What's your speaker IQ, and the best speaker?

Please forgive the fact that this is a direct overlap of the popular "The best speaker you ever heard?" thread. However as much as I love the original thread, far too many of the respondents do not list what other speakers they have auditioned, severely limiting the value of that particular answer. For example if you say, "The Dunlavy SC-V are the best speaker bar none" and all you ever heard before that are whatever was at Best Buy, it is hard to give that opinion a lot of weight. But if you say, "The Dunlavy SC-V are the best speaker bar none" and I've listened to Von Schwiekert VR-11s, Avalon Eidolon Diamonds, and the entire Wilson line .. well then NOW you're saying something.

So in my perfect world, the posts would go something like: "Krix Equinox, Rogers Studio 1a, Quad 12L, Quad ESL989, ATC SCM 20SL, Kef C40s, most of the Thiel line, but I have to say far and away the best speaker I've ever hear is ..."

Forgive me again, but I guess this also overlaps the popular "Personal speaker evolution" thread! However if this topic takes on any traction, I think it can be a perfect marriage of the other two threads and very valuable resource.

Try to answer by listing the speakers first, so that when the answers post they will be seen in the 1st line of the post and anyone browsing the thread can then click on those answers that mention speakers that he/she is interested in.

This could be fun, thanks!
Maggie 3.6R, Wilson WP 6, Wilson WP 7*, Kharma 3.2RMe, Kharma Midi Ceramique*, Kharma Midi Exqusite, Von Schweikert VR4jr, Von Schweikert DB99, Zu Cable Druid, Dali Megaline, Pipedreams 15*, Vandersteen 5A*, Von Schweikert VR9*, Audio Note AN-E SE Signature, Avantgarde Duo*, Wilson Maxx*, SAP J2001*

This is a good post. I have added * to the speakers that I have heard in other people's systems, but still at length. The ones without * I have had in my system and therefore carry more weight. I have not listed speakers I have just heard at shows or once at a dealer etc.

My tastes are for tonal purity and dynamics, so my favorite speaker is the Audio Note AN-E SE Signature.

However the best speaker in a audiophile sense, has deep bass, extended top, soundstage etc. etc. is the Dali Megaline.
Soundesign all in one stereo with plastic speakers
Infinity Qa
Magneplanar MG-1b
Magneplaner MG-IIb
Magneplanr MG IIIa
Apogee Stage
Martin Logan SL3
Magneplanar Tympani IVa

Apogees had the best midrange.

Tympanis have the best, although not the loudest or deepest bass.

Martin Logan had best resolution at lower listening levels.

MG-1bs were most enjoyable, but perhaps because they were my first audiophile loudspeaker.

I think my speaker IQ is still low, and I will forever search for the best- that is why I am a neurotic, obsessive, compulsive audiophile replying to your post.

I own 8 pairs of speakers at the moment and you want me to give you a list of every speaker I have heard at length. I couldn't even begin to try such a feat.
The best speakers I ever Heard are Arnie Nudell's personal set of 1989 Infinity IRS Vs which were refurbished after being played once to show the world what he could do and then crated and stored for 20+ years. Bill Legall a true master at the craft of speaker repair etc. preparedthem for regular use. There is no one who knows infinity better than him, I say that with certainty. I am not generally impressed with Infinity but his IRS Betas and his two sets of IRS Vs are utterly amazing- if you enjoy big sound which I happen to like very much. He also owns a variety of other great classic speakers. My own are not interesting except for my Vintage 1959 JBL C38s with the 030 package and the C36s with the D-131 driver and the 075 tweeters. I use JMlab Electras 936s and VSA VR2s nothing really interesting, but I have listened critically to dozens. I couldn't posibly list them all.
Merlin VSM-MXe's. Bobby's newest iteration of this magnificent speaker model. I just got these. Hands down, the best speakers that I have owned. The sound is very holographic and dynamic, yet quite natural, which creates a startling real soundscape. My previous speakers include Quad ESL-988, Quad ESL-63, Quad ESL-57, Apogee Stage, and Magnepan IIIa. The Merlins' bass is fuller and more tonally pure than any of these other speakers. It is better integrated than the ribbon speakers that I had, and has much better SPL capability than the Quads. This is JMHO, based upon my personal experience with my system and my listening room, which I am most familiar with. YMMV.
Over the years,I have tried to get into audio botiques,so that I've heard most of the stuff out there,even if in a commissioned salesperson's speaker room.

