Whats in your second system?

Just curious as to the people who like myself have many thousands "invested" in their main system with all the latest tweaks, cables etc and also have a second or even third system.

Did you assemble that with the same love and care and dedication and costly tweaks?

Or did you throw something together from bargain bins or indeed your old leftovers and then sat back and thought...Wow this sounds really good!

And if so did that get you thinking on the main system...lol.

My second system cost way less than the speaker cables on my main system but I am constantly shocked at just how nice it sounds for such a no frills setup.

Linn Classic all in one
Tannoy 2 ellipse small floorstanders
20 year old (at least) Jensen 50w 8 inch sub.
Monster Cable 12/2 speaker cable bare wire ends.
Home brewed power cord just cos I had it laying around.

The Linn just sits on top of a chest of drawers with the Tannoys flanking the chest either side and the lil sub sitting behind the chest.

And it sounds darn good tbh!
I upgraded my TT, preamp and monoblocs to better versions of the same items. Those replaced items make up the second rig (with the addition of digital.)

My secondary system consists of:

McIntosh MA6600 200wpc integrated amp

McIntosh MCD 301 SACD player

McIntosh MR-85 tuner

Sony HAP-Z1ES music server

Golden Ear Triton One speakers

Full loom of Groneberg Quattro Reference cables

Furutech E-TP80 Power Conditioner

Furutech E-TP60 Power Distributor

I purchased all 3 McIntosh used from Audio Classics. The rest of the items were purchased new. To be honest, I get much more pleasure from this system than my main system which cost me 2 1/2 times as much as this system..

Just Grado headphones and computer. It sounds terrible but it's okay for youtube listening. Oh yeah, I put $14 shielded power cord on the computer, big difference, both audio and video. Thinking about adding $300 Oppo dac/headphone amp and Audioquest usb cable. I've been thinking about it for two years and keep thinking.
That's a pretty neat second system I must say!
I often find myself listening to my second system and wondering why I spent all the money on the main one.
Until I sit down for some serious listening with some really good recordings 
Then I just smile, close my eyes and let the music take me
I have about $5K tied up in my second system 

Rega Brio R integrated amp
Unico CD player
Parasound Zphono preamp
Technics GR 1200 Turntable
Omega Super 7 speakers

I listen to this system a lot.  The Omegas really make it for me.  The larger single driver system give a real in room quality to the music.    

Yes to the love and care. No to the costs. :) 

My second system is my PC/bedroom system. Consists of a Logitech Squeezebox Touch, NAD D 3020 integrated and my own custom speakers. 

Also added a 5 GHz extender/converter because normal Wifi in this apartment is terrible, and the Touch does not do 5 GHz. In a very serious way, this involved a lot of hacking and tweaking to make it work right. 

My desktop speakers:



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When I have a component that I really like and can't bear to sell it I pass it on to my second system. I've also added a few new components to my second system over the years.

Second System
Allnic T-1500 300B Integrated Amp
Conrad Johnson Classic SE Preamp
Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty SE Amp
Class D Audio SDS-470C Amp
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 Transport
Yamamoto Dac
Montana EPX Speakers
Townsend Super Tweeters
Magnum Dynalab MD-106T Analog FM Tuner
some really nice sounding second systems here that a lot of people would be proud to call their main system.
I really like the idea of hanging onto older well loved equipment and using to piece together another system.

Unfortunately most times I have upgraded the only way I have been able to afford to upgrade was to sell off the older pieces to make funds available to offset the costs.

