whats wrong with ebay?

Ebay seems to be having major problems - they "lost" a dispute I opened on a guy (which I had to redo)He had 4 negative(out of 5) feedbacks - he bid high a pair of speakers that he had no intention of buying - He sent me a profanity laced e-mail when I sent him a invoice and he also sent me another one when he left the neg. feedback taunting me about it -ebay let the guy leave negative feedback on my perfect account and said they cant do anything about it - I've sent a couple of emails to ebay(after finding the buried email link) with no response from them except that they cant do anything about the feedback. anyone else have a problem like this?
Just respond to the feedback and point folks to his feedback. That will put his comments in perspective and your reputation won't be damaged. That's the best you can do unless you want to pay an attorney to go after ebay. They are pretty inflexible when it comes to feedbac,.
The best thing to do to prevent that sort of thing is use eBay's buyer filter when you create the listing where you can prevent buyers with excessive negatives from bidding at all.
Forrestc is absolutely correct. You should not ever let a person with that kind of feedback -- which is usually indicative of some kind of unreliable, spiteful nut case -- bid on your items. In the event you forget to install a filter regarding excessive negative feedback then: (a) insert a statement in your text that you reserve the right to cancel bids from any individual with what you deem to be excessive negative feedback; and (b) then cancel such a bid as soon as it is received.
Sorry that you had trouble with a b***sh1ter.
Ebay is funny in that to leave a 'feedback', they only give you 80 characters to give a full account of the transaction, yet to send a general enquiry to a seller about an Item they allow you 900 characters! Shouldn't It be the other way around, surely? I had a dispute with a seller a few ago regarding a very limited cd who assured me It was the limited version, after I received It I knew It wasn't what I expected but Ebay were not the slightest bit Interested in helping, I think they told me to get a lawyer and try and pursue myself. Bit hard when the seller was In a different country. Had to bite the bullet on that one. Ebay sucks on occasions.

Yeah, I finally found out about the preferences to restrict a certain level(you can only stop bidders if they have negative feedback) or bidders from out of the country - I did a google search of this guy and found a 8 page thread on Canuck audio mart about the guy and some of his past exploits - I sent this link to ebay but didnt hear anything back - like usual - I was kind of proud of the perfect feedback and worked hard to make sure my transactions went smoothly - well, I guess nothing in this world is perfect
Some jerk ruined my perfect fedback.
It was his very first Ebay transaction!
I think it was a competitor signing on to burn my reputation.
EBAY did nothing. My sales tanked after that. THANKS EBAY!
A very experienced e-bay told me once that having a couple of negatives from jerks shows that you are not a pushover.

Wear it proud and move on.
I had only one bad experience and Paypal gave me my money back. I have bought furniture, albums,cameras, postcards/ephemera and even a 62 Mercedes sedan on Ebay. But, I have had much more enjoyable experiences here on Audiogon in the short time I discovered it and got addicted. Almost everything i bought here has been under described not over. I have got great advice and great gear from people who seem to give a d$#&. Thanks.
You can also "Require" a Paypal account in order for people to bid on your items.

Most people on eBay have a Paypal account, so you only lose a few potential bidders.

It is very hard to get a bogus Paypal account because of what they make you go through to sign up.

I had a guy contact me who did not have a Paypal account who wanted to bid on something. He gave me his phone number, etc. I checked him and his feedback out. He was fine. You can put people like that on a safe list, which overrides the preferences.
The problem has become rampant either buying or selling. People have tried to steal my money on 3 occassions but because I used paypal persistence and calling them incapable of comprehending ansimple problem along ewith the vulgarity of the offender gets you your money.. I have a new one now some real idiot who didn't take pay pal , first sign I should have just stopped there and waited a very long time for me to get a certified money order cashheer postal ckeck in a cage. Was the second, he sold me atube tester for a lower than average price that all non paypal sellersget. He reassured inummerable timeshe had check the machine withis that and a calibration 6L6 tube and it worked great. No it does not because the only vital test I need is gm and is the test button it is worn out and broken.He claims the carrier must have knocked sometthing loose and he says if I send it backtohim for a refund and he once again finds it works he keeps the cash, SoI said let me do exactly what you did and I'll see for myself. Haven't heard from him in a while now!
Still I am shit out of luck short of having him summoned to court which I can't attend. Your recourses are proving this isd a pattern of behavior or if your damages are in excessof 100Grand differs from state to state before all of those taxpayer agencies will bother to even look into it.