In the "best speakers you've even heard" thread,I said the larger Quads,that are beyond my budget,and that I'm happy with my Maggie 1.6s.

That said,of the boxes I've heard,the ones I've liked best(in no particular order) are the Vandersteen 1cs,the Meadowlark Kestrals,and the Frieds,

In a room where the Maggies would not be an option,I would go with a quarter wave/t-line box.

Two speakers I have not heard that I would like to hear are the Madisound Thors and the Salk Veracity QWs(both two way quarter wavers.).
A partial list (most recent) is:

Legacy Audio Studios,*Whispers
Dali *Megalines, Euphonia MS5s, *Helicon 800s
McIntosh *XT-28s, 30s
Von Schweikert VR4SRs, *VR4JRs, *DB99s, *VR-11s
*Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref. Monitors, Linbrook Signature Monitors, *Linbrook Signature System (models I and II), Super Towers, *Woodmeres
*Salk Sound Veracity HT-3
Martin Logans (cant remember the model name, but it was the second to the top of the line)
Audio Note E/SPEs
*Spendor SP3/1s
*Ayon Butterflies
*Acoustic Zen Adagios
*Merlin VSM MXs
...etc the list goes on and on...

My favorites at any price that I can remember from the above list are the Von Schweikert VR-11s. I placed an * next to speakers that impressed me at their various price points.
Speakers I have owned over the past 10 years.

DCM TF-350
Klipsch KG 3.5
Def. Tech BP 2000
Von Schweikert VR4 Silver
Magnepan 1.6 (modified xovers)
Meadowlark HR Shearwater
ACI Jaguar
Montana SP2 Signature
Usher X-929
Bob Brines FTA-2000
Reimer McCulloughs/Onix Rocket UFW-10
Alon Lotus Esprit
Roman Audio Centurion
Von Schweikert VR2
Silverline Sonata II
Magnepan 3.5r

As you can see, I have been all over the map. I have ended up with the Montana SPX loudspeakers and they seem to push all of my hot buttons. But my nature is to keep moving on, so you never know.

I just picked up a pair of Guarneri Hommage's, which IMHO are the best speaker I have ever heard for what they do. No real bottom end but everything else is magical, especially in my small room.
Prior to buying these, I listened to B& W 802D's, Maggies( 20.1's), Quad's ( 988 and 989's), Kharma's ( 1.1's), Spendor's.. cannot remember which one's ( I think 8's), AvantGuarde and several others that I cannot remember. The G's replaced my Hales Sytem 2 Sig's, which were a great speaker for their time. Prior to that I owned Acoustat 3's that were well modded and Maggie 1c's.
Have not heard the Magico mini's, but that is probably the only speaker in my small room that would compete with the G's.
quad esl 57, quad 63, quad 989, the lastest quad
magnepan 1.6, mg 2.7, mg 3.0, mg 20, mg 20.1
eminent technology 3s, 8s, 12s, 9s
sound lab a2s, b1s, + others whose model numbers i have forgotten
martin logan cls, cls2, cls2z, sequel, sequel 2, sl3, quest, request, monolith, odyssey, aeon + others
klh 9s, accoustats--several models
accoustech, crown and koss electrostatitcs
apogee, scintilla, caliper, duetta, duetta signature + others
vmps--various models
von schwiekerts--various models including top of the line
vandersteens, 1s, 2, 2c,2ce, 4,5
proac, response 2, response 3 + others

i have heard so many speakers, i have forget the model numbers.

the best speker is the quad esl 57.

sorry i could not specify all of them. i could list many more. i prefer panels but i have heard many "cone" designs .
I have owned or did extensive auditions with these speakers they are just my OPINIONS.

Speakers: The Top 4 are Worlds Better then the bottom 6!!!!!
(All speakers were evulated with the EXACT same componets cables, and turntable, EXCEPT the VR-9's which were evulated wiht the owners own equipment.

