Suggestions for Giant Killer rca coax digital cable under $500 used

If anyone can give some advise on nice cable to go from Auralic G2 streamer to Pontus. Audio Hungary a50i to Joseph Audio Pulsar, Reference 3a towers. Using Acoustic Zen Silver ref 2 between dac and amp, Audience au24 se, TG Audio silver speaker wire.

Currently using a JPS Labs superconductors 2, 75 ohm coax. Any help would be appreciated.


I just put together this all streaming system ( new to streaming) a year or so ago and wondering if the JPS Labs may be holding something back. 


I just upgraded to an AZ MC2 and couldn’t be happier.  I also use 2 pairs of AZ Silver Refs and Satori Shotgun Bi-wire cables BTW, and IME there’s a lot of synergy between them all.  Read the glowing reviews of the MC2 because they are not wrong.

I think you'll get better sound from those 2 components using a quality silver AES/EBU cable.  YMMV.  I use the Audio Sensibility Signature Silver for about the price you're looking.


Thank you both for advice. I did consider the AZ mc2 but was a little concerned with more silver in the mix. Sometimes the AZ silver ref 2 can come across a slight bit tipped up on some recordings. I will switch out to some copper interconnects which can come across a little more natural but I do miss the detail sometimes. So I end up alternating between copper and AZ.


I have to admit I know nothing about AES/EBU cables but am open to looking into it. Not sure we’re to start.

I'm not sure where to start either. To establish a baseline I bought a Mogami AES/EBU cable for between a Jays transport and Pontus. I didn't like it at all which was a surprise.The music was extremely muffled. I went back to the Voodoo silver coax which I'm totally happy with.I want to try a few more without spending $$$.The reason being both manufacturers recommend using balanced cables.

I have swapped out all my name brand high price cables with Nordost (KNOCK 0FF NAME, but not product) from Ali-Express. My first foray was to buy just a digital cable to compare to my 1.5M Pangea (MSRP $160), which had the same specs as the DH Labs 1.5M @ $240. Since the Ali-E was so inexpensive I decide to get both a 1.0 and 1.5 Odin RCA coax to compare: I much preferred the 1.0M, which was significantly better than the DHL/Pangea. FF a year to today and there is a Odin 2 Fever Grade version for $23.80 (yes $23,80) or a similar version @ $84.99 + free shipping or for $5 2 week delivery and money back. Nothing to lose. Im going to order the $85 one, which has more strands of ribbon


This is a digital signal so don't worry about silver in the mix.  Digital data is very dense and it is all about not dropping bits.  I like all my digital cables silver.



This is a digital signal so don't worry about silver in the mix.

I think @carlsbad2 might be onto something here.  When I substituted the MC2 for my budget but decent Apogee Wyde Eye the thought of it being silver never even entered my thoughts as the significant improvements across the board were what completely dominated.  If anything the sound just became more balanced and natural along with all the other awesomeness.  If you buy one used, and they do come up from time to time (that’s how I bought mine), you can try one for little risk that I think would be well worth trying.  Just my thoughts/experience FWIW.

Nordost Silver Shadow… even the NOS original..which @buff ( a dealer here on Agon ) may have…

Try a Audioquest Carbon. Fairly inexpensive and a great bang for the buck. Also, very well represented, so pretty easy to source.

I called Acoustic Zen they said The mc2 in rca is about 55 ohm’s and recommended the AZ Absolute, true 75 ohm rca. I’m not very knowledgeable with digital,


I know my JPS superconductors 2’s are true 75ohm but have no idea how that equates to sound quality vs the AZ mc2’s 55 ohm. The JPS are old I’ve had them forever maybe 20 years and have no clue how they have stood up with the test of time.


Is lower the ohm make a cable sound lean. 

I can just tell you what I heard, and I’m so happy with the results I care not about what Ohm my cable runs at as my ears are the final arbiter, and the reviews profoundly echo my findings.  Like I said, buy used and you can try it yourself with little/no risk, but I know my MC2 ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

I’m same way I care less about ohm’s just if it sounds good. Why would AZ prefer the absolute over the mc2. I’ve heard nothing but good things about mc2. Mc2 is only cable I considered or knew about before this post.