I Call the corporate numbers if I get the turn you of robots find them in stock profiles googling the company) a
PS: The Paypal account also protects you on the buyer side. You sometimes get recourse through Paypal and secondly as a backup if you use a credit card.

So I usually require Paypal for the stuff I sell, and mostly only bid on things I can pay with Paypal. There is so much stuff on eBay all the time, an item you want will usually be there again if you pass on one that seems fishy.
The strength of Ebay is the vast selection of hard to get items. The weakness is the dispute system. I've had a bad experience there too and the indifference that Ebay shows is infuriating.
I had virtually the same experience with an ebay seller. When "they" could not get a reply from the seller, I requested a supervisor from the Disputes Department. Though the entire ordeal took 3 months, when the seller refused to remove his negative feedback on my account, ebay
took it in to their own hands and removed both buyer and seller's feedback.

What I found most useful was to fax (repeatedly) all the documents pertaining to my claim and be doggedly persistent with only one arbitrator, as the opposing party did noting of that nature. Also, like a good lawyer, be absolutely factual in any correspondence and put your claim number on everything. All faxes should go to the same person with a cover letter and a corresponding time line of events-including eBay's mistakes. As a result I still have a perfect feedback score. I wish you all the luck and attending nightmarish persistence. Sfroy
Here's what's WRONG with Fleabay,

A >>court order<< is necessary for REMOVAL of an "accidental" feedback that was intended for a non-buyer (that backed out)

The seller got our monikers mixed by mistake and pushed the button on the keyboard too soon then realized her mistake. She called me and was very apologetic, I understood her part completely.

Here's the stupid part I will NEVER understand.

The seller totally consented "with me" through Ebay and STILL could not get it removed, what a bunch-a-bullsh*t.

I not only lost out on a good pair of concert tickets "locally down the street" but the a-hole that backed out of the sale, received and remains with "my positive" feedback.

When I contacted Ebay I told them "look, I'll take NO feedback with NO words and call it a day" how much more could I bend over ?

My reason, it DRAWS ATTENTION no matter what the situation was, it's the first thing most people look for, the neutrals and negatives, like bad news in the tabloids and usually scares them away.

So, I gather my paper work and correspondences and head to small claims court, how do ya like that ?

Pushing the edit//clear button on the keyboard is a simple procedure for a legitimate case.
I see removed feedback all the time for about a year. They must have changed the system earlier this year and you guys did not notice.

It is still there and shows as removed feedback. The comments are removed and it does not count in the total and percent.
That's my point, why do they have to say ANYTHING about "removed" it still draws attention to a mishap (in my case accidental) which is not necessary at all.

What is the purpose, it mars a good reputation for nothing, they can count on a letter from my >>court<<
The guy just ruined another auction(that makes five auctions hes ruined and ebay hasent done anything about him (my ebay name is thymanst also - check out my negative to see the guy)I emailed the new victim relaying my experiance with the guy
Get a court order and put Ebay to rest, they are WAY outta hand and don't do a damn thing.

There are so many complaints it's pathetic and their reason(s) are absurd.

Like I said, it only requires them pushing the edit//clear button and avoid the hassle.
I notice that sellers ebay feedback ratings that are above 99%, the one or two negatives that spoil the perfect record are almost always undeserved. You can even tell they are undeserved from the limited feedback comments. There will always be some jerks out there. I use a local ebay reseller when I sell, and one time he got a neg feedback on an item that sold (not mine) for 1 Cent!