never heard them. THe entire SF line struck me at a bit overpriced for what you get but again that's my opinion.
Harbeth's sound really nice at low to moderate volume levels... as much as I have enjoyed my many experiences with Dynaudio speakers, they really need the volume turned up to sound their best.
Look into Omega. Louis offers a number of different models and when paired with an Omega sub will fit into your budget. Give him a call he is a great guy to talk to and will help you make the right choice 203-847-2800. Omega is located in CT.
I would listen to a used pair of SF Cremona's. Used they can be found in the mid fours. At 91db they are easy to drive and do very well at low to mid listening levels. If you get the chance to crank them up they are no slouch!! I have had a pair for a couple of months and I really enjoy them, they replaced a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's.
i tend to agree with paulsax--you can do better for less with other candidates. if you liked the maggy sound, i'd consider vmps, which are fuller range and much easier to drive. for a dynamic speaker you cannot go wrong with revel, paradigm signature or psb synchrony.
In addition to other specific suggestions, I would look here... at least:

Hyperion HPS-938

Devore Fidelity Nines

PSB Synchrony One

DALI Helicon 400 Mk.2

Revel Performa F52
A used (almost new) Tyler D2 at $3700+s/h here in AGon would be hard to beat. Or, Linbrook super tower at $3200 shipped?
There are two pair of speakers currently for sale on this site that I would recommend. One is the Ridge Street Audio Sasons at about $5500. The buyer is requiring pickup only on those. The other is the Intuitive Design Summit for about $5000. That buyer will ship. Both are stand mounted monitors but play solidly down to 40 hz or slightly lower. You could get by without a sub, and many owners of both do. I have had a good audition of the Sason and own the Summits. Both are incredibly good sounding speakers. I know I've spent many hours listening to the Summits at low to mid volume and they are mesmerizing. Check the user reviews of both on this site, they pretty much sum up my opinions of both. Good luck.
The Thermo Scientific Matrix 384-Well Low Volume microplates offer lower working volumes with the benefit of a 384-well format, and can be easily handled in 96 or 384-channel liquid handling systems.
2nd Tylers - have them in 2 systems and a 3rd pair on the way - musical and non-fatiguing - Ty is easy to talk to and and honest not pushy guy