This is a regret in some areas for sure as I know there are speakers and amps I really really should have liked to have kept!
My second system consist of a Yamamoto HA-03 headphone amp a pair of Audeze LCD 2 headphones W/ Cable Pro cables, PS Audio power wedge, Silnote Reference power cords, Audioquest Colorado interconnects and for source a redbook only Theta dac, Acoustic Zen MC2 digital cable and Cabridge CDX transport. This system is very revealing and satisfying, only bad thing is you lose track of time.
Technics 1200 MK2 stock with AT140 original cartridge
Pioneer V41 CD changer
McIntosh Mac 1900 receiver
JBL 4311 pair of monitors
Monster and Acoustic Research wiring and cabling
In my home office I have a pair of Adam F7 Active Monitors driven by my laptop via an upgraded 3.5-RCA Cable made by Take Five Audio. My intent was to use them to play music softly while working, but they sound so darned good I’ll also use them for fun listening sessions when I don’t feel like powering up my main rig.
Marantz NR1402 integrated with Apple TV, Comcast cable box and Sony TV & Sacd player as sources driving a pair of ADS 520s in the master bedroom. A little boomy and definatley not hi-rez but good for late night listening to recordings of Austin City Limits, etc. 
Old Quad ESLs (restored), Quad II amps (restored, with GEC KT 66s), McI MX110z preamp/tuner and SP10 Technics, restored. All of the equipment, save for the McI, has been with me for decades, the ESLs back to 1973.
As with most others, components that were displaced from the primary system (Ayre AX-7, ProAc Response 2.5), or newer pieces that failed to displace the existing component (Cambridge transport, Schiit Gungnir).
I truly wish I had the means to have kept some early pieces.
But it is what it is and for the money spent on my second system I am very happy.
One advantage to it, is its location in a vastly superior acoustic setting than my main system.
This is a position that hopefully I will reverse next year with move to a new house and can actually have a choice of a dedicated listening room.
Gallo A'diva speakers on Gallo stands
Bryston BP-6 pre
Belles 150 amp
Gallo 3 sub
NAD 565 CD
Project Perspex TT with  Grado Sonata
All ZU wiring
Second system (living room):
Audio Note OTO Sig
Audio Note E HEs
Thorens TD-124

Third (bedroom):
Audiomat Arpege Ref
Trenner and Friedl Stone Arts
Sony 5400
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My second system was previously my first system;

Conrad Johnson MF2550 SE amp
Conrad Johnson ET3SE preamp with upgraded EAT tube
Musical Fidelity M6CD
Onkyo 7070 CD
PSB XB speakers (soon to be upgraded) / Sub Cub subwoofer
$5,400 total cost or about 35 cents on the dollar by buying used.
Better sound on female vocals, too.
825W, 17 speakers Meridian Surround Sound System.

My 2nd system is in my car!
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My second system is in my master bedroom. It consists of a Peachtree Nova 300 integrated driving Salk Song 3 speakers with Transparent cables. It’s a great system.

My main system is Devialet 400, Goldenear Triton One, Arcam FMJ CD37, Project Carbon TT.

No big difference in quality.

I remember stereo5 was getting the GE Reference. I am assuming by your post that you are a little underwhelmed? 
Linn Cllassik with Kan speakers, AQ type-4 speaker cables and homebrew power cord :-)

Naim CDX into LehmannAudio Black Cube into Senn HD650. 

Philips "the Elephant" boombox to play outside

PC via USB  and Yamaha CDR 651 via optical to Emotiva XDA 2 DAC  to Emotiva Basx 300 Amp to KEF Q100 speakers

Sony BDP S6700 via HDMI  to Onkyo TX SR 373 AV receiver for SACD playing through Polk RTi6 speakers and to XDA DAC via coaxial to the BASX 300  to the KEF 100s 

Project Debut III with Ortofon OM 10 cartridge  through Cambridge 640P phono Pre amp to the Onkyo av receiver  to the Polk RTi6 speakers

I switch the speakers between the  set ups and listen to the different format combinations  Small 10 x 12  music and home office room. 

I particularly like the Salk SongTower for bedroom, as it is a tall speaker, with drivers at the top.  Connected to Belles Soloist 1, Simaudio 260D. My search for desktop speakers ended with Quad 12L2
There are some truly amazing second and third system setups for sure.
I am really impressed by the extremely wide variety of equipment being used.
I upgraded my TT, preamp and monoblocs to better versions of the same items. Those replaced items make up the second rig (with the addition of digital.)

