Wish List For Vinyl Pressings

Vinyl is king. Lets make it bigger and better.

With the huge resurgence of vinyl pressings new, reissue, 45RPM Lp's and specialty box sets, not to mention turntable sales, we are certainly living in the great second life of the analogue vinyl Lp album. All this and the abundance of used records is wonderful.

Here's the thing, I was thinking that the industry could use a list by us of albums that would be well received if put to press. Who else but a group of AudioGoners to offer up a wish list. This helps everyone, the artist, the record industry, the record stores and us the music lovers. Everyone wins.

Please keep with a couple of simple guide lines to make this an easy read for those industry guys. This is a list of titles that have never been on vinyl or are out of print, or very, very rare items. This should be record titles, artist names, maybe even catalog numbers if the item had previously been in press. Lets keep the banter to a bare minimum, if you would. The hope is that this will be read by the right folks and we will see (and hear) all this great stuff on our favorite format.

Happy Listing & Happy Listening, as always!

Gordon- The BareNaked Ladies

Wrecking Ball- Emmylou Harris

Bed Bugs- The Odds

Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu- Bruce Cockburn

Nothing but a Burning Light- Bruce Cockburn

Music by Ry Cooder- Ry Cooder (soundtracks compilation)

Collective Soul- Collective Soul 1998 Atlantic Records

Beautiful Freak- Eels (1996)

two letter words- Richard Thompson Band (live 1994)

Lakme- Delibes (Sutherland, Vanzo, Bacquier. Orchestre National De l’Opera de Monte-Carlo ~Richard Bonynge London/Decca 1989

Here's a start
How about all of the Beatles albums remastered from the original tapes, not the digital copies. These on 45 RPM would be asking too much, but what the hell...Santa?
That's easy what about the whole soundtrack series from Warner brothers RCA Korngolds the Sea Hawk and also Franz Waxman's Sunset Boulevard all conducted by Charles Gerhard and Engineered by Kenneth Wilkinson....This all done on 45rpm would be a blessing.
I would love any of Kissin piano recording on RCA, especially his Chopin Ballades and Sonata No.3. Some of the sonically best piano recordings that I heard, not the mention the incredible performance.

The musical recording of Rent, the Secret Garden.

Sylvia McNair crossover album such as her Jerome Kern album.

Anything by Lorraine Hunt Lieberson.
Loki1957, your wish have already been granted!


See how easy it is ;^)

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Songbird, Eva Cassidy. It does not get any better in both performance and sound.
I second the Beatles and please get it right this time for there reissues, find a way to use a tubed cutting machine if thats a possibility. That would be a dream come true.
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Wrecking Ball by Emmylou Harris is available on vinyl. Your wish hasn't necessarily been granted, however. It is exceedingly hard to find.

An acquired taste, Lucinda Williams, had a couple of early records so rare that they sold for hundreds. Now, they have been reissued on vinyl for less than twenty. By the way, those Folkway pressing are among the most wonderful I have seen. They are quiet, flat, clean and the sonics are extremely faithful.

I would add to the list her 1998 album, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

Saskia Turntables
Diana Krall - Girl in the Other Room

Tierney Sutton - Dancing in the Dark

Elton John - All from Elton John to Captain Fantastic (only GYBR is findable now)

Led Zep - all remastered albums, not just the greatest hits. I want "The Ocean" and to hear "Heartbreaker/Livin Lovin Maid" in the correct order.

Tom Petty - all

Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair and Seeds of Love

Dixie Chicks - all (only if the they are from analog tapes, great recording that I would love to hear on vinyl)

Chris Isaak - Heart Shaped World

Bad Finger - 1st 3 albums
Mosin, thanks.

I do own Wrecking Ball, Nothing but a Burning Light, and Beautiful Freak, all on low volume, hard to find Netherlands pressings and I realize their value. I love the music and would hope to have a pristine copy and of course, for others to be able to have a copy for less than a hundred a piece or so.

Happy (analogue) Listening!
Was thinking of starting a similar thread - thanks for doing this!