Sorry, can’t answer that unless they were just catering to your concerns about the 75 Ohm issue.  Frankly, if AZ designed a 110 Ohm cable for an AES/EBU connection and stapled RCAs on it where they’re not true 75 Ohm I’m a bit miffed and disappointed at that (I actually emailed them on this but never heard back), but again I’ll take a great sounding 55 Ohm cable over an inferior 75 Ohm cable any day and I’m thrilled despite what the numbers may say.  Like I said, my experience completely jibes with what I read in the consistently glowing reviews, so that’s pretty solid evidence IMHO.  Numbers are important, but they aren’t everything or we’d be able to assemble our systems from a spec sheet, right?

Honestly I never called with any concerns with ohm’s and never brought it up. I only asked which is better cable the mc2 or Absolute and he told me how balanced mc2 has higher ohm’s and rca has lower and Absolute is 75 ohm’s. He then recommended the Absolute.

I hope I have all my facts straight but that was my understanding. I don’t want to cause any conflict with AZ owner he seems like a very nice guy. 

Final touch audio Callisto 

you can buy new for $650:and just read the reviews I have this in my 2 nd system 

built totally out of the norm analog-digital cable 👍

I had the AZ MC2 and it was a completely adequate digital cable, but I tried a Neotech NEVD 2001 so I could use BNC at the transport end and found it bettered the AZ in just about every way by a slim but noticeable margin.  Of course, the Neotech may have sounded better due to better plugs (Xhadow RCA  and Oyaide  BNC).  Recently, I had a custom pair of Grover Huffman Pharaoh XLR interconnects built using Oyaide Focus1 XLR plugs.  I ended up trying this as a digital cable and it's great in this application.  I currently see a Grover Huffman Pharaoh digital interconnect with RCA's on USAudiomart  for $300.  It's not exactly the same as mine but I think it's very much worth looking into.  I also had the stock Pharaoh interconnect and it was also excellent sounding; the sound was quite detailed with a black background, very focused images, with warmth and a sweetness not usually associated with this much detail, in my experience.

WOW!! What a request.

The idea the Cable will be one that is not experienced prior to purchase/parting with monies and as a used item will most likely be a non-returnable goods.

If it helps in any way, the Wire Type D.U.C.C used in a Cable, proved to be very attractive between a CDT >DAC

Townshend F-1 Fractal Digital cable is as good or better than all these expensive cables. 

I use a Wireworld Starlight Gold, which I believe is silver and it sounds very nicely balanced. I know swapping cables can be fun, but if you’re looking for “giant killer” results, I think you should upgrade your dac. If you sell the Pontus and move up to the Venus, you’ll likely end up spending very close to what you would fooling around with cables.  Cables are important, but the box is more important. 

I have used Pine Tree Audio for 4 years. These are good workmanship and neutral. However, am experimenting with some different cables.

For interconnects and digital what is the difference in sound, in general.

Sold OCC copper

Copper with silver plating

Pure silver.

I also thought Rhodium coated RCA with carbon ends. There are also silver and goal plated RCA connectors. These are all Chinese.  I got started after a dealer showed me a Audioquest Carbon(silver coated copper) which he was out of.  So far, I have a Chinese silver coated copper.  So far, it sounds pretty good for $13. It was funny different sellers use the same pictures, same prices, same descriptions.

Kimber D60 reviewer reference digital cable, Marigo apparition digital cable Jonathan Scull favorite. I have both as well.

charyro, new dac would be nice but would like to try a cable first.


Does spdif not have as big of an if impact as your typical interconnect?

What do most people use USB or balanced or other? I listen to mostly records so not even sure if spdif is way to go.


I was just hoping a better cable would give more information retrieval without being a tone control. Not looking to change voice of my system.


I just thought technology in digital cables had progressed in the 20 plus years over my JPS. JPS is all I’ve ever owned, I did try a friends $200 usb.