trying to contact Albertsportis

Does anyone here know if AlbertSportis actually sells the speakers he has listed on the classified forum?  I have tried to contact him a number of times, in a number of different ways, but do not get a response.  I even made an offer on a pair of Sonus Faber but got not response.

I know this a strange first post, but any information would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.


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I just spoke to him last night, he sold me my ML 11As, Luxman 509X, and REL S812s. Great guy, talked me out of spending more $ unnecessarily! 

It's the holiday season.  People may be traveling and a little harder to reach.

Albert is a very nice guy, try calling him, if he is available, He is quick to answer.Is the store open? I know him.

I've bought a few things from him this year and last, always helpful and quickly responsive, either by message or phone call...

We did talk today.  Thank you.  

This was posted yesterday, after a few prior unsuccessful attempts.

All:  This was never intended as a derogatory post in any manner (since all kinds of reasons can lead to people not connecting) but instead was just an attempt to find out if his site was "active."  It clearly was as we spoke today.  So, all is good.

Happy Thanksgiving all.


One of the best internet dealers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

FAIR pricing and equipment as advertised

I purchased two REL S2 SHO’s on faith because I had never met him and he was great to work with. He helped me set them up on the phone and was very helpful. He is straight forward and he won’t hesitate to tell what he thinks. Too many dealers will tell you what you want to hear. He is very trustworthy and a great guy. I hope to buy my next amp and speakers from him. I hope to meet him one day.

Purchased  a Luxman amp from the gentleman. Great great guy to do business with. Another would be Kevin from Upscale Audio. 

I would also like to add Albert has been extremely helpful to me and absolutely great to deal with. Highly recommended.

He is a busy guy so be patient. He will respond. 

Tom D. 



I bought a pair of Martin Logan 11a from him for a very reasonable price and he shipped them to me in NM with the best shipping company I have ever worked with.  I have never met him but would buy from him again without worries.

I talked with him about the ARC Ref 5SE he has listed. He tried to sell me on a Luxman. Told him I would think about it. Decided to text/email him back about the ARC REF5SE and have not heard anything back. Seems like a bait and switch. Happy to be proven wrong. 

Yes, MOST of the stuff he advertises he doesn't even have.   Apparently he sells B stock as A stock sometimes too.  It's nice that some people have had good experiences with him, but he's a bait and switch scam artist no matter how much people want to deny it.

Contuzzi…. i agree with your assessment!  Big time bait n switch, he has nothing to sell but a Big waist of time from my experiences! 

One more word in praise of Albert. I bought a pair of Focal Sopra 3’s from him in red a few years ago. They were in perfect condition in the original boxes. At the time it was the most expensive piece of audio equipment I’d ever purchased. He sold them at a fair price and they arrived without damage on time with full tracking from the shipping company. He is a great person to do business with and I’d deal with him again in a heartbeat.


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I bought a sub from him many years ago, we had a great interaction and even added him to my contacts for future business.

Haven’t been able to reach him since. Doesn’t respond to calls, emails or his own ads. I’ve even made full price offers on items and he just let’s them expire. I was so frustrated the 2nd time that happened that I asked Gon to look into it. Never heard a peep.

I’m glad to hear that people have had some great experiences with him, I did once upon a time, now i just feel like the jilted ex.

I just ignore his ads in general now which is sad because i like to shop

I guess that he had a messy divorce with Audiogon some years ago. He was always the guy who photographed the audio shows for them, but then that stopped. I'm sure someone here knows the salacious details.

Albert Porter is a great guy and his departure from agon was a true loss.  But times were much different then…

They always answer my questions via email however my offers are also often ignored giving me the impression the prices are non negotiable, or i'm really cheap.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, and/or you're willing to hear the brutal truth about some gear he's your guy.  If you're looking to be treated with kid gloves move on.  I'm in sales and respect when people use the challenger sales model, whether they know it or not.  The customer is not always right and some people need to hear it.  

Most dealers are up 2-3x in the past few years, and he's close to a 1 man show.  Be persistent without being annoying and you'll be rewarded, as it seems his used inventory and deals are second to none.