Upgrading System...Help/opinions on Parasound and others?

Hi! I'm new to Audiogon...have been into hi-fi for about 10 years now.
I'm going to be slowly upgrading my system over the next year or two.  For a turntable, I am thinking Music Hall mmf-7.3, with Schiit Mani phono stage.  For speakers, I'm most likely going with Joseph Audio (not sure which ones yet).  I already have a Marantz CD-6006 which I adore.  ANYWAY...my question is more about a pre-amp/power amp.  My current system is listed at the bottom if you're interested.

My short list is:Parasound NewClassic 200 Pre (would use with my current AMC 2100 amp)
Prima Luna EVO 100 Integrated Amp (if going tube)Vincent SV-237MK (also if going tube and I feel like spending a little more)

Any opinions on these pairings are welcome, as in, would the pre and power amp do the turntable and speakers justice? What I'm really looking for is a nice pre/power amp that will pair well with the 7.3 turntable, drive good speakers, has tone control and preferably a bypass-able phono stage so that I can use the Mani.
Thank you kindly! :)

Current System:Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC with 2M Blue and acrylic platterMarantz CD6006 CD player
Marantz 2240 (using as pre-amp)AMC 2100 power ampFocal Aria 906 speakers
I would strongly consider the Vincent integrated. I owned a Vincent SV-226 and loved it. Never should have sold it. Possessed a smooth but detailed presentation with great soundstaging,  A great product to serve at the heart of your system. At your budget using an integrated removes one pair of interconnects and a power cord from use of separates. The tubes will last a long time. Used in preamp stage only.
Thanks for your input! It really has impressed me overall, and I've yet to audition one.  Unfortunately that's the only one on my list I'd have trouble auditioning unless I went out of province...but somewhere around me may be able to direct order one.
Also sorry about the formatting in my question, it wasn't like that in the text box.
Vincent makes great stuff, and a friend owns the earlier version of the SV237...236 maybe? In any case, I've listened to it a lot and it's pretty much all the amp one might need. Note the thing is massive...Audio Advisor allows returns without a re-stocking fee so return shipping might be all you risk to audition one.
I'm in Canada, Audio Advisor will only ship that to a US address, plus it would cost about $500 more compared to the Canadian distributor.  I'll see if they have free returns though :)

There may be a store a few hours away from me that *could* order one in, I'd have to give them a call.  The more I look into the Vincent the more I realize it's just what I'm looking for.
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I would choose the Primaluna Evo then the Vincent. That depends on speakers also. 
dsotm073 No problem, but I'm not quite in the market for one yet...have to save my pennies! I also wager you're in the US, shipping to/from
Canada is so ridiculous it'd surely undo any savings.
cal18 Interesting, thanks :) I'll be sure and audition both.

I like Parasound.

Never heard the classic line. Skip the P5 if you find it used. Go for the P7 or newer.
I like Parasound.

Never heard the classic line. Skip the P5 if you find it used. Go for the P7 or newer.
I believe it just came out last year.  I'll probably audition my top 3 when the time comes. :)
Thanks :) I'm going to start auditioning to get an idea of sound...will likely make a follow up thread!
I love my Parasound Halo A21 Amp and P5 Pre-Amp. Absolutely love it. I’ve heard great things about the HINT 6 to. Best of luck to you in your search!
Hi Branden, if you go the Parasound route why not consider the Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated with the Pascal class D amps? It's only a couple hundred more. It's getting some very favorable reviews. You could always use it's pre outs to another amp if the Pascals aren't to your liking and not lose too much.  

Parasound makes great stuff that is very reasonably priced. I did a test earlier this year to pit their Zpre3 against my Schiit Saga pre with a very nice NOS tube. My Schiit Gumby dac has two sets of outputs that I fed to each pre. The Saga was then fed to the HT bypass inputs on the Zpre3. Everything was level matched for volume. This fed a PrimaLuna Prologue 5 amp to some Omega speakers, source was an Aurender streamer. All power cables and interconnects were identical. Bottom line when switching back and forth I couldn't hear ANY difference. So while the Saga certainly isn't the end all of preamps, it is very transparent. You should expect this with any Parasound pre. 

Good luck with your choices and enjoy the journey.

I'm currently using the Parasound P6 to the A21 out to Salk SC Songtowers. It's the best sound I've had to date. Note that the P6 has a ton of features including a home theater bypass. I also love the high pass and low pass filter control for subwoofers.
treynolds155  Interesting! The only reason I wasn't really considering the NewClassic integrated mostly because of its small size, I figured it would have thermal problems.  Then again, didn't look at any reviews! I'll consider it now though.
Class D is the coolest running of the bunch so I wouldn't worry about that at all. I have two of their Zamp3 amps that are class AB, same basic form factor only half width and they run barely warm even when pushing them a bit. I've read a lot of good and bad things about class D over the years, what got me really interested was them using Pascal, same brand that Mytek puts in their amps...no clue if it's the same board but sure as heck makes me go...hmmmmm. 
After close to four decades using amps from Levinson, Pass, Bryston and Krell, I decided to give Parasound a try. I have to say that I'm impressed. I'm using their top-end JC2 preamp and JC5 poweramp, but the build and sound quality for the dollar are stellar. 
treynolds155 Ah I see! I was unaware.  I hope that the dealer near me will let me take one home to try. :)
jaytor I'm glad to hear Parasound is good! I wish the unit I'm interested in wasn't so low profile though, ah well, can't win 'em all!
Given your fondness of the Marantz CD player, why not get the Marantz 8006 integrated.  I had a 8005 before I bought their Reference gear and found it to be a great integrated.  I preferred it to a well regarded 200wpc hybrid power amp
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Parasound A21 (not he latest version) and a BAT VK-30 linestage driving Thiel CS 3.6s quite well in a large room. I replaced a Bryston 4B-St with the Parasound.  I am impressed. Also, for now, I have the Parasound Z-phono. 
Tube question -- For anyone above who chose Prima Luna, what DAC did you pair with it? Did the Vincent's inclusion of a DAC in their unit sway you toward it? Against it? Prima Luna makes a point of keeping the DAC out of their units, but Vincent doesn't. Did that make a difference to your decision?
@hilde45 I ended up going a different direction and went for separates, SS amp and a Schiit Freya+ (which I'm waiting for still)...but I do already have a Schiit Bitfrost and have heard it with a Freya+, SS amplification and a range of speakers. It is superb.