Forgot to list it! Garrard 401 with 12" Jelco 750 and Ortofon MC3, Croft 25 phono/pre, EICO HF 35 monos. Sony CD. Laptop. Clear Day cables. Spendor SP2/2 speakers.

I recently made a complete changeout of my office system.

  • Musical Fidelity X-A1 Integrated
  • Kef Q15.2 bookshelf speakers
  • Rotel 971 CD Player

  • Kef LS50 Wireless Speakers
  • Sonos Connect
'Very impressed with the upgrade in sound and smaller footprint. The WAF has increased considerably.

I'm almost a bit sad about how much better it sounds, and the thought of giving the original system to my nephew feels like giving away a family pet.  :-)  Anyone else ever have those feelings?

I have a secundary system in my study at home:
Harbeth P3ESR as desktop speakers
refurbished Quad 405/2 amplifier
Emotiva Control Freak plus some additional inline attenuators as volume control.
Computer as source for streamed music.
I have the speakers on IsoAcoustics desktop stands to get the tweeter up to ear height, and to reduce bass reinforcement from the desk surface. Even so, there still was a bit of a bass boom from the desk and I cured that with a REW equalization curve for the Equalizer Apo installed on the computer.
There is one definite upgrade in the not too far away future and that is a quieter (preferably fanless) computer. The other would perhaps be a little subwoofer. Before I do that, however, I first want to experiment with the subwoofer from my main system, to see if my study  is large enough to handle deep bass. In any case, the sound is already very good indeed for a smallish room.

I also have a very simple but nonetheless pleasant tertiary system in the bedroom:
Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 speakers
Ava Maestro 50 amplifier (with optical input)
Chromecast Audio as an optical digital source.
The amplifier is a very small and completely digital affair with an auto on/off function as its main virtue. It sits out of sight, tucked away in a wardrobe. It is turned on by a signal from the Chromecast, and is usually turned off by the TuneIn sleeptimer on the Chromecast. Unfortunately Chromecast does not have a native sleeptimer - that functionality has to come from the app for the streaming service. TuneIn has one, but Spotify e.g. does not. The amplifier is about 2x25 watt, and that is enough, but only just. I also tried it with my (insensitive) Harbeth P3ESR speakers, but it was not really powerful enough to drive those well. But I am quite happy with the more efficient Wharfedales - they are mostly used to listen to late night talk radio. But even for some casual music they are by no means offensive.
My current second system is a ridiculous hodge-podge of leftover components that makes no sense (the digital front is is 10x the speaker price, so taking the full Linn approach here), but hey, if you've been an audiophile long enough ... 

Accuphase E-406V integrated amp
Emm Labs DCC2 DAC / Preamp
MacIntosh MVP-881 Blu Ray
Usher BE-718 Speakers
Purist Aqeuous, Silversmith cables

Its an AV system, but sounds pretty decent for where its set up (not an audiophile approved location)

My bedroom system:

Kef LS50s

Creek Evolution 100a Integrated Amp
     w/ Ruby DAC module

Chromecast Audio (digital in to DAC)
Old Pioneer CD/DVD player for CDs
TV / DirecTV
FM Tuner built into Ruby Module
Occasionally move a VPI Nomad turntable to this system but it doesn’t live there normally due to space limitations. 

Wanted to try the LS50s after reading all the amazing reviews and loved the small footprint and great flexibility/connectivity of the Creek w/ DAC module considering the limited space. 

Considered adding a subwoofer but the wife won that coin toss so instead the bedroom got an upholstered chair...it doesn’t add much to the sound quality but does make for a nice spot to enjoy the music.
I have a 15' X 13' library or whatever it's called as a part of my bedroom.  Like lak, it gets whatever's not currently in the main system:
Jadis Orchestra Reference integrated
Jadis Defy DA30 integrated
Quicksilver 8417 monoblock power amplifiers
Dynaco ST70 X 2 stereoblock power amplifiers
VTV Ultrasonic preamplifier
AES AE3 DJH preamplifier
Dynaco CD player
Consonance SACD player
Sony SCD333ES SACD player
Technics SL7 turntable
Fried Valhalla (C satellites with O subwoofers) system
Fried Studio V
Fried A/6
Fried Beta
Coincident Digital Master satellites w/Troubass subwoofers


I have the Triton References which are truly wonderful, but I do not get to listen to that system very often (maybe once a week), as now that wife and I are both retired, she is always in the living room either watching TV or on her tablet.  Hence, enjoying my secondary system on the second floor of the house more.

