The ultimate system? Cost no object

If you could pick, the best of amp, pre-amp, digital or analog, cables, speaker cables and speakers...combo that come's close to the real "thing".I listened, few years back in Vegas (CES)VAC, Spectral, Avalon, in Spectral room, at the "Golden Nugge" How anything, can be any better?
I heard a Wadia-Ayre frontend playing to the Nearfield Accoustics Pipedreams-Wow!!! I don't which was more incredible, the $80k price tag or the 144 drivers that had me looking for Natalie Merchant hiding somewhere in the store. In regard to speakers,the Pipedreams are as real as it gets.
Burmester transport and converter(about$60000.00),Dynaudio reference electronics($150000.00),Kharma(don't remember the name) loudspeakers-$1000000.00.
Hey Mikhail If this is your dream system I'm sorry for you. Burmester gimme a break is there a worse sounding high end amp? ...I suggest you go to Germany and listen to that so called best system...coz i did...and I say crapolla..
Kuzma XL Turntable The Latest Triplanar Arm Clearaudio Insider Reference Wood Cartridge Transparent Audio Reference Phono cable Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono stage Conrad Johnson ART pre-amp Conrad Johnson Premier 8A BRIDGED pairs Avalon Sentinel All wired with Transparent Audio XL cables & One Transparent Audio Power Isolator XL on each component or chassis.
Pre: Mark Levinson No 32, power: Mark Levinson No 33H, speaker: B&W Nautilus 800, CD-transport: Theta Digital Jade, DAC: Theta Digital Casablanca, interconnects: Transparent. Oh, and make sure the room your using the system in is big enough.....
Willy the Poorboy needs to be arrested by the Thought Police (could use a neural probe, with a dull broomstick). He cusses too much, and he's not as funny as I am. The best system is MINE, of course! Heh heh. I'm not sure this subject needs traversing, no offense. I don't think any of us have spent enough time with any of these dream systems to state that they are the best in the world, even in our own opinion. Just a reality check. And it doesn't matter anyway, because there'd never be consensus on what constitutes the best in the world, nor does there need to be. None of this matters, because none of us actually even exist...well, I flipped open a book once that stated as much, but that's all I read of it...must be the best damn book ever!! It was quite palpable in the image it threw, as I threw it over the shelf and onto the head of an attractive young lady...named Suzie Q...
Thanks carl, just abruptly end the topic why don't you. I know I have not heard a wide variety of super expensive highend gear But What I heard was so amazing that I can't imagine anything being any better right now. 4 years ago I heard the MIT, spectral, avalon system and to this day I have not heard better. So thats my vote. Besides knowing what is possible and having a dream is what got me to become an audiophile and stay one. So don't stop now people. lets hear some more dream systems.
Nothing wrong with dreaming, never said there was. I love Science Fiction, for example. It's just more improtant to get the most out of what audio equipment you own, than dreaming about what some dream system might be like if you owned it. Rigidly pragmatic, maybe, but you'll be happier for it. You seem like a very angry guy, Kacz. Seek help.
How about this; Sonus Faber Amati,Goldmund mimesis 29.4amp,mimesis 22 pre,mimesis 20 D/A,mimesis 36 CD Transport,PH2 phono stage, Linn LP 12/Ekos/Lyra Parnassus D.C.t all cables courtesy Siltech make sure system is run singel ended no (XLR balanced crap) on Goldmund retail about $ 140,000.00 sure you can spend more but I seriously doubt that you'll have better sound than this system. ciao :-)
I am seekinnnnnnggggg HH E LLlL P. BUt NNOt WWOrkinGG. OHhhhh Car1 where do y@u lIve.
To late I'm watching you right now. HEH HEH. Just messing with yah. (Dang I got to get out more.)
Hello Fellas:

I was just killing a little time today, and I was just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon surfing the "net", and of course, I had to stop in here and see if there were any new posts posted and all. And when I didn't find anything that I found interesting, I just decided to go back in time a little and see all of the other subjects that I haven't seen before. And then, I came across THIS one. And this is the one that I couldn't resist at all. This is a nice subject here. I have seen all of the systems that the other posters have posted, and decided that I should just post one of my own.