1. MBL 111e or 101e Closest to live music I have ever heard. Don't know how they sound in a "real world room". (The best without regard to cost, very expensive $27,000 and $47,000, and requires big dollar amps.) Some say they image to diffuse, but so does live music. Can't fault a speaker for being like the real thing. I think most speakers over image unnaturally.

2. ATC Anniversary 50's (Best "real world speaker". Doest not require $30,000 worth of amps. Awesome tone. BEST midrage of all speakers. (Best Vaule for what you get.)

3. Von Schweikert VR-9
Gives up midrage tone to the above two, bust adds thunderous bass, and ultimate high frequency response.

4. Goldmund Active Speakers. $33,000 (Very nice but, for price should go deeper.)

5. Rockport (The $30,000 ones, don't know exact model)
6. Martin Logan Summits (Good Value at $10,000)
7. Kharma 3.2 Fe (At this price point $20,000 in my opinion you should get more bass.)
8. Wilson Benesh (Overpriced for what you get at $26,000)
9. Maggie 20.1 (Great tone, and even great bass, but images larger than life, think 8 feet around vocals.
10. Vandersteen 5A. (To dark for my taste)
11. B & W 802 D (To much like good HI-FI, not like good
12. Wilson 7.1's (Explosive dynamics, very average midrage tone. Only good for home theater,IMO. (Worst value of all)
IQ is intermediate: I have listen enough to come to an opinion about: quad63s, 57s, custom double stacked quads, little maggies (?model), Tympani IVs, Sound Labs R1, Dalquist dq1(inital model), Fried G3, Rodgers LS3/5a, shanihan oblisks, mbl 111e, proac tablettes

I really like my quads. Within their limits I find them the least fatiguing speaker to listen to hour after hour. They only go so loud but are really good at realistic or low volumes. 57s are popular, excellent midrange but didn't have enough 'oomph' for me. 63s are better, best is the stacked 63s I am now running. Haven't heard the new ones but I will soon. Careful amp matching is in order. Very very good value for the money.

Maggies are nice but they do take room. I loved my tympani's. Louder than quads and better bass but not as lucid as quads. I was sorry to see them go but the wife was not.

Sound labs sounded nice but i had trouble with the transformers. Perhaps a bad bit of luck for me... I just gave up on 'em. These were a very early venture for Sound Labs the R1s I believe. They likely have improved quality control.

Dalquist 'phase array' speakers were my first foray into hi end audio. You never forget your first love.

I recall fondly listening to a friends Oblisks from Mr. Shanihan (sp?) A really great speaker, particularly with orchestral music as my recollection serves. One of these days I'm going to grab up a pair..... A truely excellent speaker.

LS3/5a are the speakers in my living room system. If you are space limited and thinking about getting small speakers you could do worse than grab a pair of these babies on the used market. Driving with a tube amp they make remarkable music. Ok, not the last word in bass, HF extension, soundstage etc..... but a non fatiging speaker that can approach the best at a low price. Believe me, after listening all day/night to my fancy quad setup I am constantly surprised just how good these little guys can sound.

Proac Supertablets. I still have a pair -blown tweet in one. I might repair someday. They are nice but no LS3/5a. The midrange magic just isn't there. If you can get 'em cheap they could make a nice office or dorm room system with a high quality reciever. Not for a high res system IMO.

Fried G3's are in my excercise room. And they boom boom boom. Punch out the bass. Shake the house. Shake the ground outside the house (I kid you not). They don't sound too bad, a lot of fun actually, but fatiguing for prolonged listening. Of course, not high res (by todays' standard)I've heard that some have changed the tweets and substantially improved the speaker thereby. Might do this one day.

MBL 111e. This one I have only heard in showrooms and shows. Agree with the comments of others here. This is the speaker I now lust after. I was shocked at the coherency, power and realism of the sound. The best of my quads with all the missing elements. Mind you these were the big boys. The smaller mbls just didn't have it for me - at least in the very limited listening sessions I was in. I'm saving my pennies so I can get a used pair someday. Need a big room though.

One of the best things about this very nice thread is that I can see I'm not the only maniac who runs multiple systems. It's nice to not be insane alone. : )

Speakers I have owned or listened to extensively:

Braun 880 and 1010
Rogers LS 3/5a
DCM TimeWindows
Mission 770
Kef 105
Apogee Caliper Signatures and Duettas
Avalon Eclipse, Ascent and Eidolon Diamond
B&W (too many to mention)
ProAc (many models)
LivingVoice Avatar OBX2
Quad ESL57 and 63

Okay, there are others but this is the main list.