Never released on LP (set free from the evil clutches of CD):
Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)
Gillian Welch - Revival
Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate - In the Heart of the Moon
Also third Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

There are loads of LPs I would love to see reissued (rare as hen's teeth and/or very expensive) but for starters:

Alan Sorrenti - Aria
Shirley & Dolly Collins - Anthems in Eden
Shirley & Dolly Collins - Love, Death and the Lady
Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis - Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis

I started a similar thread on the Asylum about six months ago. The question was, "What CDs need to be made into LPs"? Of course, extreme rarity counts, but the thread focused mainly on people's wish-lists for great music from the dark days of digital when LPs almost became extinct in favor of "perfect sound forever". Here's my little list from that thread:

Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan: everything he did on the Realworld label, aside from the first two which are on vinyl. I like a lot of stuff on this label, so let's see some of it!!

Richard Thompson: everything he did on Capital in the 90's - Rumor & Sigh, Mirror Blue, You Me Us.

Clutch: Elephant Riders, I grew up with hard rock and like this disc. It was mastered on a Tim de Paravicini modded Studer and recorded in analog. Properly pressed, it ought to be delightful.

kd lang: Ingénue, I know it was available in Europe, but it is really hard to find.

Sam Phillips: Martinis and Bikinis (1994) Great tunes.

Benny Green Trio: Testifyin! Live at the Village Vanguard (Blue Note 1992) killer performance, great recording.

The Jody Grind: Lefty's Deceiver -I like Kelly Hogan's voice, and the tunes are sublime.

Soundtrack: Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me, Angelo Badalamenti's soundtrack for the film features guest vox from Jimmy Scott and Julie Cruise; moody and ethereal sounding. The film itself is forgettable (unlike the TV series).

Lunapark (1992)
Bewitched (1994)
Penthouse (1995)
Pup Tent (1997)
The Days of Our Nights (1999)

Yeah, I know they were pressed briefly, try to find all of them...

Happy (indie) Listening!
A Hifi reissue of JAZZ PARTY (MONO) a 1959 album by jazz legend Duke Ellington would be wonderful. I have a slightly dog-earred copy on six-eye Columbia that absolutely smokes the Classic Records stereo version, as good as it is and that many think is so dynamic. No comparison.

Happy Listening!
Agreed - the 90's were the dark ages for vinyl releases.

Guided by Voices - not that easy to find and can be pricey.

1994 Bee Thousand
1995 Alien Lanes

P.G. Six
2001 Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites
Just do not understand why they didn't do it this time round. (plus should have done HiRes versions)
>>12-02-09: Mauidj
Just do not understand why they didn't do it this time round<<

That's easy.

That's an easy one. I would love a box set of heavy vinyl pressings of all of Steely Dan's catalog
Van (the man) Morrison-

Poetic Champions Compose 1987

Hymns to the Silence 1991

Too Long in Exile 1993

Days Like This 1995

The Philosopher's Stone (1969-88) 1998 Polydor

All great albums that are hard to find and in good shape, and in the case of the last title, a two disc set, spans almost thirty years of his career and to the best of my knowledge has never been pressed on vinyl.

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Pink Floyd: Piper at the Gates of Dawn original mono mix. I would love that, but too expensive and have to put up with the CD.

a new Audiophile pressing of Suzanne Vega's - 99.9 F° (1992 A&M Holland)
would be nice.

Happy (analogue) Listening!
I'm the third or something in this vote, but Apple Corps. simply needs to reissue all Beatles vinyl in stereo and mono--relative to what was originally issued.
Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk at Cubist Castle. A few were pressed on vinyl in 1996-1997, but they are rare.

If you are a Beatles fan you should check out this album. http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:jxfpxqthld0e
jbhiller, you aren't kidding, hard to find... Just found Black Foliage: Animation
Music 1996 in Japan on vinyl and have had Singles and Beyond 2000 Lp for
some time now. Nice work.

Oh, and please, I add... Collective Soul S/T from 1995
never on vinyl as far as I know.
Personally, I would love for some of the 90's pop like:

Counting Crows -- August and Everything After
Smashing Pumpkins -- Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness
Beck -- Mellow Gold
Ben Folds -- Whatever and Ever, Amen

The prices eBay are a bit wild, and you know those Pumpkins records are just sitting on some uberfan's shelf untouched. (the non bootleg ones anyway)
The Tom Waits Orphans collection was way up on my list, but it just recently was released.
Although it's already been said, I'm gonna second ( or third or fourth ) it, so the major record mojo's will know: The Beatles Mono remasters on vinyl.

