The Best Best Speaker Thread

With so many "Best Speaker" threads out there, I was hoping for a suggestion on which Best Speaker thread is considered the best. Thanks for any suggestions.
I think the best best speaker thread must be the best speaker thread that utilizes the term "Best" the most. Therefore, to determine the best of the best, it is best that we count all the "bests" in the best speaker threads available (to the best of our abilities). The one that uses "best" the most clearly bests all others. If each of us do our best to perform this count to the best of our collective abilities, I am sure our best effort will make this the best "best speaker" thread that discusses the best speakers. Ever.
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The "best best" speaker?

I'll pass.

I'm waiting for the "absolute, all time, no questions asked, everybody agrees on this, it can't be anything else" best speaker.

No sense settling for anything less since this topic appears so infrequently.
The best speaker is whatever your enjoying. Its now best for you at that time in space.
I don't think there is such a speaker unless everyone in the universe all agree on one;until that happens I think you will not get the answer you are looking for.
What about the Worst Best Speaker thread, or even the Worst Best Best Speaker thread.

We can now write threads comparing threads as though we are asking about speakers. For example 'Best Best Speaker Thread vs. Best Speaker You Ever Heard Thread'.
"I don't think there is such a speaker unless everyone in the universe all agree on"

Everyone in good society holds exactly the same opinion.
My favorite speaker threads are the ones that include Roy of Green Mountain's contributions. Not only for his posts, but also for the posts of others, all make for interesting reading.
The Best Best Buy thread was on those Insignia speakers awhile back. They rank up there with the "best for the buck". The best $50 I ever spent.

I'm waiting for dinner now. This is the best I could come up with.
Start a new thread fellows, what makes the best women ?
Who is the best man ?
Where is the best church ?
What is your favorite idol ?
Who had the best wedding ?
Who makes the best cheesecake ?
Where is the best Italian hoagie ?
Who makes the best pizza ?
Where can I find the best President ?
Who was the greatest General ?
Each of us will have different taste and preference and budget so "best" is relative & very subjective.
There will always be no end to this debate about being the best.
Amazing how many are frustrated. If one has nothing constructive to contribute why waste time, go get laid have some lobster but to sit here and vent--- go get a life.
Jeffrey it's a great hobby but some just missed the boat.