My second system is a combination of components I didn't want to get rid of plus things I wanted to try.

Sota Cosmos, SME V, Lyra Clavits

CJ Premier 15 phono, Bryston BP17 preamp, Classe DR3 VHC, Martin Logan CLS.
A pair of YG Carmel speakers, First Watt M2 amp, BAT VK51se preamp, Esoteric S50 cd/sacd player with external word clock, and a Sony HAP streamer. I also have a First Watt J2 amp, Pass Labs preamp, and Magnepan 1.7 speakers on reserve.   Largely a collection of great gear that was replaced by better gear in my main system.  Cardas wire everywhere. 
My second system is in my home office:

Edge i3 Integrated Amp
Sony HAP-Z1 Music Server
Auralic Vega DAC
McIntosh MR7803 AM/FM Tuner
KEF LS50 Speakers

Very enjoyable, and most of the components were either purchased used or new at a good discount.
My main system resides in a dedicated room in the basement and is used for serious listening.  The secondary system is in a common living/entertaining area on the main floor.  I like it to be unobtrusive.  It features original Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers driven by a Sonos Connect amp and a small Rel sub.  Source is Tidal streaming and files on a NAS drive.  It sounds surprisingly good and looks pretty cool too.
Oppo 105, Pro-Ject RS Pre Box with 1960s Siemens tubes, Krell FPB-300 power amp, WIlson Sophia Speakers. Power cables, interconnects and speaker cables by Shunyata and Nordost. 
My second system is in my BR and consists of:

Luxman L505ux intergrated
Harbeth P3 ESR
Audioengine b1 (for steaming, DON'T Judge) ;)
Audeze LCD X + Nordost Heimdall 2 headphone cable

Admittedly, i have on occasion questioned how much i've invested in my main system because of how good my second system sounds, but then i'm snapped back into reality when all things are considered (room size, media type, aesthetics, etc.)
Keep them coming guys, love the huge variety on show here
Very interesting indeed!
2nd system in my home office

Micro Seiki BL-90 TT w/Benz Micro LP cartridge
George Wright Wpp 100c Phono with WPM 100 STEP UP
Shiit Freya pre w/vintage 6sn7 tubes
Mcintosh Mc275 vi amp
B&W 805S Monitors
Shunyata Power conditioner and power cords (entry level)

heats my office by day lights up beautifuly at night
lot of fun rolling tubes
Mostly where I use my home brew stuff. Fried betas, home brew el84 amp. Home brew 5687 line stage. Mainly used for streaming audio.
It’s not how many different systems you have it is what you DO with the different systems you have.

While I have more than one audio setup, I have just one system where the PRIMARY purpose is to sit and focus on listening to music. It is located in a room dedicated to listening. I have a sweet spot in my primary system. My primary system brings me immense pleasure.

My secondary system is located in a large living room with an adjoining kitchen. It’s purpose is to provide good sounding music while I am mainly doing something else like cooking, reading and generally moving around. I do not have a sweet spot in my living room. My attitude with my secondary system is it only needs to be "good enough" while my primary system needs to be the best I can achieve given what I currently have or am willing to add to it. I think I would go nuts if I had more than one primary listening system as my main system takes all my audiophile attention as it is. For me, having two primary audio system would be like having two wives.
In my office/bedroom:

AudioNote Kit EL34 integrated
AudioNote Kit Phono Pre
Rega RP6 with GrooveTracer upgrades
Schiit Bifrost DAC
Apple AirPort Express
Devore Gibbon 3Xls