What can I do between the wall and my streamer/DAC?

I have AT&T fiberoptic internet and the AT&T supplied router. I then have generic ethernet cable to the music room in the basement to the back of my Lumin T2. Is the anything I can do to make this a better sounding situation? I feel it sound very good as is, just wondering if I am leaving some goodness on the table with this set-up, Thanks, Allen.  


Lose the wall. Most mesh routers provide better SQ. And as a bonus better WiFii coverage. Then if you want to squeeze the lemon, put an ENO in between. Fanatics claim converting to fiber in between is even better. Meh.

IMHO you'll get more enjoyment putting those considerable funds into a favorite DAC.

To know if it could be improved would require investigation into the data rate limitations and if you are dropping packets with your current set up.  There are ways to determine this.  If you are not having issues with the system, meaning it is functioning properly, than changing to another properly functioning system that performs the same and under the same standard may not yield better results.  


Fuzztone beat me to it, I second the ENO streaming package, which comes with their amazing ENO Ag LAN cable on both ends. Adding ENO would get rid of digital hash and make your T2 more musical and enjoyable. They do offer 30 days return privileges so you got nothing to lose. BTW, T2 as a streamer/DAC is an amazing performer. Add a ENO and you’re done!

PS: Just ignore the Network engineers nerds and naysayers :-) 

Probably do well to upgrade to a better Ethernet cable.  In streaming, everything matters and makes a big difference.  +1 on upgrading to ENO or the like. 

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Tell me about choices for better ethernet cable, thanks. 

What kind of length do you need?

Yeah... for that kind of length, I wouldn't consider buying any kind of after market ethernet cables.


Have you considered isolating your router from your audio system by using fiber media converters?

Another option is putting a network switch after the 45' run of ethernet cable, run by a linear power supply.

Some form of LAN Isolator to the Lumin with a good ethernet cable from the switch. An Eno would suit, or the likes of a Pink Faun.

Much of the responsibility of sound quality rests on your streamer. So, you can fiddle with your routers and cables or concentrate on a great streamer. For me, I use wall wart wifi extenders and great streamers (Aurender N100 and W20SE) and get sound quality equivalent to my amazing analog rig.

I use a TP Link Ethernet over AC adapter.   It works great.   I used to have one made by Netgear and it was noisy.   The TP Link works great.    Unfortunately I can't run hard wire from my router so it's the only way for me

I needed a switch so I bought a TP Link TL-SG2210P  10 port switch with 2 SFP slots

Each slot has a SFP fiber optic module .   I use the TP Link MC220L  fiber optic media converter connected via LC fiber optic cable to the switch.    

One SFP module goes to my Vault 2i and ths other goes to my Aurender N200

TV , computer , and Blu Ray are connected via rg45

Total was around $250 for everything 

Works great  

With a run that long you would benefit from fiber and a good Ethernet cable on the streamer end. I recently replaced my 30 foot Cat 6 with fiber and Cat 8 cable, it was a significant upgrade in sound. And cheap to try, around $120 on Amazon. There is a discussion in this forum with links to gear, worth a try. 


If you’re not getting any dropouts, there’s no need to buy anything.

As long as the DAC is getting the data intact (whether wired or wireless), there’s no improvement to be made. This is the beauty of digital data.