So then, with that said then, without further ado, here is MY ultimate (DREAM) system.

Speaker System: Sonus Faber Amati Homage (in Rosewood or Cherry) -- $22,000.00 (Pair).

Power Amplifier: Mark Levinson No. 33H Monoblocks -- $19,500.00 (Pair).

Preamplifier: Mark Levinson No. 32 Reference + Phono Module -- $14,950.00 + $2,500.00 (Phono Module).

CD Transport/D/A Converter: Mark Levinson No. 37 Transport/Mark Levinson No. 360S D/A Converter -- $3,995.00 (Transport) + $6,995.00 (D/A Converter).

Turntable/Arm/Cartridge System: VPI TNT Mk. IV/Graham 2.0/Clearaudio Discovery -- $6,400.00 (Turntable) + $2,500.00 (Arm) + $3,400.00 (Cartridge).

Cables: Cardas Golden Cross -- $920.00 (1 Meter Interconnect -- Balanced) + $1,450.00 (Speaker Cables -- 5 Ft. Pair) + Kimber Illuminations Orchid Digital Cable -- $560.00 (1 Meter Interconnect -- for Mark Levinson No. 37 Transport and Mark Levinson No. 360S D/A Converter).

Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge Ultra 116 Power Conditioner -- $1,590.00 (For Analog and Digital Playback Systems) + Kimber Power Kord(s) -- $100.00 to $160.00 (again, for Analog and Digital Playback Systems).

Grand Total -- $69,710.00 + Cables + Room Renovation.

I've actually heard this system before as this ACTUAL system is installed at a local "high-end" audio saloon in my area, and for me, it doesn't get ANY better than this.


And finally, the room in which this system will be in will be treated with acoustic tile and will have acoustic treatment systems. The power outlets will be of "hospital grade" quality, with dedicated outlets and 20 amp circuits to feed the big Levinson amplifiers.
Chaskelljr, Nice system, but the math ain't so great. I was looking at your dream system and thinking it was a great deal for $70k. But then I did the math and it is actually $82,240+cables+Room Renovation. Cables and Room Tweaks easily put this one over $100k.
Hopefully mine, cause I can't afford to much more to keep going like this. But I really like my ML aerius i, bat vk200, pioneer elite cd/dvd player dv07 I think(always get confused on the model) dc-1, transparent cables, nht sw2pi sub. Now all I need is a big room, which I plan to build in the near future. And to scrape up some cash to ad the bat vk 30 into the mix for my 2channel. That's it, for me.
That is not an easy one: Wadia Powerdac, Stealth pgs and ur cables, BMW nautilus, PS1200
tube research 250 lb preamp. tube research 800watt triodes. 4 chasis 1200lbs sound lab u1s or jm lab utopias. fim cables. serenade straight wire best cheap cable. cd the jury is still out. maybe either accuphase or altis.
...because you said cost is no objective here goes....
do you mean a truly ROYAL music system?
Your listening room should be spacious and have good acoustics like the Radio City Music hall (maybe you could buy it out)
For entertainment purposes you should have the usual ....refreshment counters, multiple stages....since you are the subject can might as well afford surround sound...with many stages surrounding you. If you do wish to view Motion Pictures you could opt for a separate theater or have a wall dedicated for the Mega Projector unless you wish that Princeton Graphics makes you a custom Plasma TV (about 160' x 90') With all the necessary acoustic and architectural modifications, you should have already spent about US$200 million by now. Here comes the fun part...the system
First the software (expensive)
Since cost is no should have your own orchestra (maybe 2 or 3 of them.) For the sake of variety your software should be diverse. so you should consider buying out some big rock bands, jazz bands etc...unless you decide to buy a recording label straight...(Virgin Records could be yours for only 100 billion dollars.)
I would also recommend buying / renting living quarters for orchestra members which could double as guest accomodation as well (another 30 million)
Musical instruments, amplifiers (if needed) and speakers should be another 1 billion odd (if you want the best of the best like....) continuous runs of 60 feet silver wire...
misc (staff for maintenance and house recording engineers and Music Conductors)...another 5 million
recliner bed/chair $1000
will you be satisfied??
heck no!! ..welcome to the evil world of materialism
that should do it....and if you can afford all this get me one too
lab 47 pitracer,kondo's converter,rockport turntable,insider cartridge,vac renaissance signature preamp and amps 140/140, kharma extended exquisite speakers with enigma cables,all ac cord are fim gold,and acoustic treatment, (syn.desig.ref.squared with master control center could be also one of my cable choice)
I already posted one above...this is another cool system
A pair of ATC 150's (internally powered), Sony SACD player, ATC preamp. Total cost ~45K (with good balanced connects). It's amazing how so few people ever heard of them or actually auditioned them yet. Todd AO studio uses them for a reason!
maybe genesis 1s for speakers. but amps and preamp i will stand by. it is hard to say what the best would be without hearing it in equal enviroments.i know most of you audio nuts if you all had unlimited cash to blow you and me included would be on a search across the world to hear the best ever. in the end we all would not be any happier with our systems because it never ends. but it sure is fun though. hell i drove 9 hours to orlando florida to hear the ml statements.
Check out the Audio Tekne page on our site.The total system could easly exceed 2,000,000 dollars with no cd system.
I think my head would explode if I'd try to imagine the BEST system I could build for my needs, LOL! kah-booOOOM! :-/ Though I'd imagine I would start with some sort of Genesis speaker, then find the perfect amp (or amps) to drive them. Would probably then go with the matching preamp for that amp (that makes that part easy). Though that preamp has to be able to fully pass the dynamics required for me to play my two favorite types of music (60/40) - classical (full orchestra, brass, winds, prec, choir, etc) and death metal (grindcore, black, and death).