I would have to say that the ESL57s are my favourite and (for me) the best. They just get me closer to the musicians than anything else I have tried.
Have heard (listed in no particular order, certainly not chronological): Soundesign, Panasonic RBH 1600 (or something like that--owned these in high school), AR90 (original, not the new ones), Allison, Klipsh corner horns, Thiel CS ~3.0, Magnaplanar, Mirage bipolars, Dunlavy SC IV, Hales, Totem Tabu, Totem Shaman, Avalon Radian, Paradigm 9 SE (owned these for many years),
==>AUDIO PHYSIC CALDERAS--Old (!) three box version<==,
(holy grail for me for many, many years), JM Labs Cobalt floorstander, Pardigm Studio 100 V 3 (owned for a year or less, just recently), Legacy Whispers, Legacy Speakers one step below the Whispers, Aerial 7B, Totem Winds, JM Labs little 5000 dollar Utopia 2 way with the Be tweeter, Kef, Induction Dynamics Monitors, Infinity Kappa 8 or 9, Altec Lansing (bought the Paradigm 9 SE's instead), little Conrad Johnson 2 ways, Carver's Amazing Ribbons (or something like that), Spencer Sound Ribbon Loudspeakers, the Gallos that so many people are high on (they're ~3k, I think), probably a lot of others that I can't remember, and finally......

==>Intuitive Design Summits<== (plus a Rel Storm 3)

To my ears only, the Calderas and the Summits are far and away the best. Between those two it's close, and it's been a long time since I heard the Calderas, but I'd bet the Summits would beat them in a shoot-out.

Two other EXCELLENT speakers are the Totem Tabus and the smallest of the Induction Dynamics line, which are also a monitor.

Included in the above list are some speakers I consider to very solid and and excellent values, and others (only a few) that I consider to be real losers, and I won't delineate them any further than that.

I can't claim to have a high speaker "IQ" (and the test is culturally biased anyway....), but the Summits have been such a wonderfully joyous experience that I WILL say that I feel as though I now have a high speaker "EQ" {Speaker Emotional Intelligence Quotient (not equalizer--the equalizer's almost always on bypass.....)}.
Well I don't know about you guys, but I am LOVING these posts, although I am developing a bit of speaker envy... This is like hearing the "dirty little secrets" that the magazine reviewers wont talk about! I always wished that these reviewers who've had access to dozens or hundreds of the world's best speakers could just freely say which they found to be the best of the best, and compare them to other brands, but never could, out of fear of losing advertising dollars. Dlanselm you post was an especially great read, with your having heard so many top tier speakers and having them all compared. The same goes for so many of the other posts as well.

The responses that list intermediate priced speakers are also fascinating to me since this is where my pocketbook is at at the moment, and I am reading responses that compare many of the same speakers I would consider in the not too distant future.

Mdhoover, I read your review of the Summits when you first posted it, and have always noticed your effusive praise of them in the various speaker threads, but now seeing your speaker experience, it takes your praise of them to a whole new level for me.

And I appreciate the detail that so many have taken the time to go into in their posts, the answers have been a great resource to me thus far.

So thank you everyone, and I sincerely hope that many more A'goners respond, I love reading what the magazine reviewers wont tell us!

Yes I am enjoying this thread too and hope it grows steadily. When someone praises a speaker or announces it to be "one of the best" if not "the best", it is good to know the context, what else they have heard. I wish people would always provide that.
Acapella - wow!
Avantgarde Duo
B&W Silver Signature 30, Signature 800, Signature 805, 804S
Fischer & Fischer
Harbeth Super HL5
McIntosh XRT
Prame - seductive, romantic, captivating
Sonus Faber Auditor, Grand Piano
Tannoy Yorkminster

3 years so far into this hobby, the most delightful sound i've heard came from the Acapella Fidelio - stunning details, imaging, and transparency. my dream speakers: Acapella Violon, B&W Model Nautilus, Tannoy Westminster Royal, and Avantgarde Trio.

