Why do contributors delete their own posts?

A significant contributor who shall remain unidentified deletes posts shortly afterwards. It’s not done with the intent of correction, but for the purpose of limited viewing. I wonder what rationale warrants this behavior. It certainly not for the benefit of providing context for later viewers who might want to learn from the thread. 
I know of one who not only deletes his posts, but then demands I delete my post which quotes him.
Maybe they figure that's they way to communicate around here when what's said isn't on the up and up?

I had a couple of co-workers who'd say things under their breath that weren't nice but could be heard if you were close enough. The very action of saying it made them feel big as if they accomplished something.

They spent a lot of time in the supervisors's office.

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I don't think its always or even usually for nefarious reasons.  For me, I might get a little ticked off and send something off and then immediately wish I hadn't.

Or might attempt to give advice and just after I push post notice someone else has answered given much better advice.

I have not noticed it to be a pattern with anyone.
Excellent, excellent! 🤗 There’s nothing like a thread about trolls to inspire the troops. 
Nothing in my OP suggested troll behavior. But leave it to a Troll-in-Chief to presume such. 
I don’t know much but I do know a troll thread when I see one. I also know a troll when I see one. 🤗
Talk of the devil? That must be English for speak of the devil. 😃
TBF, I delete posts when I've said something which was clearly wrong, but when I wrote it I was short on coffee, but it is too late to edit it.

I've also deleted an entire thread out of an abundance of caution that I might have used a phrase which would be misconstrued to support or approve of antisemitism and that is never my intention.

Criteria? How about it looks like a troll, it walks like a troll and it talks like a troll?
I don’t mean to correct Geoff’s incorrect criteria for deterining if its a troll, or not, but its the hair that is critical for determing trollism.
jitter provides much humor with his 80% grammatically correct sentences. 
geoffkait15,259 posts05-12-2019 5:41pmCriteria? How about it looks like a troll, it walks like a troll and it talks like a troll?

I guess “it writes like a troll” is not one such criteria.
Conspiracy theories among trolls, argued about by trolls.  Spelling mistakes by trolls, corrected (in the spirit of educating) by trolls. Disappearing trolls, egged on by trolls... and yet the hobby is shrinking. Hmmm.
1. OP recognizes the error of their logic. Buzz wore off.
2. OP is only interested in immediate responses. Anything well thought   out is too much to absorb.
3. milpai had a point too.
If the point of posting is to contribute to a thread, then why delete the post? Are their actions regarding their contribution is that such posts are somehow time-sensitive and having only limited value that warrants deletion thereafter?

I’m not interested immediate responses; those who post and delete their post shortly thereafter are only interested in immediate responses.
I’ve had some of my posts deleted by the moderator. No explanation is ever given!!
You can not (rpt not) tell who was responsible for deleting a given post. That’s one of the subtleties of the system. 😬
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I've deleted several threads. I create a thread when I'm looking for component suggestions to listen to or when I think it will benefit the Audiogon community as a whole. When my thread turns into senseless arguing in lieu of stating opinions and supporting them, I delete my thread. 
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I just deleted my post after I realized that celander had already addressed Troll criteria by his, much better than mine, comment.
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Just following the '007' precedents, we always delete our messages after they've been received.


Thanks. You never know with these posts. It is better to be sure.

I agree that one never knows who (author or system) deletes the posts. But I strongly suspect members are deleting their posts as the content doesn’t seem to warrant a deletion by another means pertaining to violating a system forum policy. 
05-12-2019 6:15pm, Geoff wrote:

“jitter [sic] provides much humor with his 80% grammatically correct sentences.”

☝🏻☝🏻And speaking of grammatically incorrect phrases. Lol

I cannot post more than 3 successive posts, per the GK rule. 
Don't be jealous, it took years for me to build myself up to 80%.

This may have already been mentioned, but I think that if a poster deletes his/her own post, it says something like "post removed and the date".  But if the mods delete a post there is no evidence it was ever there in the first place..
jetter, the appearance of a deleted post is not dictated by how it gets deleted. 
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When mods remove your post it says exactly the same as when the OP of the post removes it.
Just tested.....
I deleted a post one time because I asked a question and then later noticed the answer was already posted and I had missed it.