Unfortunately I do not know what any of these products are yet! But I imagine they will be some sort of vacuum tube product (I love guitar distortion on tubes)

Then I would need sources: :-)

I have a collection of ameteur cassette tapes from my performances (band, solo, orchestra) from High School and College. So I'll upgrade my Nak MR-2 Pro deck to the Dragon. *whew* that was easy.

Next, I'll need a CD player. First I'd audition a Naim deck. I love the PRaT thing with 250bpm Death Metal. :-) PRaT gets my foot tappin' and my head 'a bangin'. }:-0 So I'd start there, but it wouldn't be my last player! Also I want to be able to tell whether the trombone player is playing a Conn, Bach, or Besson horn. If Six Feet Under is playing on over-loaded Marshall guitar amps, I want to know that too. :-)

Turntable. Easy. Cost no object? Rockport Sirius (sp?). This is the $70k+ turntable Stereophile reviewed a year ago (or so). It looks like it is a complete solution (floor standing). And knowing nothing about turntables, this package is what I need. Then I could starting ordering Death Metal and Classical on vinyl from Europe. I imagine I'm missing a fair amount of good obsure death metal by not using vinyl. Besides, having grown up with the compact disc (perfect sound forever), I am curious as to what musicality of vinyl (vs. CD) I am missing.

Tuner. I'll need a tuner to tune into all those nearby college radio stations. Many of those stations have decent classical and jazz shows and play obsure stuff. And lets not forget the late night Death Metal shows! black, grindcore, swedish, and punk, - oh my. I've always heard Magnum Dynalab was good in this department, so that's what I'd start with. I'll need the best tuner that call pull in the low-powered stations in the sub 93MHz range. Most of the stations I'd listen to are from 88.3 - 91.1 MHz. The tuner must be able to clearly pull in those hard-to-get stations. MMMmmmm. I can taste the splatter! :-)
Bose 901's, powered by the original Phase Linear 700. For source, a pure "DC power source" AM radio from a vintage AMC Gremlin. Signal from this to be run directly into the Phase Linear to maintain all the quality that you would expect from this rig!

All interconnects and speaker wire hand made from Texas ranch barb wire, custom coated with tar to prevent arcing and shorting.

For best results, the tar coated wire should be kept in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours before auditioning. This will not add any cryogenic benefit, but will prevent Carpcrud effect. (This is when the tar insulation stains the new carpet and you catch heck from your wife.)

I cannot emphasize the importance of this last tweak enough, unless you like sleeping alone.
Albert's going to need pig gut stretched into a sheet, a la the orginal ESL speakers. Sure it will smell after a few days, but THE SOUND! :-)