Your Favorite Cover Songs?

One of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a rock band is to have some other well known act cover your songs.

Here are some of my favorite cover songs:
1. "Well...Alright" (Original by Buddy Holly covered by Blind Faith)
2. "LA Woman" (Original by The Doors covered by Billy Idol)
3. "Love Me 2 Times" (Original by The Doors covered by Aerosmith)
4. "Come On Everybody" (Original by Eddie Cochran covered by Led Zeppelin)
5. "Refugee" (Original by Tom Petty covered by Melissa Etheridge)
6. "The Battle Of Evermore" (Original by Led Zeppelin covered by Heart)
7. "Hard To Handle" (Original by Otis Redding covered by The Black Crowes)

What are some of your favorite covers?
There is a young group of sisters from Fort Collins, Colorado called SHEL that do an incredible version of "Battle Of Evermore".

They are aged 18-24 and are fantastic! I've seen them live several times. I hope they make it really big because they are very talented. They are classical trained by their parents. Doesn't hurt that they are also very pretty.
1. Man's World covered by Residents.
2. Stairway to Heaven covered by Frank Zappa
3. Ring of Fire covered by Frank Zappa. In the concert he announced that JC got sick and won't be in the concert performing his song with his band that made people cheer LOL!
4. Dansing Queen covered by Jazz Baltica
5. Black Dog covered by Dread Zeppelin(the band who covers Led Zeppelin in Reggae style)
6. My way covered by Nina Hagen
7. Hotel California covered by Gipsy Kings in Spanish
well, apart from really liking SHEL's cover that Mofi posted (thanks Mofi!), here are a few of mine:

Thunder Road (Springsteen) by Cowboy Junkies

Darkness, Darkness (Youngbloods) by Cowboy Junkies

Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy. also - pretty much everything Eva Cassidy did was a top cover.
Agree that the SHEL cover is very good, thanks for posting.

A favorite from the first time I heard it, and definitely one of the most unique.
M Ward "Let's Dance"
Rodrigo y Gabriela "Stairway To Heaven"
Cat Power "New York"

Agree that (any) Cowboy Junkies cover is great!
Hendrix-All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
Nouvelle Vague-Guns of Brixton (Clash)
Shonen Knife-Top of the World (Carpenters)
Odetta-Times They Are a Changin' (Dylan)
Orbison, Nazareth-Love Hurts (Everly Brothers)
Be Good Tanyas-Waiting Around to Die (Townes Van Zandt)
My Chemical Romance-Desolation Row (Dylan)

I also like the Cowboy Junkies cover of Thunder Road and the Dread Zeppelin covers mentioned above (I particularly like the mashup of Zeppelin's Heartbreaker and Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel).

For so aweful, it is inspiring:

Sebastian Cabot reciting Dylan songs (e.g., It Ain't Me Babe)

Bob Dylan and Tiny Tim doing Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You Babe"

Captain Kirk doing "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

Mae West doing "Twist and Shout," which is itself, a cover/ripoff of "La Bamba"
Johnny Cash - “Hurt” (Trent Rezner)
Hendrix - “All Along the Watchtower” (Dylan)
Patti Smith - “So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star” (The Byrds)
Sisters of Mercy - “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” (Dylan)
Love Spit Love - "How Soon Is Now?” (The Smiths)
Led Zep - “You Shook Me” (Willie Dixon)
An unlikely new one:

Country singer Gretchen Wilson just released a cover of Led Zep's "Over The Hills and Far Away" that kicks some ass. Straight up rock n roll.
The Audreys – Paradise City
Doky Brothers – Waiting In Vain
Linda Ronstadt: I Fall to Pieces
The Beatles: You Really Got a Hold on Me
Till There was You
Roll Over Beethoven
Rock and Roll Music
The Animals: House of the Rising Sun
The Doors: Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
The Beach Boys: Sloop John B.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Susie Q
Night Time is the Right Time
The Yardbirds: I'm Not Talkin'
Lyle Lovett: Stand by Your Man
Los Lobos: La Bamba
Blind Faith: Well, Alright

