VTL preamps and amps, co status?

Is co shipping product?  Interested in both amps and a preamp. 



Vtl service bad?

lots of repairs?  Horrifying to get gear repaired. 
Dealers not listed on website.  Who is buying?


I would stay away from used VTL....they don't take kindly to second hand owners

Its a shame, because like I've said many times VTL gear sounds good, its the service that is beyond bad.   You've been warned .....

So if i buy used gear, they will be unhappy looking at it, or repairing it. Where do u go? I consider buying a used 7.5.  But better off not

why r they not helpful? 

There are so many great preamps out there....  I know first hand about their service , it sucks plain and simple 

Do a search on Agon and you will find a lot of talk about VTLs poor customer service on used VTL gear. As others have stated you have been warned

Learned that dealers loath dealing with vtl.

is vtl shipping new stuff? is it reliable?

As stated, getting service and/or upgrades on gear you didn't buy new from a dealer is a challenge. I've owned new and used VTL over the past 25 years or so.

My recommendation would be to check out Manley Labs to see if they have anything that is up your alley. There are a lot of other tube gear options, of course.

we are a zesto dealer and in the pst have sold many tube brands 


zesto gear sounds amazing  is very quiet and is bulletproof


we went from a pair of 40k cjs art reference amplifiers to a 20k zesto eros monoblocks  and didnt miss the cjs at all


dave and roy

Audio intellect NJ

Zesto dealers

When dealers hate dealing with a manufacturer,  thats all I need to hear to steer clear.   

Check out Zesto 

Buying vtl gear new seems risky. No one wants their used stuff due to poor svc.


Plus, do you really want to give your $$$ to and support a company that doesn’t or very reluctantly stands behind its products?  They sound like a company that thinks “you’re lucky to have our stuff” rather than “we’re thankful to have you as our customer.”   No thanks.  Too many other great tube products out there to deal with that arrogant and customer-unfriendly attitude IMHO. 

How can vtl succeed?  They need a new customer service dept.  

I read in manual tube replacement requires sending unit in.  Possible to do urself?

Why are you still leaning toward VTL?    So many great manufacturers out there with strong support....Zesto, Quicksilver,  Rogue ,  McIntosh, plus many more. 

Luke Manley is one of the most arrogant people you will ever talk to in this biz....good luck dealing with him down the road.  He's a true douche

@emergingsoul , yes, VTL gear is excellent sounding. Have owned quite a few pieces of it. 

with regards to service, VTL will service it, but may take a while, much longer than many 'philes are able to handle. 

Their newest gear, has improvements at the frequency extremes.  And the gear is built very well. 


@emergingsoul are you really still considering VTL after so many have stated they have poor service and potential no resale value?

I can recommend LAMM and Ypsilon, as they have had very good to excellent response to buyers of their used gear. 

This is why I’ve avoided @emergingsoul posts after the first one I responded to.  He starts with a question and then goes off on his own direction regardless of whatever feedback and experienced advice he’s given.  Now I’m kicking myself for wasting my time responding here.  Hey dude, go for it.  Buy VTL!!!

Buy an early VTL , they had a lifetime transferable warranty and let us know you like it ....