Thanks for the compliment. I had been looking for a speaker like this for years, literally. Duane feels the same way, and most definitely has a MUCH higher speaker IQ than I do. He's the person who sold them to me.
good thread, the following is what I have auditioned at length and owned. My budget is'nt as rich as some of the posts.
Owned: Quad 57
Monitor Audio MA8
Dynaudio Audience 50(great value and sound)
Living Voice Auditorium (not great)
Living Voice Avatar(very good indeed , but a tad
Acoustic Zen Adagio
The Quad 57 was really a great speaker the wife could'nt cope with them. The new Adagios are exceptional, dynamic, detailed, but not fatiguing music not HiFi as so many speakers are.
Heard at length
Avalon Eidolon (probably best I have heard, again
music not HiFi)
B and W 800 series most ( fatiguing HiFi sound)
Art Emotion (very nice indeed, but expensive)
zu Druid ( very quick but not fatiguing, I could l
could live with them)
Wilson Disvovery (Nice but expensive ugly)
Tannoy Kensington(wonderful but impractically
Green Mountain Calypso ( intriguing and nice
balanced sound)
At the moment I would strongly recommend the Acoustic Zen Adagios, look great and a VERY nice sound
The Best speaker for the money in my book is the Rushmores by
Pass Labs. I should know, I have a pair sitting in my living room!
Forgive me Jebsmith73, but you're post is missing the very information that makes this thread interesting: What other speakers have you had the experience of hearing that helped lead to your conclusion that the Rushmores are the best for the money??

Looking forward to your reply.
Ok, well here I go showing you all what a low IQ I have...

Celestion DL10 - 1st speaker to show me what I was missing from consumer stereo crap.

Kef C40 - Purchased soon after hearing the DL10's - my first love, though maybe not as lovely as the DL-10s.

Yamaha NS10m - a staple in my business (recording), and great for obtaining mixes that translate well the speaker world over, but quite boxy and mid-fi sounding.

D.A.S. Monitor 8 - Some phenomenal voicing - great for cellos and a lot of other instruments, beating many other speakers, but a confused upper bass and not much depth.

Celestion DL4 - eh

Krix Equinox - Imaging, depth, quickness - a fun, fun bookshelf - will probably never sell.

Rogers Studio 1a - the first speaker to ever make my jaw drop to the floor. Taught me what "holographic imaging" meant. Some flaws with cabinet resonances and perfect bass definition, but a very special speaker with that Rogers magic.

Quad 12L - Doesn't have the weight and authority of the Rogers, but still has weight, and great imaging and depth. A wonderful speaker in it's class and price range. Compared to Krix, I would give the nod to the Quads for classical music and to the Krix for rock. The Quads are a tad more polite, the Krix a bit more forward.

Quad ESL989 - I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Though I heard a lot of great things in them at a dealer's showroom, there just wasn't enough detail or quickness or forwardness for me. Maybe I'm just not an electrostatic kinda guy, maybe they weren't set up well...

ATC SCM20SL - My current love, though I still own most of the previous listed speakers. Best defined bass of the lot, best midrange. Great imaging, great voicing (though the D.A.S. still has it beat on cello, and possibly the Rogers too). The SCM20's are great at defining instruments, their timbre, their placement, and overall tonal/harmonic balance. But they are not the master of depth or holographic imaging, though they hint at it. However, they are at present the best speaker I have heard. What they do well overcomes what they do not do perfectly.

All of these speakers have taught me what is possible, and I can pretty well extrapolate from them what can be achieved on the hi-hi end, like some of the previously mentioned speakers in the other posts. Like any self-respecting audio-phool, I of course have a healthy case of lust for most of them, and plan on working my way up the food chain and owning or auditioning most of them over the next bunch of years.

Thanks again all for your posts, please keep 'em coming.
Speakers that I have heard and am Familliar with:

* B&W Nautilus 800 & 802 - My first hi-end experience. Goes for an "impressive" sound - good dynamics, but very hifi - sound gets fatiguing over time. Tweeter is bright and detached.