In the Air Tonight - Axel Rudi Pell, (Phil would applaud!)
Bridge over Troubled Waters - Eva Cassidy
Who'll Stop the Rain - Courtney Jaye
+1 on the Beatles Tostados, good call. I really like all of their covers on their first four albums. Great selections and very well performed. Just spun the monos last night - terrific stuff.
It had been quite a while since I last listened to Richard Thompson's cover of Brittney Spears' hit "Oops, I Did it Again". I almost forgot how great it is. Who knew that there was a real song hiding inside that record.
Shawn Colvin "Guitar Town" on cover girl. All the songs are just great on that CD, but I really love that song, so it has to be the best.
"The Sounds of Silence" Brandi Carlisle (The Twins)
"One More Cup of Coffee" Frazey Ford"
"Just Like a Woman" Richie Havens
"Substitute", "A Legal Matter", "I'm A Man"  The Litter
"Oh Well" Eels
"All Tomorrow's Parties" June Tabor
"Rated X" Neko Case
"A Taste of Honey" Patricia Barber"
"She Has Funny Cars" Allman Brothers
"Daddy's Little Girl" Kelly Hogan
"Hey Joe", "My Little Red Book" Love
"All Mixed Up", "Silly Love Songs" Red House Painters
"Handle With Care" Jenny Lewis
"Oops!, I did It Again" Richard Thompson
"Blinded By The Light" Manfred Mann
"Train Kept A Rollin'" Aerosmith
"Farewell Transmission" Glen Hansard

I saw SHEL on a PBS program a while back. Was very impressed. Similar to Von grey.

Neil Young- "All along the watchtower"

Jimi Hendrix- "All along the watchtower"

Savage Grace "All along the watchtower"

Different presentations all very good.

Johnnyswim - "Wicked Games" by Chris Isaak's. The new Johnnyswim CD,  Georgica Pond is killer. I can't understand why they are not more famous. Crank this one up if you want to hear how good the Bass is on your system!!!
@toneranger58...THANKS for the heads up on the new johnnyswim album!  I LOVE those guys.  I first saw them on Live From Daryl's House and was blown away.  Very, very talented husband and wife.
"VooDoo Chile"
Covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn
Original by Hendrix

"Blinded by the Light"
Covered by Manfred Man's Earth Band
Original by Springsteen

"Make You Feel my Love"
Covered by Billy Joel (or) Joan Osborne (or) Shawn Colvin
Original by Bob Dylan

"I Will Always Love You"
Covered by Whitney Houston
Original by Dolly Parton

Covered by Sinead O'Connor
Original by Elton John/Bernie Taupin

"Fields of Gold"
Covered by Eva Cassidy
Original by Sting

Covered by Aretha Franklin
Original "Otis Redding"

"Born to Run"
Covered by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Original by Springsteen

"On Broadway"
Covered by George Benson
Original by The Drifters

Covered by Rufus Wainwright (or) Jeff Buckley
Original by Leonard Cohen

"Come Down in Time"
Covered by Sting
Original by Elton John/Bernie Taupin

"Tin Pan Alley"
Covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn
Original by James Reed

Covered by Mindy Smith
Original by Dolly Parton

"Red Red Wine"
Covered by UB40
Original by Neil Diamond

"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
Covered by Al Green
Original by Bee Gees

"Nothing Compares 2U"
Covered by Sinead O'Connor
Original by Prince

"Oye Como Va"
Covered by Santana
Original Tito Puente

***** dis-honorable mention *****

"What A Wonderful World"
Covered by Kenny G
Original Louis Armstrong
N O T !!!! Kenny, oh my, what in the world were you thinking?
You get the worst cover award, or at least in concept. Shameful. I know 99.99999 % of the Jazz world agrees including Pat Metheny, who had some choice words for you online
Hailstorm, "All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You".
Marilyn Manson, "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This".
Faith No More, "War Pigs".
Rage Against the Machine, "Maggies Farm".
Red Hot Chili Peppers, " Higher Ground".
Muse, "Feeling Good".


More covers of previously mentioned songs

 Tom Landa & the Paperboys " All Along the Watchtower"

 Joey Ramone  "What a Wonderful World"

The Eagles covered Tom Waits "Ol' 57".

Donovan's first name was Mike? I did not know that.
Donovan's name is Donovan Leitch.