Who gets your system and music after you are gone?

Who gets your system and music after you kick the bucket? Or will it even mater?
...won't much matter to me, if the wife is smart she'll sell it for what it's worth and buy something simpler!
My friends will come barrelling in here and make off with any damn thing they can carry.

I can't wait to look up at them from hell...the ridiculous stumblebums tripping over power cords, wobbling with full size speakers, and yelling "HEY LOOK I GOT A...UH...UH..."

Damn, it's gonna be great.
Well, I was going to give it to you, you lucky dog.
But, I am afraid that I just can't give it to anyone who can't spell the word "matter" correctly.
Sorry, so sad, too bad!

The answer to your question depends on how I die.
If I can see my death coming, (i.e. cancer, or something similar), no one will get it, as I will sell it off here on Audiogon, along with most (all?) of my most expensive albums, in order to help offset the loss of my income. I will buy a smaller system, for my family to enjoy after I am gone, but it will be both simpler to use, as well as much less expensive.

If I die quickly and without any forewarning, then obviously my wife will get it, (and still it will be sold here on Audiogon, by my wife, and she'll probably sell it for half of what it is worth). :-(
What would be your wife's user name? I will be sure to watch for your stuff. :-)
Funny , This came up last weekend. My stepdaughter was visiting and saw my latest addition to the system. With that , she said - Of coarse you will be laeving all this sytem to me. She really enjoys music, so I guess that will be a good place for it whenever my times up. Until then, I plan to listen to a lot of music.
Just take out the drivers and bury me in one of my speakers (monkey coffins).
Funny you should ask this; I just got an email informing me that I'd just inherited 10 million US Dollars from a relative I never new I had in Nigeria. It's a small world after all!
One of two things will happen...

Either I'll actually have a U-Haul behind my hearse, or it will all be back here awaiting sale, with the proceeds going to charity... or my attorney of record will wind up with a step up from his HT in a box system.
My wife will throw my vinyl in the garbage. She already wants to do it since we have a CD player. Then she'll give the equipment to my son and buy a Bose Wave radio/CD payer combo....just like her mother did when her father passed away.
I am with Theo ..... and maybe then I will actually have time to listen to it.
Marakanetz, you'll never get it with puppychow,maybe some filet mignon. She is spoiled.
My wife would probably sell it all.......stupid cheap. You might want to check the obituaries time to time over here.
I hope my kids will want it, at least the records. My wife doesn't want anything except an AM radio to listen to the weather.
Ditto Markpao. Or more likely my wife will donate it to the local Humane Society. Some luck schlep will get a pair of $5k speakers for $25.

I would hope that my children will have the sense to enjoy it. They are young now, but not for long.
Becides being a music lover, I'm also a lover of filet mignon. Hence I make(to my and many other's tastes) one of the best ones spending only $4/lb meat believe it or not +utilizing my Weber open fire grill. So I don't mind. Sold!:-)
"Weber open fire grill"........thats the only way to grille!
Oops sorry for off topic
Becides being a music lover, I'm also a lover of filet mignon. Hence I make(to my and many other's tastes) one of the best ones spending only $4/lb meat believe it or not +utilizing my Weber open fire grill. So I don't mind. Sold!:-)
Someone that will be at the yard sale my wife will have after I'm gone. If the prices are anything like the yard sales she has now, $.10 on the dollar even with original price tag. Also some items in the yard sale could be return for full amount, but NO. I will be spinning and spinning in my grave, I just know it!
I left all the gear to my oldest son....but left all the cables to my wife....I just thought it was funny :-)
My best friend (who has an amazing music collection) and I have an agreement that whoever survives the other gets the deceased's music collection. As for the equipment, I guess if I'm dead, I won't care much. One of my other close friends is a musician and I suppose the he'd probably appreciate my gear the most.
I have a codicil in my will stating that all my equipment is to be burned when I pass away. If I can't have it, no one will. This will be a perfect example to my family that the equipment didn't matter anyway. The silence in the home will cause them to remember me fondly, and to pine for the days when I was still alive. ;)
Hevaci I will have the same problem.
Therefore if I cant take it with me ,I'm not going to go.

Who cares?

There's that oh,yeah, I'm dead! bit.

I'd think the primary worry then might be the forthcoming and eternal climate.