Where to find quality "stock" power cords

I just sold a pair of monoblock amplifiers but could not locate the stock cords that came with them. I promised the buyer I would supply these. For a high-power amp from a big name high-end company, this is normally a 14 awg shielded PC. Should be easy enough to find, but I've not had luck. Suggestions?
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Interesting, I'd like to know as well. I recently sold an amp and couldn't find the power cord so I included an Absolute Power Cord instead.
Get the Volex 17604 power cords from Carlton Bates. The buyer may actually thank you for it.

Try your local 'electronics' store (not stereo store) and get some heavy guage Belden cords. They are cheap and good.
Try Gene Rubin audio.
Naim has come out with a new powercord to replace older ones.
They are $25 each. I think they are about 14 guage.
The Volex cords are the essentially the same stock ones used in the Crump design (14 ga) and they are quite good. I still use them on my Pro Audio gear.

Actually if we were not all insane-they are likely all one needs.
Stick a Pass and Seymour plug on them and they become quite good.

I'll throw my support for the Volex. They performed
better in some areas than my $160 cords. Made a
believer out of me.

Based on the enthusiasm for Volex in this thread, I ordered a bunch of them last night for myself. Not that I need more power cords, but at <$6 apiece (in quantities of 2 or more), I figure I can use them as stocking stuffers. Wouldn't it be nice if they turn out to be comparable in some applications to the Audience and whatnot I am currently using? Doubtful, but this stuff can be so application-specific that you can never be sure.
The Volex worked more to our liking than three different $1000+ cords we tried on our preamp. However, it lost out in a Battle Royal with one of those same cords on our CD player. Now where's my ego supposed to get its next meal?