YouTube Favorites to share.

As some of you already know, I'm a big fan of YouTube. Just the other night, I went there while on the phone with a new girl friend, sharing some favorite music of mine. She was pretty stunned at some of the beautiful music that she'd never heard before--that got me to thinking.
I'm going to list a couple of really great YouTube experiences for you guys and gals to peruse...maybe we can all find new music together. BTW, YouTube is a great place to 'check out' new performers that I read about here, so I can gauge if in general, their particular 'sound' is something I might like.
Here are just a couple to start with--it would be great for everyone to throw in the exact names so we can all share.
Please note--there may be multiple 'versions' so also include the video 'clue' of what picture shows up on the one you're reccommending so we'll all be on the same page.

Nancy Wilson 'Guess Who I Saw Today'
It's the one that shows a black and white of a glass or martini glass on a table...starts in a '50's scene of a husband coming home...Wonderful video and music, with a 'twist'.

Nancy Wilson Cannonball Adderley 'The Masquerede is Over'
The Album cover shows, Nancy in a yellow dress standing next to Cannonball, holding his Alto Sax. No video, but maybe some of the most lyrical piano work I've ever heard by Joe Zawinul.

I'll bow with just this these and wait to hear from others. This should be loads of fun and a great way to help us all share our love of music and performances.

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Full agreement. I fell for all of Nancy's music when I first heard it, so long ago. Everyone needs to give that one a listen! Here's one I like: Shirley Bassey "this is my life". In black and white, a VERY powerful performance of a young Shirley up and comer! Excellent post idea, Larry!
Thanks Iso,
When Liz was so excited and effusive about hearing all the 'new music' I was introducing her to, I too became reenergized, realizing almost from a 3rd party kind of thing, what she was experiencing...and wondered, 'What if' some of my friends on Audiogon had a library of artists or songs that I've not seen, remembering how great, discovering Renee Olstead this year has been, and late last year finding Melody Gardot. Those girls have provided hours and hours of listening enjoyment.
Finding new, great music is such a treat, we should all share those incalculably great moments with one another.
Thanks Iso, as usual you bring one of the best 'bottles' to the party.
Care to share any artists? Or particular cuts that we might find on youtube from an artist?

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Here's one more Shirley Bassey. "Goldfinger", Live at Royal Albert Hall. Pictured is a bust shot wearing a gold dress. She is a powerful performer, tho' in this one she seems a little... insane? :) Elevated sexiness factor, as well. It's a great one!
I always though Cowboy Junkies is one of the best cover bands around (also one of the best Original bands) - here's some evidence:

Cowboy Junkies - "Powderfinger"

Cowboy Junkies - "One"
I began a thread titled "Shirley Bassey is really something" and Nyctc7 contributed the best videos I've seen of Shirley. This is dated 9-15-10.

I compliment you on your good taste in music.
Fantastic idea for sharing new stuff.

Here's some of what I've been fixating on recently:

Black Dub: Trixie Whitley (Chris Whitley's daughter) and Brian Blade (should need no introduction among fans of jazz or drums), produced by Daniel Lanoise. They've done a whole series of youtube videos that are fantastic, but this is my favorite. Also have an album out, which is unfortuntately way overproduced and a big dissapointment.... alas.

Paul Curreri: This is a guy I ran into in Charlottesville, oh 14 years ago, as part of the most talented bunch of singer-songwriters I've ever heard anywhere. Several of them are still recording (Danny Schmidt is also brilliant), but Paul may be my favorite. This is a link to a whole youtube playlist. If you like smart, bare and haunting, there's simply none better for my two cents.
don't want to copy a lot of URLS since I've had lots of tubing experience:

Alessandro Penezzi, Brazilian Choro guitarist
Goran Ivanovic and Andreas Kapsalis guitar duo
Any & all by these guys.Andy McKee & Andantel Largo

Great thread!!
I like to use YouTube to find music I've totally forgot about, or never heard. One big problem I've run across a lot times is Sony, WMG blocked a lot of them do to copyrights. Yes they've bought some of these for almost nothing, from what I was told, and now own them. The way I think about is, it's good for people like me to find music I like, and then try to buy a good sounding copy, paid download, or whatever it takes for something of usable quality to listen to. You could make a copy of what is there, but the sound is to bad to describe. Anyone to cheap buy a good copy most likely won't, if they can handle listening to a free copy. Also those people will probably find a way to get it for free, no matter how low the quality is. I am tired of buying records, CD's without hearing them first. A lot of money wasted making them richer, with the way they do business. I also thought this law applied to them, since people post all kinds of comments there. Link for fair use laws.[
Here's another I like a lot. I search Youtube to find backing tracks to play guitar along with. This one is one of the great all time Jams:

Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers - "Melinda"
My fave Grateful Dead on YouTube

For a little comic relief, meant to put this at the end of my Tom Jones post above (wish we could edit posts):
Another performer that I've grown to love is,
Melody Gardot. Great singer and songwriter.
Several videos of her on YouTube.

Really, great music and writing.

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I wasn't sure if I did that right. Anyway, those are Laura Marling w/Mumford's. She is one of my favorite artists period which astounds me given how long I have been into music and the fact that she is so young....simply an amazing writer, singer....

