Where do you put your money?

I got thinking it would be nice to see how audiogoners prioritize their money when it comes to their system. Not in dollars, but in percentages.

Mine goes something like this:
- Room construction including acoustic treatments: 43%
- Music: 33%
- Audio equipment: 24%

I realize this is a site that exists to sell equipment so the emphasis is on that but I am curious to know you better.
Interesting question. I hadn’t calculated it recently.

System 80%
Recordings 20% (if I was doing this starting now… I would only have a Qobuz subscription, $19.95 / month, no physical media)

Breaking down system only:

Speakers 23%
Music Server 16%
Preamp 12%
Phono Stage 12%
Turn Table / Cartridge 10%
DAC 12%
Amp 16%

Room construction. Great. So now to answer this I have to go back figure out what I spent on remodeling 25 years ago, what proportion of the total remodel cost was the room, then add in all the different wires and paint and carpet and... that's just the room?   

It's Friday. Can we not just have the usual build a fantasy system malarkey?
Happy Friday. Bad day to run a survey? Or maybe folks don't want to reveal how they go about building their system. 🤔
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Room was already there. Not perfect but close.Blew the budget like this:Turntable/cartridge 25%Amp 12%Pre-amp 20%Phono stage 18%Streamer 8%Speakers 17%Give or take.

Find the best available and see if you can build it for a price you can afford. Sometimes you can.
i would say 0% on room treatment, music would be 50%, and another 50% on gear because i was blessed with a good room for music listening.
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I realize this is a site that exists to sell equipment so the emphasis is on that but I am curious to know you better.

I hope you're just talking about advertisements and not glowing comments designed to part you with your money.
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System only-
Speakers: 40%, 
Integrated amp 20%
Turntable/cartridge 20%
CD/SACD player 20%
Power conditioner 10%
Fancy wires and other accessories 10%

That adds up to 120 %,  showing approximately how much over budget I ended up going.
Records and CD's: That budget is ongoing, has no upper limit (to infinity and beyond) other than available cash after monthly expenses
Room treatment: 0% (saved a bunch there as the room acoustics are pretty good as is) The listening room was designed into the original house construction budget thirty years ago.so it's hard to say. 

Room treatment 99.85%
Transistor radio 0.15%
Music 0%

The radio sounds great in the new room.

Just pointing out that OP's split is extreme.
This is not so simple as it has evolved over my life time. Just looking at media for the music the journey never ends what was 90% in my 20’s is now 5% in my late 50’s but added up would still hold 35%. Equipment over last two years is 100% as I have up graded everything as my income has allowed for it. Room treatment is more than I had wanted but had to make it presentable to keep wife some what happy. I think another way to address this would be what percent of your annual income does your system represent and how much is spent toward the hobby annually in pursuit of nirvana.

Looks like you have your room to a point to just get speakers in their optimum position. Good job.
IMO, more significant than any aftermarket tweaks, fancy cables or other audiopoolery.

Also nice to see someone else using a VPI Classic, mine is 10 years old. Not the best or the worst, it just plays a record so you can enjoy the music. I too have my Gibson LP and Fender DRRI in my room ready to jam at a moments notice  with Jimi or Jimmy.

I have a bad habit of playing armchair speaker placement guy-the speakers look like they could stand to be pushed into the room more. I’d get those 5-6 out and get the subs in corners.

Ignore my babble, it’s your room. I bet it sounds great.
Kept in my wallet as much as is practical...audioaddiction is relegated to 'amusement expenditures'.  That is a sub-set of 'amusements' which has more categories than needs describing here...;)

..and generally is a 'low priority' item in the scope and span of spouses' budgeted items, just above 'lint removal, navel' but below 'wild animal coitus'....

