What country still has music?

I'm shocked to see all 20 hits countdown with hiphop. Is it the same in UK? Brazil? Argentina? France?
Is there any country left on earth with music?
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Uhh I'm not station listener. I like it live. I'm not anoyed what people like. It's not a surprise for me where there's almost no school that even introduces what is music to children.
The masses have the taste of the Philistines (with all apologies to any living Philistines). Audiophiles, stereo nuts, music lovers and the like have a deeper appreciation and more catholic tastes and would probably agree with your assessment but as Winoguy17 said, the question is difficult to answer.

Marketing goes a long way and once those bean counters zero in on a formula that works, they milk it for all its worth. Since the monopolization of the music industry some time ago, this was foretold but ignored. The major labels make the artist, market the artist in their own venues, be it live or on cable, review their own artists in their own publications, be it print or online, and saturate the audiences with their crap.

It doesn't take much to gather a crowd nowadays. :-)

All the best,
Sorry, Tpreaves, but not when it comes to what sells and charts these days. I share Marakentz' sentiment. I believe there is such a thing as objectively horrendous crap.
In addition:
Blame it on the so-called British Invasion. Thats when hype and appearance began to be just as, or more important, than the music. Also, TV can share the blame. Sort of like talking pictures. When we could hear them, some great actors didn't make the cut. Great talent that didn't look so good, suffered the same fate. The recent Super Bowl half time show is a case in point. Beautiful woman, forgettable music. I use the word 'music' loosely. Did I mention she was beautiful?
Beyonce is simply gorgeous. By the way she`s sold 88 million albums/CDs thus far in her career.Beautiful and wealthy,not a bad combo.
" It's not a surprise for me where there's almost no school that even introduces what is music to children."

My daughter goes to a decent public middle school and has been learning violin there for 2 years. She's no Heifetz yet, but certainly getting a great introduction. Other than that, what kids hear or experience musically is another story, but not much different than when I was a kid her age 40 years ago.
Classical music is still fairly popular in Austria I've been told, at least as reflected in the cost of attending preimier events in premier venues there.

The traditional "arts" including classical music still have a strong core going in cities like NY, Boston, and even Baltimore, near where I live. It'll never be "popular" music though. THat will always be a different breed.
It's nice to know that we have finally reached racial equality. I know this because the White Redneck Boys next door to me only listen to Black Hip Hop and Rap in their pickups.
Music is more diverse and more available then ever these days. As a whole, it mostly sounds pretty darn good these days to me as well, though not always perfect.

Like John Harbough likes to say, "Who's got it better than us?".
>> Beautiful and wealthy <<

I notice you didn't include "musically talented" in your description - good on ya!

Wealthy because beautiful, talented and likable as well it would seem.

Not to mention multi-racial appeal and a catchy name.

Beyonce', the perfect storm?
And, let's face it, her SuperBowl performance was eminently forgettable. The Stones, Prince, and Michael Jackson had much better - and memorable - shows...

"And, let's face it, her SuperBowl performance was eminently forgettable."

Yes, but aren't they all?

Its more about being as over the top as possible without breaking any social taboos. A big name star is required.

I'm a big Stones and Who fan, and can tolerate MJ and Madonna, but their appearances were all forgettable as well other than the fact they occurred at Super Bowl halftime. Its a football game and spectacle, not a music conservatory!
Personally makes me sick, it's degrading and disgusting, we have enough troubles and violence without this crap.
This thread reads like a discussion in a nursing home lounge (from any era), likely a US nursing home. Now go take your medication, hopefully something to keep you regular, and have a nap.
Most musical country I 've been in,and I've been in many, is Hungary. Opera and classical music concerts are SRO in Budapest.About dropped my dentures to see half the audience were young people.Even in smaller cities this was the case.
Ok, sorry if that sounded harsh, you know I love you guys. It's just that it does just sound like "Oh those crazy kids and their rock music..." I mean...exactly like that. Hasn't that been said by every older generation about the youths music regardless of era or genre? Me thinks yes. Now, I don't particularly enjoy most of the top 20 stuff these days but I really never have. I also don't really enjoy a lot of the music discussed here, not all of course but much. It irks me a little to criticize others artistic interests so I try and shy away from it.
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"R U surprised that we now live in a world of less than mediocrity.."

The world on average is mediocre pretty much by definition.

Luckily, there are still plenty of exceptions to keep things moving forward.

Learn to ignore the mass media and much of what politicians and corporations say for mass consumption and find your own sources of whatever turns you on. That's the key.
There's no artistic ability with gangbanging and cop killing plus having it
crammed down our throats in TV commercials, advertisements, sports
events and radio stations.
Rock music never did this, and I don't meds or a nap.
"There's no artistic ability with gangbanging and cop killing plus having it crammed down our throats in TV commercials, advertisements, sports events and radio stations. Rock music never did this..."

No but the point is the parents of teh rock generation felt pretty much the same way about rock music as oldsters today tend to about current pop culture. Pop culture is for youths, not for old farts.

Somehow I survived the rock era. There were just as many bad influences to overcome back then as today I would say. The big difference is these days with internet, social media and such, everyone is probably more aware than ever of what those unlike them are doing. I think that is probably a good development compared to the past where it was much easier to live in the dark ages.