* Bottlehead Straight 8 - very pleasant, cheap, inexpensive line array (not available any more)

* Maggie 3.6 - Very smooth, this speaker could be it for some people - but does not play rock well (harsh on rock). Great on classical and jazz

* Quad 988 - Best speaker I've heard on classical because of world class transparency. But - Only recommended for classical-only listeners. Not dynamic or forward enough for rock or live jazz

* Kharma Exquisites - heard with megabuk (100k+ total) equipment in a poor room - was not impressed. propably the fault of the room

* Dynaudio S1.4 - I own these right now, they are great but they are very particular with setup. They need juice, they need a well damped room, and they need a big room and lots of space even though they are standmounts. Very dynamic and lively and neutral (not fatiguing) when setup right

* Von Schweikert VR1 - Great monitor at 1k. Warm side of neutral, nothing "wrong" with them

* Insignia - High-end sound for $50. I brought them on my recent cruise vacation with a $100 receiver and I'd wager I had the best stereo that anyone has ever brought to their cruise room cabin.

I could go on for ever I guess... martin logans, various wilsons (including alexandrias), avalon diamonds, Dyn special 25s, Verital Parsifals, Klipsch KLF 20s, Aerial 20Ts, DIY Horns, 47 Labs lens, Quad 22L, god knows what else...

...but to cut to the chase, the most I'VE ever "connected" with music through a system was via the Wilson MAXXs. The big Wilson's 'breathe' like real music. Dynamic as hell - will play any sort of music with commanding authority. I agree with the previous poster that the WP misses out on vital midrange in exchange for explosive dynamics - but I feel the MAXXs have it all.
Apogee centaur, psb a/b, infinty 300, magnapan 1.2, sound dynamics 300ti, merlin vsm owned these.
mbl's 101 116 121, jm labs diva, piegas c10, magico mini, dynaudio c4, kharma, avantgarde duo,
My favorite still is mbl's.
Sold when I was in the biz (among others): Aerial 10T, Dunlavy SCIV and SCV, Magnepan MG20, Quad ESL-63, Snell Type B, Thiel CS7.2, Wilson W/P and X-1, etc.

Personally have owned (chronologically): large Advents, Spica TC-50 w/Kinergetics subs, Snell EIII, Snell Type B, Reference 3A Royal Master. Now I own the best I've ever heard, the Avantgarde Duo Omega.
I have modest experience in high end speakers (long time high end headphone user in College). Anyway here is a list of speakers I have heard in the last two months.

B&W 802D (also 803D): sounded pretty good. Loved the wide sound stage but the mids are too recessed for me. Used Classe Mono Blocks...

Focal 1037: I wanted to like these speakers and they have their good points. But lack of tweeter integration and boomy or thin bass (depending on room placement) was a deal breakers. Over priced for what you get. Use Arcam mono blocks.

Paradigm S8 (new version): very bland not for me at all. Mids were congested. I had an A/B comparison with the Focal 1037s (same room, same electronics) and the 1037s were better on every level.

Wilson Audio Duette: These were a big let down (too much hype maybe?). The highs were not very detailed. Mids were OK but not stunning. Bass seemed a little over done in the 100hz range (room was 17x20x9 with musical fidelity equipment).

And the Current winner for me... THIEL 3.7. I really like these speakers. I did a direct A/B with the Wilson Audio Duettes. The thiels out classed the duette on every level. The thiel were extremely detailed but not harsh or bright to me. I should not that I like hard rock. The sound stage was huge and they integrated extremely well. Bass was tight and clean, never too much or too little. The mids were great just like every thing else.These get a big thumbs up from me... and I plan to buy a pair in the next few months. Room was 17x20x9 with musical fidelity equipment.
This is still a ridiculous thread. When you listen to a "speaker", what are you really listening to? The room? The power cord on the CD player? The brilliant pebbles? The cryo'ed CD-R? The broken-in tonearm wire? The NOS tubes? The salesman?

It cracks me up to think about someone stepping into a dealer and asking to hear a particular speaker. Then after that customer leaves, someone stepping into the same dealer asking to hear a particular CD player. Both customers hearing the exact same system. Both customers thinking they heard what they came to hear.

