Tidal hifi

Is tidal hifi worth the premium price in your humble opinion?
Absolutely... without question. Although I switched to Qobuz... they have more high Rez titles. But for the price of a CD or album a month you get access to nearly an infinite amount of music much of it in higher than red book CD format. I guess this presupposes you have a system better than a iPhone. But with my system it is as good or better than a cd and comes very very close to vinyl... and I listen to it 85%+ of the time,
You can sign up for a 30 day free trial and decide for yourself. Alternatives to consider are Apple Music lossless launching this month, Spotify HiFi later this year, Amazon Music HD, and Qobuz.

Where are you located? In the US, Tidal HiFi is not premium price if you subscribe through Best Buy. $120/year ($100 if you register and sign in with free bestbuy.com account). For those who currently have an active Tidal account, you can cancel it and let it expire after your monthly renewal date, then do the Best Buy subscription without losing playlists and favorites.

My comparison between Tidal and Amazon lead to me adopting Amazon. I'm a Prime member so this is $13 bucks a month and the catalog has many things (classical, jazz) that I couldn't find on Tidal. Sound quality impossible to tell apart, for me.
Qobuz is better for my tastes but Tidal is still an excellent service do a free trial of both and see which you prefer.
“Is tidal hifi worth the premium price in your humble opinion?”


Well it depends, many here are quite happy with subpar Spotify streaming as they value content over superb sound quality offered by Qobuz and Tidal. How resolving your system is? Is streaming your prime source of listening?
IMO, it’s worth the $120/yr that the subscription is slated to be for me next year via Best Buy.  This is provided SQ stays the same or better and selection stays very...very...comparable if not identical.

I’d like to see high-rez music services become a bit less than $10/month with enhanced competition from an increased number of providers...time will tell.
Yes and no. Please don't beat me but I do like some MQA (headphone system and main stereo). qobuz was too clunky for me; TIDAL and BlueOS are also a mess, twitchy, etc. but they "seem" to be working on it. Since I simplified to only streaming, Spotify and TIDAL are the two I use. It will be interesting to see what Spotify does with their version of HiRes forthcoming. For now, I am a TIDAL subscriber. 
And BTW, if you've not dipped your toes (feet, ankles, legs, torso...) into the MQA GoldenSound YouTubes as well as MQA's reply, you may want to check it out. I said "may". I do recommend Hans response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwZ5hDzQ5Jg&t=615s 
I pitted Tidal against Qobuz during free trial periods and ended up with Qobuz, but that isn't any knock against Tidal. I found Tidal to be a quality, easy to navigate, very hi-fidelity source. It's just that Qobuz offered more classical, and I preferred Qobuz' slightly warmer EQ.  Go with what your ears tell you. And yeah, I did appreciate that they offered MQA.
2 years ago yes. Now no.
The most expensive service while everybody else is cutting tariffs. Id'd rather spend the difference on non streamed.recordings.
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I enjoy Tidal immensely, and appreciate the MQA format albums. The resolution is outstanding. I could care less about the technical arguments. And once you get the hang of it, it is easy to navigate Tidal and if you have a query, they always respond and generally solve your problem. I also have yet to search for a an album and have not found it.

I have not tried out Qobuz and really do not want to start on another navigation. Too many headaches.


I'm VERY HAPPY with the sound quality of Tidal Hifi. I had BOTH Tidal and Qobuz for several months and just recently decided to cancel Qobuz. Ignore the Tidal haters and listen with your own ears. I have an extremely resolving system and Qobuz doesn't sound better to me. Also, for ME Tidal is cheaper.