That nice, unforced, relaxed, easeful sound ??

I'm working on getting more of this !!
Are you getting it, or are you still trying ?
I'm still trying to get it. I know when I call the 1-900 number to get the sound, my wife will kill me when she sees the charge for it. :)
Not me buddy. I like the sound to be so harsh and stressed that the veins bulge out on my forehead and my jaw clenches so tight my teeth snap apart.
Good times.
"I get it at every live classical concert I go to."

Me too, and I go to a lot. It's REAL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea...that's sort of what Quad 989s sound like.
I'm there. You know when you are happy to listen to your favorite rock lp's at low volume. You get every every bit of the magic without cranking it. This flies in the face of 30 years of learned behavior. I attribute this mostly to my Meadowlark Blue Herron 2's, my Tom Evans Vibe and Pulse, and damn good room acoustics.
But when it builds to an uncontrollable SCREAM....well, it just doesn't get ANY better than that! Unless it happens over and over again!
Good listening!
G m c you suck! I want the Vibe preamp too. Sell me yours real cheap OK? Yeah I am working on it also. Wish my wife would move out so that I could get there faster HA!

Happy Listening.
Don't blame you Biz, the Evans is pretty amazing. One does not realize how critical the pre can be until you experience the dead quiet of a good box. Now, if I could only swing a Groove, or better yet, a Groove Plus.

Keep working on it.
I've got that ease on both the digital and analogue in my system. I can't stand it when I hear a hi-fi sounding system and those little digital bugs start crawling up my spine. Unacceptable ... and definitely avoidable.

Be careful, not all recorded music and I mean well-recorded music is nice, unforced, relaxed and easeful. Violins, brass, drums, pianos, guitars (both electric and acoustic) and certain vocalists can all sound aggressive, shrill, edgy and downright upleasant. A high end system should be able to accurately produce whatever is feed into it.
I completely agree with Marco.

Carelessly applied, a laxative can create colonic trauma resulting in an uneven stream of fecal expulsion and'or volume sometimes interrupted by varying quantities of intestinal gases.

Judging by the thread title, I'm assuming this would be contrary to the desired effect.

Promoting healthy evacuations through proper diet and the use of fiber enhancers can create an environment of large, free-flowing movements without excess collateral residue or loud frequency spikes accompanying them.

If it was sound systems you were referring to, I enjoy mating a tube preamp to a smooth solid state amp which often results in a big, unrestrained musical flow.
Just don't get the two pieces of thoughtful advice from my green pal Gunbei mixed up and apply the Metamucil to your preamp. I tried it once and I don't recommend the method to obtain either result that Dean describes. Conversely you don't want to apply the power amp to your nether regions. Don't ask me how I know that, it's really embarrassing!

O.K., since all the comedians are here !!
Should I *apply* Metamucil to the (FRONT-END) ??
I knew the tech forum was the right place for this thread !!
The more blacker & quieter that background gets, the better !!
(Before anything gets to the front-end) !!
Blacker is good...from either end. But, I don't think I would necessarily agree with it also being quieter though.
Gunbei, how would you describe the difference between a black/quiet background ?
I kinda thought the black was attributed as the quietness ?
Just curious.
Try a cup of Kava('Awa), makes you feel relaxed without dulling your senses. Unlike what Psychicanimal suggests, it's legal.