Unless you are able to compare different speakers in the same system / same room, you have no idea what you're hearing. Just my opinion. YMMV.
Speakers I have owned:

Energy C22
Spica TC-50
Sonus Faber Electa Amator 1
KEF Reference 3
Merlin VSM SE
Genesis VI
Sonus Faber Extrema
Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 5.1
ProAc Response 1.5
Totem Acoustic Model 1
Acoustic Energy AE1 .Signature
Usher S-520
Dynaudio Audience 80
Hales Revelation 1
Dynaudio Confidence 5
Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home
Sonus Faber Grand Piano
B&W 802 Nautilus
Tannoy D80
Tyler Acoustic Lynbrook
Dynaudio Contour 3.3
Revel M20
Sonus Faber Cremona
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor
Sonus Faber Amati Homage
Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage
Usher X-718
Sonus Faber Concertino Domus
Sonus Faber Electa Amator 2
Usher BE-718
Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento

Some as short as 2 weeks (like Wilson W/P 5.1) because I could not live with the sound, most last over a year. The longest ownership were Dynaudio Confidence 5, Sonus Faber Extrema, and Sonus Faber Amati. Currently own Amati, BE-718, and Guarneri Memento.

I have also heard numerous world class speakers at length, not including speakers heard at show:

MBL 116, 111, 101E
Aerial 20T
Gryphon Atlantis
Avalon ISIS
Avantgarde Duo & Trio
Dynaudio C4 & Temptation
Elac FS609 X-PI
Usher BE-20
Sonus Faber Stradivari
Egglstone Andra 2
and many others I can't remember.

If I need to buy a pair of speakers tomorrow, my money will be on Usher BE-20. It has the most incredible leading edge transit attack among any speakers I have heard. Most people talking about trailing edge, or "air", of any instrument during playback. I assume the BE drivers are so fast you don't hear as much trailing edge and therefore some people thought BE-10/20 were dry sounding. But if you can get past the thought and learn to appreciate what real music should be like, the leading edge strike reproduced by Usher BE-10/20 are so addictive I haven't found anything, regardless of the price, that can compete.

I have read in a thread on Audiogon BE-10/20 can be further improved by changing out the cross over parts.
Some speakers I have owned because the list is to long:

Paradigm Atom
Paradigm Monitor 5
Wharfedale Diamond 8.1
AR S20's
Boston Accoustic VR10
Wharfedale Evo 40
Kef Q1
Tannoy MercuryX 2
B&W 303
B&W 602 S3
Accoustic Energy Aeigis Evo 1
Monitor Audio Bronze 2
Monitor Audio Bronze 4
Monitor Audio Silver 1
Ohm Walsh 2
Jungson beauty Detty 3
Aurum Cantus Leisure 3
Polk Lsi 15
Epos els 3
Epos M12.2
Totem Dreamcatcher
Totem Model 1 sig
Totem Arro
JM lab Colbalt 816S
Jm Lab Elecra 906
Oddysey Epiphony

The best speakers I've heard are as follows a star was great sound 2 stars is the best experiences I've heard superlative and non forgettable:
Aerial Accoustics 7b
*Aerial Accoustics 10t
**Aerial Accoustics 20t
B&W 802 Nautilus
B&W 805 Signiture
*Dalaquest DQ 10
*Infinity IRS Beta
Infinity Overture 3
Green Mountain Callisto
*Proac Tablelite 8
**Dynaudio Confidence C1
Vienna Accoustic Struass
*Rogers Ls3/5a
Pinnacle ac650
Focal Utopia Be
Focal Micro Utopia
*Jm Lab Electra 926
Magnapan SMG a
Magnapan 1.6
*Magnapan 3.6
**Magnapan 20.1
*DCM Time Window
Defintive Technology Mythos ST
Revel F52
**Revel Saloon
**Legacy Audio Whisper
Meadowlark Kiestral
Quad 57,63,989,988
Salksound HT-3
Stacked Advents
Paradigm Studio 100 V2
*Totem Mani 2
Odyssey Loralei
Harbeth Compact 7ES-3
Spender S8e
Gamut L-3
*NHT 3.3

This is what I own now:
Wharfedale Diamond 8.1
Magnapan SMGc(modded x-over)
Epos M12.2
av123 Onix XL-S(Ninja mods)
Infinty Beta 20
Eltax Monitor 3
av123 Strata Mini
and my newly aquired baby the Era Design 5,a amazing speaker at any price,their price is downright rediculous for what they offer