I mean, is it that hard to figure this one out?

Also, Keb Mo'. Only his first album is on vinyl. A bluesman deserves to be heard on vinyl.

The Cowboy Junkies - Crescent Moon 1993

the only album of theirs not offered on vinyl to the best of my knowledge and another beautiful offering from our Canadian friends.

Happy (analogue) Listening!
MacDadtexas, I have "Heart Shaped World" on vinyl and it is indeed dear to me and hard to find.
I got mine off GEMA from a guy in Brazil for a very reasonable price,($15.00 plus shipping)but most of the Ebay prices (when it is even available) seem to start at $50.00.I don't ever pay that much for ANY LP!
Actually I am listening to it as I type this thread.Truly a wonderful recording,nice on CD but on vinyl,magical.

For the wish list: I would like to have Christy Moore on vinyl.I have 4 of his earlier ouput, but some of the later are arguably his best music, and are only on CD.
I discovered this artist while vacationing in Ireland,and while sitting in my B&B watching the telly;I flipped the channel and there was Christy and two of his mates playing the then new "This is the Day". Two days later I bought it while in Dublin. A truly beautiful song and CD.On vinyl it could be magical.(love that word)

btw I have played some of Christy's LPs to audiophile friends and they all love it.Great pressings,wonderful music.I gave one of my friends a copy of Christy's "Voyage" LP for Christmas and he has been playing it daily,while he sets up his Benz.
Emorrisiv, Look also for the UK press Chris Isaak - Wicked Game on Reprise
GEMA/BIEM 1991, it has a different play list than "Heart shaped
World" including an (instrumental) rendition of the song "Wicked
Game" and a stunning cover of the Yardbirds "Heart Full of
Soul". I think it is pretty hard to find also, yet worth it.

Has his "Forever Blue" ever been put to vinyl?

Wicked Game"" would also be an excellent candidate for reissue. Hey why not
give it the
full monty... 45RPM by Acoustic Productions?!


Happy Hunting & Listening!
R_f: Thanks, I saw "Wicked Game" and may still be able to snag it.
I have not seen "Forever Blue".
I personally own:
"Heart Shaped World"
"Chris Isaak"

I have seen "San Francisco Days" too.

The only thing wrong with those 45rpm rereleases: too Bloody Expensive !!!!
Also, I can't say that I have ever heard a reissue that was as good as the original,45rpm or not. IMHO of course.

happy Christmas

I'd like to see additional pressing of two of Bob Dylan's recent releases as they are going for way too much money and are great pieces of work.

Love and Theft - 2001 Columbia

Time Out of Mind - 1997 Columbia

Happy Listening!
Don't know what to add to this list yet, but I am starting to develop a list of what I want R F Sales to bring to the next listening meet!
So many things by Yusef Lateef are either hard to find and/or pressings sound
less than optimum, especially some of the Impulse! vinyls. Titles like Eastern
Sounds form 1961 Prestige/OJC would be well worth a quality pressing, this
is an amazing record. In 1957 on Savoy Jazz the Jazz Moods title is another
beauty and Yusef's Live at Pep's of 1964 was a fine example of just how
diverse his talents are as a multi-instrumentalist from tenor sax, flute,
bassoon, and bamboo flute, and oboe etc. This was Mr. Lateef at some of his
finest. CD's just wouldn't portray these performances at their best. I hope to
see the record folks take some of these more seriously.

I saw Yusef in Detroit at the 2007 Jazz Festival in his eight-seventh year and
this man amazed me with his diverse mastery of instruments and spoken
word poetry in between songs, he was sharp, vital, and loving in his handling
of the music. I feel blessed to having experienced him live for the second
time. I hope this music is not left to lose.

Happy Listening!
I wonder if we'll see "Balm in Gilead" Rickie Lee Jones 2009 Fantasy/Concord
on vinyl, like her previous endeavors???

Hope so