What record weight for Rega RP10

I have the RP10 and not sure whether the bearing on this table is even designed to work with or can accept the load of a record weight. I have a the ClearAudio clamp but can hear no discernible advantage with it, plus I am concerned about applying pressure to the bearing when using it. There so many record weights available and I am just a little cautious as I have called The Sound Organization but haven’t been able to reach anyone willing to provide an answer.

So has anyone with a Rega table found a record clamp that works well with your table? 

Thank you in advance 


Elliotnewcombjr. Thank you for your suggestion, my spindle isn’t 1/2” without a record so the reel holder would not present an issue. Is this something that you are using and what table do you have?

Stringreen. I am curious as to your response. Can you explain why you wouldn’t recommend using a weight at all on the RP10? Is there something in the design or the type of bearing that brings you to this conclusion? Thank you for your response.


Rega spent a huge amount of time reducing weight and optimizing the table for light weight to reduce resonance. From my experience when you add weight you take away from sound quality. This goes for what the player is sitting on as well. you do not want to add mass to a Rega playback system. I also do not think the plater is optimized for a clamp or weight either, but if you NEED one use something, a light weight clamp over a weight.

We did an experiment with the rega table sitting on a hi mass shelf and a low mass shelf and it was very aperient that the light weight shelf was superior in all regards. this was a Rega balsa wood shelf that weighed very little.

Glennewdick. Thank you for your response and I think what you describe is probably the best answer I have seen. As mentioned sound organization never gave me a response other than you shouldn't need one. Which I interpreted as Rega doesn't make and you won't need one till they do. A couple dealers really didn't answer the question directly except the one that sold me the Clearaudio clamp disc.

I think you answer tells me to move on and find something else to spend money on. Much appreciated!

The best way to enjoy a Rega P10 is to use it as designed-with the most Rega cart you can afford(Apheta), along with the best phonostage your wallet can tolerate

Nothing more.

Once that's accomplished, listen to records and avoid audio forums.



Do you have a source for the Rega light weight (Balsa) shelf?

I've only seen their wall bracket frames (never shelves).

I use light/rigid Greater Ranges Neuance shelves under my TT/CD decks, but they are no longer available.




I had a Rega P8, and I enjoyed it for quite a while.  I thought that it was a very good turntable, although, when compared to others, the sound was quite resonant. I tried a SOTA record clamp, and it improved the sound markedly, with more detail and less blur in the imaging. I also played with different isolation devices to place under the footers, and noted significant improvement with some. Overall, I found Rega to be a very good turntable, but for more intro level audiophile systems, overall costing less than 25k.  Once you start playing with clamps, shortly, you will probably want to just upgrade your turntable, and then your overall system.  

Drbond. I did try an HRS platform under the table and it did sound really good, but it was to big and sold it. I planned to get another HRS in smaller size but then tried the Symposium Segue and ended up buy it as it seemed to be a more vivid than the HRS however it has presented a footfall issue. I realize that is 90% floor and until I can get the floor reinforced I won’t make a decision on what to do. I broke a shoulder a year ago and just had it replaced so construction projects are on back burner for a while. 

tablejockey. I would agree that buying the Alpheta would be a optimal way to go, but I am using a Kleos and have it set up pretty darned good. I shimmed it according Jonathan Carrs recommendation and set the cartridge with a Dr feikert as best as I can. Although a new phonostage is on the horizon but not sure what I can afford, but want to try the Rogue Ares II Magnum or a Sutherland, unfortunately I have yet try these two out.


theo OP

I have a few reel to reel tape decks, and a box of parts, including a few of those rubber reel holders. It’s out because I was showing it to a friend with a Luxman PD444 which has a motor that partially lifts the platter off the bearing surface. You would not want a heavy hold down on that player.

I use a heavy Audio Technica Weight on my JVC Victor TT81, those DD’s are beasts.

Many LP’s need the center pushed/held flat, I would use the lightweight rubber holder as a matter of course. Surprisingly many of the 180 gram LP’s I buy come slightly warped, and need their center held down. 

