The passing of another legend...

I don't know if this thread has already started somewhere else, but I just read that on 5/25/03, David Hafler passed away. I am sad. The Hafler DH200 was my first venture into high-end and since Hafler catered to the "budget-minded", this little amplifier carried me through tough times in college and beyond. This little amplifier, mated with my Vandersteen 2B's, gave me many, many hours of pleasurable listening. Thank you David Hafler for giving all the poor folks (like myself back then) a little taste of high end. You will be missed.
Amen. My first taste of the "high end" was a DH-100 amp put together in a kit form that saved you a few bucks over preassembled. It made my large Advents shine and I've never looked back.
A DH200 and the matching pre(A 101 ? ), anyway kit form, music from heaven. RIP
Wasn't David Hafler the designer of Dynaco as well?

I think so and a giant in our industry.
Sad news indeed but I understand he was very ill for some time. Peace be with him. Re dyna, he founded it with his buddy Herb Keroes. There are lots of folks who share Sherod's story I think. The little ST-70s are still recycling through another generation. One of the most standard-classic pieces in tube audio.

dynaco history

This piece is still worth reading 50 years after publication

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I too, started with the DH200 Sherod. My best freind turned me onto the Dynaco 70. It was far ahead of it's time. David is blessed with all the happiness he's given us.
I also started with a DH 200amp, a Hafler preamp and Theil O3A speakers.
Thanks David for opening all of the doors to high end audio and all of the pleasure that it has brought me. A true genius who will be sadly missed.
I remember my excitement when I first assembled my DH-200 Amp and the 110 Pre-Amp...I was a young kid with nearly zero disposable income, and I was so proud to be the owner of Hafler equipment. Guys like Hafler confirm that, although no-one gets out of here alive, what you do with your time can matter to other people. Thanks to David Hafler I received my first real taste of a hobby that has since consumed much of my free time and brought me great enjoyment.

May God bless David Hafler.
Like many of you, my first was a DH200 amp, a 101 pre and Large Advents...gez..sure was easier then...everything sounded good..thanks DH.....RIP
I'm sorry to hear that he's gone. My first decent integrated amp was a Dynaco SCA-80. I bought it in the early 1970s, I still have it, it's still working (albeit with some servicing along the way), and it still sounds good. I've also got an SCA-35 stashed away, and an FM-5 tuner. I've got some newer equipment now, such as an NAD C-340 amp, but the Dyna equipment has held up remarkably well over time.
I just read in the Philadelphia Enquirer Obituary that David Hafler, age 84, died in a Philadelphia Hospice of complications from Parkinson's disease.
Very sad, I too was lucky enough to start with a dh-200 after breaking out of recievers, and heard what was possible with well desighned dependable equipment.
I am just now hearing about David Hafler's passing while reading this thread, so i thought i would share a quick little story.

My first experience with a Hafler amp came just
last weekend, ironically the weekend of his passing.
I had taken a DH-500 amp on trade at my photo shop (where
i also sold some used hi-end stuff) about four years ago.
I put it on the shelf and forgot about it until last
weekend when my wife and i were going through some extra
things i was going to sell here on Audiogon. Since i had never listened to the amp, i decided to put it in a Vandersteen system i had setup in my basement, just to make sure it functioned properly.
I pushed the start button on the CD player and, as i turned
to walk away, the sound stopped me in my tracks. I walked back over and sat down in front of the speakers. I remember thinking there is no way that sound can be coming from that
inexpensive amp.....but it was! I was in disbelief. Layer
upon layer of depth and imaging, and a lush, warm sound almost as smooth as tubes. No bass to speak of, but that's what they make subs for. I sat and just enjoyed the music for almost an hour.
After that i just had to try it in my main system. I unplugged my "five figure" Jadis monoblocks and put the $750 Hafler in their place. This might sound crazy, but not
only do i not miss my mono's, but i find myself listening to
music on that system every day, not every week or two
like i had before.
That little inexpensive, 20 year old amp has caused me
to reassess my entire approach to the hobby. It reminded me
of something many of us, along our journey toward the absolute sound, all too often's about the music. In this hobby where the idea that higher price tags
must mean better sound has pervased for years, David Hafler
has left us a legacy to the contrary. Like Danlib said, "what you do with your time can matter to other people" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest legacies of all.


I just heard the sad news. I have two DH100's and they are absolute gems. I really did not want to splurge on new mossfets, and DH100's were an absolute god send. I use them to bi-amp my Joseph Audio RM7's and the sound is absolutely wonderful - far better than any adcom that i tried hooking up to those babies.

I echo everybody's sentiments that a great man in the world of audio has passed away. In a world of mass produced cheap and vulgar stuff, his products bring us back to a more solid reality.

I believe that Hafler was also part of Acrosound before Dynaco. The little Acrosound 20/20 is still highly sought after as is the ulralinear monoblocks. I think that this was his company before Dynaco.