The one time you want to pull out but she says no.

Ok sorry but I will summarize as short as possible. I have a stupid entertainment drywall niche. it's 2feet deep by 10feet wide.  That said I have ml 60xt tower speakers, and I think they would sound better if I could only pull them out another 2 feet but I can't due to aesthetic reasons, ok its mostly my better half that won't  let that fly.  So are there any towers under 10k that would work or should I be looking at bookshelves with subs.  my the living room is about 20 x 20 with 10feet ceilings.  


Try it and see what happens.  She may have a hissy fit, but she will get over it.  Or, pull them out to listen and put back when done.

Plus one @twoleftears and I’ll add, put some masking tape on the floor to mark where your speakers sound their best, so you can easily put the speakers back when you want and you won’t have to fiddle whit getting them just right again.

If this isn’t an option, look for speakers that are ported in the front , not in the back,.  They don’t have to be pulled out nearly as far. Some only need a few inches!

All the best.

Check out Volti Audio Razz. Really good, very efficient, front ported & will likely sound good against the wall although imaging for virtually any speaker might suffer a bit positioned this way. 

Put casters on them.

As the man said....

Or, put them on a small platform with casters on said platform.

That means you can pull out when you want.

Agree to pull them out and push back when done listening.  Here’s a product from Herbie’s that’ll make it easy to slide them and many people say they improve sound too.

BTW, after a few months of pulling speakers in and out I just started leaving them out from time to time and eventually the wife just got used to them being more out in the room and so I just left them there — kinda like audiophile WAF desensitization therapy.

I am in a similar situation with my living room system. I am going to use the gliders from Herbies and the therapy as mentioned by @soix .

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