Your list likely varies....a little....;)
As a percent of income is an interesting figure. If I average my income over the last ten years (relatively stable) then it is 100%. So the total cost of my system equals my average annual income.
I will tell you exactly where I put my money if you promise not to come and dig it up.
since the house has pretty much tripled it is “ free “….. the vinyl about double….some of the protection copy masters are…well you get the gist on appreciating assets…

the rest is just temporary

but for grins…Seattle system

Speakers 36%
Amps 28%
Pre 9%
DAC / Server 9%
TT / Phono 8%
Cables / Misc Vibe ctl, etc… 10%

or California , get with it…also free

Speakers 25%
amp 4% ( stole it and rebuilt )
NAS /DAC/Pre 11%
TT related 50%
cables / etc…. 10%

impossible task for the vintage gear……i rebuilt the ESL 63 from auction trash…..

Glad to see most have kept a good sense of humor about this one.  Obviously a difficult subject to approach and evaluate. However it's obvious that there are as many ways to approach this hobby as there are people. Of course my numbers seem skewed, but it is natural since I built a listening house and not a listening room in a house. Hence the very high percentage in room construction and acoustic treatment. Other than that, I think my percentages being higher in music than equipment shows I may still be a little more music lover than audiophile. Even so I am often anal about my system as the door sign on my house of stereo describes. Anyway, thanks for partaking and have a great weekend.
"Looks like you have your room to a point to just get speakers in their optimum position. Good job.
IMO, more significant than any aftermarket tweaks, fancy cables or other audiopoolery".

Yeah, well some of us don't have the luxury of dedicating an entire room to audio. . . but if I did, a pool to relax in while listening might be quite nice, especially as the climate continues to heat up. 

Newly designed multi-purpose room ... sticking to 2-channel purpose only (all equipment except bass traps already sourced, but traps are included in the price below)  ...

Room construction: ??? (let's assume $0 for this exercise as it will be built anyway)
Room treatment (Partial DIY): $2,000 (~47%)
Speakers (DIY): $1,400                       (~35%)
Amp: $500                                           (~12%)
DAC: $140                                           (~2-3%)
Laptop: $150                                       (~2-3%)
Cables: $100                                       (~2%)
Echo Dot: $20                                     (0.5%)

Source material: $13/month  (~3% per year)

Since it was done over a 30-year time period, I have no clue what I spent on my ripped CDs and Bandcamp before going totally streaming. I'd estimate maybe $4,000 ... about the same cost as everything above.

ATMOS home theater system in same room is distinct and costs more (the subwoofers alone were $2,200 total (used)), but obviously shares the room treatment cost.

Obviously, I put way more stock in room treatments and speakers than anything else.

IF money is a concern...do a really deep dive on DIY loudspeakers, even if you pay for the build.

IF money is not a concern...do a really deep dive on DIY loudspeakers, and pay for the build.  

More Peace, Pin
@fiesta75 so true…..at first all they needed was HT circuit parts….. at first….

no uhauls or brokerage accounts in heaven, hopefully Leonard Cohen performs every day…., revolution, whatever…
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I think this is an interesting topic and shows how we all value parts of the audio reproduction chain.

Many will chuckle and disagree with my apportionment but I’ll merely say listen, and challenge most anyone dollar for dollar to do better for the end result. I think speakers (well positioned, and room or DSP fixed) matter most by far. I do listen in a semi-nearfield 8ft triangle in a 17 deep by 21 foot wide room that serves as a repository for picture windows with mtn views and art wall to wall everywhere else. Does canvas help?   Grin.

Seriously I don’t have money to burn and I spend it where I can hear it the most for the $ which means no $15k dacs for me; I love my BDP-105-tough. I want great quality electronics but diminishing returns sets in fast. The things at the bottom of my list are all of the things the ‘golden-eared’ folks feel they can hear distinctly, (I’d always challenge a blind audition for fun; that’ll piss ‘em off). Still I think some tweaks are grounded in science and I participate. Components and speakers on springs- Thanks!  

Room stuff          1.4

Wires                    1.6

Phono                  3.1

DSP unit               3.5

CD, digital           4.1

Int. amp               6.4 (bought used private)

Subs (3)                9.1

Speakers              70.8 (bought used private)

Interesting, here's my list and the percentages:

speakers 26
subs 15
amp 11
preamp 9
power conditioner 10
transport 9
dac 8
server 3
bass traps 1
cables 8