I was in the gym the other day working out in the boxing room. There was one other much younger fellow (caucasian) in there. HE had some RAP/Hip Hop music playing over the sound system off his IPOD as he was working the heavy bag. Seemed like a nice kid, but the lyrical content of what he was playing was way out there. I do not offend easily and have heard a lot of similar music, but this set a new milestone for crudeness by far over most anything else I have ever heard. I suspect only a select few young or old, could listen to that and not react negatively. It was the lyrical equivalent of a raw porn movie set to music and I am not exaggerating! How popular will that be in another 10 years? I'm sure something even more out there will take its place.
Well, while the country was hung on 'angry white males', we tended to ignore that there might be other angry folks out there. With even more reason to be angry. If you listen to rap you will have to conclude that SOMEBODY is pissed!! BTW, I think young caucasian males could be the major consumers of Rap.
Everyone has a chip on their shoulder I suppose.

Its big business!

Most learn to deal with it better with age, but I suspect even then it is always there, pretty much without exception.
I used to be angry, but no one seemed to notice or care. Talk about being dissed!!!
Rod Stewart and Queen Latifa now have Jazz Standard albums out.
(I am not a fan of)
John "Mahivishna" Mclaughlin has been doing Classical albums for a while.
(big fan of).
Bruce "Stringbean" Springsteen is working on a Pagliacci album??
Next time I go into the boxing room to work the heavy bag, I think I will play some Mozart and see if that can get me going like some good AC/DC.
Scientific Proof Beiber Sucks! (and the majority of todays Pop Music);

You should have worked that youngster over at the tune of .........
Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring" on the account of your "Rite Of Better Taste". HA
Just watched a piece on the BBC about an Afghan Youth Orchestra touring the USA. They played at Lincoln center. Very poignant to see young people, esp the girls, risk their lives to play and listen to music. No music lovers among the taliban!! Puts all our musical / gear differences of opinion in proper context. We in this country enjoy an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the arts. As well as other freedom.
Big E, in MANY places the local symphony is out, or about to go out- of biz. Around here, the St Paul CO, a world class ensemble ,is disbanding and the MN SO is close to it.
Mapman, since Mozart brings the peace of God, it is a given it won't arouse the hostility in your soul like Ac/Dc, one of Satans fav groups.
02-07-13: Actusreus
Sorry, Tpreaves, but not when it comes to what sells and charts these days. I share Marakentz' sentiment. I believe there is such a thing as objectively horrendous crap.

It doesn't matter what sells or charts, people like what they like.
Schubert you have a point there.

I'm a fan of the philosophy of yin and yang though. Gotta deal with both the dark and light sides of life to get by.
Beyonce? Superbowl? Utterly forgettable events.

If you want good, current music, you have to work a bit to find it, but it's out there. The most talented and creative artists are NOT going to be front and center on prime time. This is the zeitgiest of the 21st century.

As one example, if I had only my Pete Townshend and Who recordings from now until the end, I would die a happy man. Pete has more musical talent in his little toe than all the Britknees, Lohanables, Beyoncas and Aguilerianas combined.
Stevecham, thanks for telling it like it really is.

I'm not an old fart by a long shot, it's just some of this stuff is pure garbage.
Actually, it's all garbage. Gotta seriously disagree with you on this one, Mapman. Early rock was melodic. Imo, if not for the long hair, the older generations would have embraced it. Fact is, the majority did later on join the crowd. Those who say they like rap as well as those who say they like current original music seem to be constantly reconciling it's so-called attributes. The vast majority being young people exploited by big business cashing in on typical growing pains. Remember back in the seventies when the beginning of the end was starting to be forecast? Music is actually finite. At least anything worthwhile. Been there, done that.
Stevecham, well and truly said.
However , the fact remains that Mr.Townshend hath not 1/1000 the talent of J.S. Bach.
Schubert, Csontos, Stevecham, we could be neighbors and co-exist intellectually!
When you look backwards you selectively limit your view to the best music of an era, whereas the music of today benefits from no such filter and of course seems worse in comparison. An interesting take on this effect are the Owen Wilson and Marion Cotilliard characters in the film "Midnight In Paris".

Here's a listing of best selling artist by decade. Basically, from from the 1980s onward Madonna and U2 rule. Click on the links at the top of the page and you can narrow your data to specific years.

As far as I can tell there was always good music and really bad music popular in any selected year.
If you widen your definition of what constitutes music to infinity, then of course it's going to continually be recognized as such but you'll be desperately searching for ways to ascribe it as a pleasing experience. U2 was on the envelope from the start imo. I do like a few of their tunes. Sweetest Thing is my fav. Best selling artist lists have nothing to do with this issue. Even if you like it, that doesn't necessarily make it music
Some might make the argument that no music since is the equal of Bach's.
I think there is some validity to that argument.
At one time what we call 'classical' music was the 'popular' music. It's now called classical because it has stood the test of time. That is the ultimate measure of any music, does it last! A good thing to look for is, what music do they use in the movies to represent a certain time or era. Not perfect, but a pretty good indicator of which music had the greatest resonance in society doing any given time.

European Classical music is not superior to all other forms of music. A lot of it is awesome, and almost as much is boring.(sleep inducing) One man's opinion. And since music is not a natural phenomenon, but man-made, then man can judge.
The GREAT music can / does jump across cultures and societies.