Why have the prices of Marantz and Sansui speakers have gone up so much? Whyyyy???

Couldnt give them away before. If they were considered junky sounding before how are they all of sudden golden sounding and collectable and people spending stupid money on them? Im at a loss of words.
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It must be a nostalgia kind of thing. People like vintage gear no matter how crappy it sounds. Take a look at some of the prices for those vintage 70's receivers and it will make you laugh at what people want for them!

There's some great sounding vintage stuff out there. I have a list that I save for clients. All throughout the hobby there are those certain products that are simply amazing. Also a lot of times you will find guys who specialize working on specific designs, bringing them to life.

Honestly some guys just don't like the sound of the modern drivers, cabinets and crossovers.

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I don't get it either....some of the worst sounding speakers ever made.....there are a few speakers of that era that are worth putting to use, but those?
Some of the receivers etc  from the 1970s are collectible now people are buying the speakers and TT etc to get complete systems. This in no way obsoletes any audiophiles gear selection so just relax. It doesn't mean that they are inferior to you they are just collecting as humanity has done for ages.
I understand, but if im putting a vintage system together you can be sure the speakers will be worthy of listening to and enjoying.

I dont see realistic speakers going up crazily in value like marantz and sansui but willing to bet the realistic sound alot better
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There is one speaker from that era which have always had a following the Realistic (Radio Shack) Mach 1.  I only know people have sought them from the start and haven't hard any myself.  They are still popular but have gotten panned by people used to current audiophile standards, i.e. expecting sound quality equal to or better then todays offerings. I have some old Marantz book shelf from a garage sale I have never used,  perhaps I should put them on auction.
@kosst_amojan you have to listen to vintage tannoys jensen ev Goodmans etc blow your mind musically pleasing
@jafant i love and own lots of Marantz and Sansui equipment but im not fanatical or biassed to acknowledge that their speakers are terrible.
I dont worship everything marantz or Sansui does because its a sansui or marantz
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From when I first became aware of good home audio in the late 60s through later years it was always a mystery to me as to why the Japanese made lousy speakers. Including Sansui…I had a large pair of Sansui speakers for a while (left with me by a friend) and they were awful compared to my KLH speakers, or JBLs, Klipsch, AR, Bozak…whatever…just bad speakers, and the Japanese know how to make other things. Weird. Later of course things got better, but I've never forgiven Yamaha for the NS10…I understand why engineers used them, and all of them did, still…it makes me feel creepy just thinking about those things. I have to go lie down and breathe...

 @wolf_garcia were Ns10s so good or that bad? I know the ns 1000s were well regarded
Vintage audio is a fad right now that seems to be growing. Everybody wants to be a flipper too and price things like they are funding their retirements. People do also collect those terrible sounding speakers because they think 'kabuki' is cool or fun. People fill their garages and shops with the things in stacks.

Very simple, old folks buy things they could not afford that they wanted in their youth . Elderly comfort food .My KLH 17’s even sound good !
Why would you want these way bellow average speaker that sound like garbage.
I would never pay the current asking price on the Pioneer CS-63DX speakers currently offered online. I purchased a pair of them in 1970 (in the Navy on Okinawa, so highly discounted). Nor any of the other Pioneer or Sansui models of that vintage. Great pieces of furniture that played music however.
Having spend 3 years in Japan courtesy of my Uncle Sam . I feel confident
that, at least back in the day, Japanese voiced speakers for Japanese music .
That's very interesting schubert. I have long been aware that British speakers share a voicing, one prioritizing natural vocal and instrumental timbres. Traditional Japanese instruments and music have a very different sound than does Western music, so why wouldn't their speakers be voiced differently than Western speakers? 
Something to consider: my 55 year-old ears don’t hear frequencies above 16khz. As such, my recapped Marantz Imperial 6 speakers sound (to me) as good as, or better than, many modern speakers costing 10 times as much. Smooth, creamy, and eminently “listenable.” Younger folks with fully functioning ears are most likely hearing things which are completely lost on old farts like myself ;-). As far as the Kabuki speakers sold by the likes of Marantz and Sansui (among others) back in the day, they were always a joke, but some folks get a kick out of them. I get that. Fun is fun...
I collect and love lots of vintage equipment and can honestly say that Marantz and Sansui speakers are the worst of the lot. 
I’d take realistic or technics over those and that’s not saying much. 
I've got a pair of Marantz Imperial 7s driven by my Kenwood L09ms and using a Marantz 2275 as a preamp and an oppo 95 for a source and it's audio nirvana.

My friend gave me a set of Realistic speakers and they sound like ass, but I'd like to give them to you.  They might be good for you.
I find alot of newer speakers quite ear fitiguing. I am not talking about higher end newer speaker's more $2k.

My isobarik linns, celestion ditton's, Revox Agora b and Infinity Kappa 8' impress everyone that hear them. 
Forgot about the AR9 I recently sold. 
actaman ,  Pretty will established that if you hear a LOT of classical music
you brain will fill in the same sound you heard at 16 at 86 .
Well I rather like my old lattice grille Sansui speakers. Admittedly, they're all garage sale or Craigslist items of questionable parentage and minimum cost but given good tube amplification they can sound glorious. that doesn't mean that I don't avoid fancy pants speakers, it just means that I don't delude myself that you must spend a boatload or it can't sound good. I've had plenty of expensive gear that wasn't all that great.My old Sansui speakers are fun. That's the whole idea.
@ yogiboy, Hi, I wouldn’t sale my vintage gem receiver for any price! I’m not sure how much experience in audio you have , although this is not my video, my unit sounds as good and looks as good, I’ve compared it to some over priced junk like rega osiris $10,000.00 integrated amplifier, etc... and other $15,000.00 any thing amplifier’s, yes my main amplifier is better, but then again, I have the only modified krell 700cx out there, by advice of Dan D Agostino on what to do, And all work done by Krell factory, any way, here is the video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gf5hU_FQz4k

: Very simple, old folks buy things they could not afford that they wanted in their youth .

It’s just like the muscle car fad that had it’s zenith 10 years ago. They aren’t faster, better performing, safer, more comfortable, reliable or arguably better looking than today’s cars. Each generation goes through this when they reach about 50.
I do agree that japenesse speaker's of the 70's are crap, someone here said they were voiced for their music at the time, true,  they all were better known as kubuki speaker's,  I hate them,  I sold the best of Sansui, yamaha,  technics,  pioneer, Marantz,  etc, all them multiple drivers, power meter' s, 15" woofer's are incredibly junk!, got decent money for them,  to me,  I thought they were the worst speaker's I've encountered. 
Never liked any of the speakers but I still have and enjoy listening to a Marantz 2250b receiver and a Pioneer SX-1050.  The Marantz is hooked up to a small pair of Ushers, the Pioneer to a pair of Meadowlark Kestrels. 

The appeal for either is that they’re 40 years old, can still be repaired if need be, and just plain look cool.  
After trying a handful of new Hi-Fi receivers and speakers, I now own a restored Marantz 2275 and 1980s Klipsch Forte which I will never get rid. The audio repair guy that repaired my Marantz told me "even the new digital amps can not measure up to the sound of these old Marantz". They just sound that good!