Test and repair amp

I’ve got an NYAL Moscode 600 and I’m in Dallas Tx. It’s 30 years plus old. Great condition, however, I’d like to get it looked at and caps replaced etc if necessary. Anyone know of a reputable service qualified to work on high end amps in Dallas. Thanks in advance, I’ve been a reader for years. This is the first time I’ve posted. Hope I’m in the right place.  Thanks, Mike G
Thanks a lot for replies. Much appreciated. I found a place in Ft Worth that sounds okay.  Ft Worth Audio. If it doesn’t pan out I’ll try Pyramid. Worse thing would be me doing it...

Consult Pyramid Audio in Austin, TX.  Keep us posted on the progress.

Happy Listening!
Here’s a quick update FWIW. No word from Ft Worth Audio. Makes me a little wary makes them seem a bit flakey. Pyramid was a dead end. I spoke with them and the phone taker spoke with Chris. They had never worked on a Moscode, and didn’t feel comfortable working on it. Said they were pretty busy and didn’t really need to take it in anyway. At least they were honest. Nice to be wealthy I guess. The search is still on, however, I may just get an ESR multi tester and invest in an oscilloscope just for fun and troubleshoot, re cap myself. How hard can it be?
@mikegris, depending on how much experience and knowledge you have in electronics, the first thing to keep in mind is *safety*, because tube amps can have lethal high voltages inside. Otherwise, get as much info on the amp, like schematics, part numbers and values, others who have worked on these amps, etc.

Your last sentence reminds me of the phrase "What could possibly go wrong?". Good luck and be safe.
What ever you do "DONT SEND IT TO GEORGE KAYE you will never get it back, that happened to me.
Mike, not hard at all, If the amp is working and you just want to refurbish it. 

You get a really good soldering station like this one  https://www.all-spec.com/Product/WE1010NA-12200?gclid=CjwKCAjwn6GGBhADEiwAruUcKirkb0cFkp9-ph51XKhe_3...

You need a powerful iron to do a good job without burning devices. The key to good soldering is speed. Get a cheap kit for practice. 

You need angle cutters and needle nose pliers. 

Blast the amp off with CRC electronics cleaner to get it spotless before you get started. 

Then it is just a matter of replacing parts with like parts. You can get parts from Digikey and if you want really expensive audiophile parts I use this company in the UK https://www.hificollective.co.uk/
mijostyn - Guess you didn't read the OP's post where he said the worst thing for him would be for him to do it... 

Wow, just now getting back to this thread and seeing the great responses. Very Helpful
info. Didn't mean to sound like a total noob.
I've had a set of Eminent Tech LFT8B's on order for a few weeks.Currently listening to a set of floor standing Tannoys.  Just temporarily right now, they do sound pretty good though. I sold a pair of Hales Concept 5's after 20 years. Excited to get back to planar speakers. 
Long story short. I will wait and try this amp with the LFT8B's as it is working fine, looks brand new, and then as a backup use a set of Monarchy SM 70 Pro mono's while I attempt to recap the Moscode.
If anyone knows how to get a schematic or a good source for questions about caps and values to use, I'd appreciate it. Sorry to be so verbose and thanks again for help.
I want to specifically thank mijostyn for the links, I will use them.
czarivey, thanks, after 25 years I'm amazed the caps even work, the electrolytics need to be replaced as a maintenance issue anyway.
gmosley, sorry to hear that about George I knew him and met Harvey back in the day. He was always such a great guy, very bright.
pch300, if you see a bright flash down towards Texas in the next few weeks, well it might have been me! I get it safety first.
Great group, thanks