I bought the Wayne’s Outer ring to add perimeter solidity, unfortunately the wide/raised/sloped edge of the JVC spinner just touches the bottom of the ring's weights.

It’s on the porch, I gotta sell it, I keep forgetting.

Ellliotnnewcombjr. Thank you but that adds a lot more weight which I have determined the Rega bearing might be damaged. Also I think adding the much weight could require more weight load on the motor.

but t appreciate your help

theo OP

for you, or anyone concerned about weight, the light rubber gizmo is very light, it just grips the spindle, no weight at all really.

"I am using a Kleos and have it set up pretty darned good."

theo- the Lyra is on the same level as Apheta.

Arguably, not being fully optimized with a Rega arm?

"want to try the Rogue Ares II Magnum or a Sutherland"

You may not be hearing what the Lyra is capable of using a phonostage lower on the food chain <$2500 or so?

Tube(Rogue or whatever) can be a game changer to some ears.

Hagerman for just over $1K seems to get positive review as the "punches above it's  price point" box. I don't  know however, if there's enough adjustability to optimize your  Kleos?


Tablejockey. I have considered getting the Alpheta as it would eliminate any error in setting it up. I eliminate the shims and everything else falls into place. 
I currently use a Linn Linto for phono stage and really want to upgrade it but currently have been dealing with some health issues, so I haven’t been wanting to make the drive to the closest dealer to audition the Rogue. Unfortunately the Sutherland products aren’t represented locally so then I would have to do a mail order. I realize that Music Direct does a 60 day exchange, but I would rather A-B with one that is broken in. So that brought me to the question about the weight as that was an easy cheaper tweak. But I have come to the conclusion that it most likely won’t make any difference if any. 
so I guess that until I can go audition the Rogue and compare it to my Linn I will just have to wait.

thank you for your input 

It's a matter of design.....my Linn sounded much better on a lightweight thin wood shelf I put together with brads, than anything "audiophile approved" I tried.

I have a Rega P6 with a Hana ML mc cart and I use a Michell Engineering clamp (the Rega-specific version, which is made for the correct spindle height). It's lightweight, made of low-resonance Delrin, and uses the twist/collet-type clamping method.

To me, music sounds tighter and more precise, with better soundstaging and crisper transients (although I know how subject many of us are to hearing what we want to hear...)

I can't see how the clamp would stress the spindle bearing, as it only compresses the record to the mat, platter, and subplatter, all of which ride on top of the bearing.

I had a LinnSondek that really opened up when used on a balsa shelf that I knocked together with a couple of small brads

Zuman. I looked at this online and there isn’t much explanation of how the clamp works. So if I understand/assume, you apply some downward pressure then tighten the collet? As mentioned, I do have some concern about applying too much pressure on the spindle bearing. I am not sure what Rega uses, it seems to me that I read they used saffhire which would concern me about crushing or fracturing the bearing. If they are using hardened steel then no issue. Let me know if I am correct on how the clamp works.

stringreen. When I had my LP12 I made a thick MDF platform with cherry veneer and uses Aurios bearings underneath and that help substantially. I do miss the LP12 but not the issues that went with it. Not so much the table other than the tuning and adding upgrades. Plus having a suspended floor created footfall issues.but probably the best sounding table I have owned to date.

That's correct...you just press down a bit then twist the knob to tighten it. It doesn't take a lot of pressure and I've never had any sense that the ball bearing is being stressed. And mine is still working fine.


Thank you, Zuman. I found it for 70.00 and plan to get one coming. 

I appreciate your help 


I just ordered the Michell weight yesterday. I like that it isn’t reliant on weight but applys pressure by clamping to the spindle. But thank you for your suggestion.


Do you have a source for the Rega light weight (Balsa) shelf?

I’ve only seen their wall bracket frames (never shelves).

I use light/rigid Greater Ranges Neuance shelves under my TT/CD decks, but they are no longer available.



Hay DeKay, it was a stand made by Russ Andrews in the UK. called Torlyte. There is a new version but here is a picture of the one we were using. 

Torlyte - Google Search