Here is another which is prolly my fave Ms Marling....
Here's one you don't see every day:

Andy MacKee playing an incredible harp-guitar
Thanks, me like.
What an incredible 'invention'--is that his design, or did that already exist? I remember when Andreas Vollenweider(spelling?)did his first album with the Electro Acoustic was so different I immediately loved it.
Does anyone know if Andy MacKee did invent this?

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I'm pretty sure that the harp-guitar in the McKee video was made by Kathy Wingert, who is generally considered one of the top luthiers working today. If you want more evidence of her status, check out the prices she gets for a straight up flat top acoustic. Oh well, shy of a lottery hit, I don't think I'll ever get the chance to play one myself. IIRC, you're an MBL guy, so you know that drill....

Several other luthiers make similar instruments. For example:

Still expensive, but I'd guess that these are a fraction of the price of a Wingert.

Is there any way to create a "playlist" of You Tube videos via software or an app? Also, Any way of more efficiently searching for high quality versions of videos? I'd love to Airplay a video set to my HDTV from my Iphone.
This is a good one of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Hope the link works as I'm a little computer challenged!
Aldo that's a great one! I love the cover of The Wieght from the same show w/Old Crow Medicine Show. Harmonies from heaven.
I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea so my apologies in advance but I've been really enjoying this video clip on YouTube.

GRAVE DIGGER - Rebellion feat. Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) and Van Canto

My favorite part is when the bag pipes come in after the main guitar solo. The bass along with the bag pipes is excellent to me. That and Hansi Kürsch just rocks here.

I do enjoy youtube because it really does let you listen to different kinds of music. Now if only they could get the sound levels right.
Can watch this performance all day long!
and same pianist and piece with
not as good sound but wonderful visuals.
When I'm in the bad mood I'd always watch some of the wierdest tubes from American Idol auditions:-)
The worst is the best!

"My favorite part is where the bag pipes come in after the main guitar solo."

Not a sentence you see every day ;-)

Not music, but recently checked out Crusader Rabbit and Bucky Beaver ads (Ipana toothpaste) on YouTube.
Oh yeah, Mickey Dolenz (Circus Boy & Monkees) too.
The other evening I Netflix'd a movie...'Get It On', a lightweight Kirsten Dunst effort from 2001...yeah, slow night.
Anyway, its a play within a movie...High School kids doing a musical version of Shakespear's Mid Summer Night's Dream.
The song at the end of the movie is just beautiful, IMHO.
Kirsten does an excellent job and the lyrics and melody are so surprisingly good, I'd like to share it.
Actually, I posted that, "If Shakespear wrote music, this is the melody and lyrics he'd have written." OR, words to that effect. Very, very beautiful.
Here's the link:

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Larry, That was a very nice musical piece, and depicting a great play. When she started singing, at 15 second mark they showed a man enthralled by the young singer.... I figured that was you:) Thanks for that!
Yeah...that's why I posted it, I had a cameo in the movie.

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Upon my revisit to this thread, I will add my extra love the of OP's highlighted song "Guess who I saw today". Outstanding guitar work by John Gray. We would benefit from a Nancy Wilson thread. Killer song, Larry!!
Can you say Freddie? Wow!
Thanks Iso,
Leave it to you to actually take heed.
When I owned my audio store throughout the '80's and to the mid '90's, I introduced great music to thousands of customers, who'd make lists of my play lists...then purchase...sharing music...what a pleasure.
Just came from youtube, watched Janis' "At Seventeen".
She spoke of (recent recording) how audiences from Ireland, some 30K strong, sang every word along with her, and in Tokyo, the majority of people who were not English speaking, sang it word for word...the song, the message, the voice--a moment of magic.
Music and I suppose YouTube are the ulitimate time machine, allowing us to go back to whatever time or era we chose to live in at that moment, for however briefly.

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Least we forget the beautiful ballads...this is the inimitable Jerry Vale singing the main theme from "Roman Holiday" from the early '60's, Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette.

Beautiful...voice, words, melody, what more can we ask?

But then, there's a great story about why this song means as much as it does to me personally.
My ex wife an I used to vaction in St. Augustine, FL.
It's a little town, (claimed to be the oldest in North America)--has an historic fort, little shops, a walking area down town, locally owned restaurants...just beautiful.
A restaurant there named Raintree offers remarkable food, and back in those days, the mid late '80's a young, talented guy named Gary, played 4/5 different guitars, classical, jazz, and sang ballads--and, was teaching at Jacksonville College--And he was married, yet one night...

We'd have a wonderful dinner then go to the bar area and listen to him do his work.
One night we were in the bar when a group of 5 came in, men and women paired, except for one girl, the 'odd man out'.
Seeing them come in, Gary left his place up front and came back and sat with the group, but right next to the odd man out young girl.
He began singing Al Di La...looking at her, she at him...and it was captivating. They were obviously so in love...and he couldn't take his eyes off her. After a few measures of singing to her, the bar became completely silent, errily so--you could hear his breathing between words...her eyes started to swell with tears, his also, as well as virtually everyone in the bar area...what was happening was the kind of magic that one might see once in a lifetime.
He sang in perfect (what do I know) Italian...switching to English as the song is bi lingual.
I'll never forget that night--or the song, or the look on their faces. Al Di La, beautiful.

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awesome music so far, Check this out
To me, Youtube is just as much about video as audio:
Here is my latest favorite.

(The Rolling Stones) Paint It Black - Sungha Jung

This kid is truly amazing. I think he is only 15 but has been playing guitar at a very high level since he was very young.